People who love to eat, are always The Best People.. Sisig is a Kapampangan dish made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, usually seasoned with …
Hello guys
Its me again Ernest
Today, we are going to see around
we're looking for food
local food (Phillipines)
we can find a good food
my friends came by chance..
come here
Hii guys..
ok, lets start
hello. we're here
lets take picture first
its looked like Bali here…
Bali right
but the food is different with Bali
lets see
we're here
we will order food
ok lets see around
whats your order?
id like to order Green Curry here, its good
uncle what do you want?
look menu first
dont look, may be you wont buy
here is the menu
i dont know what to order..
id like to try…
there is Thailand food!!
Tapas (marinated??)
chicken.. beef..
ah there is filipino foods
lets order this..
lets see what will come
order mam..
chicken curry…
is sisig available? yes.. what sisig?
pork sisig sir..
ok one.. pork sisig sir?
how about bangus sisig? not available..
Ok. I order that
what about you sir?
we've just ordered food.
we ordered traditional food
how about you?
i ordered Green Curry…
the other one?
ente ape? (you??)
ane?? ( me??) ordered spaghetti
when we came.. its cloudy.. but we can see sun now..
now beautiful.. before its cloudy
after we came…
the cloud..
the cloud moved
its good.. i will go see around
hmm… actually we had no plan
but we're here now, so i will inform about local food.
first about SISIG..
so you guys know it.
its cloudy again….
its obscured… the sun is there… there..
what a pity…
while we are waiting…
we see beach..
quite good
under the tree.. hehehe..
look at that
lets sit there..
alcohol area..
dont come
here is the food.
its called SISIG.
mix… mix…
mix.. mix..
give calamansi…
what kind of sisig?
this sisig is…
non-halal food..
its pork. (good good…)
but there are chicken and fish (bangus) sisig.
unfortunately, only pork sisig available.
lets eat!
this is Green Curry.
there are eggplant, chicken, and other vegetables etc..
in Indonesia it is called….
LODEH…. :-)
what are you eating?
Pasta, XXL portion
its too much
this is MINE..
Mine…. no one can touch.
i forgot to tell
drinking water here
i think…
even at McDonalds, its free
next time we try
go to McDonald, only to have free water
i'm full
are you full? the portion is for 2-3 persons
the price little bit pricey
hmm what are you doing..
its difficult to edit…
how can i remove this…
see the beach again…
now we sit and drink water
the free one.. hehehe..
from all of our food..
the local food only one..
its called Sisig
actually the meat was chopped
in indonesia, its called hotplate
its good
because Philippines….
little bit western
sometimes spaghetti is common food.
breakfast spaghetti,
its ordinary
but we're not used
has to be rice
back to sisig
everywhere, every restaurant, they have different taste
next time we'll try again
Sisig fast food
at Mang Inasal (local fast food)
we'll try eat there.
its good too, and not expensive
its little bit pricey here…
the place and the customer, some foreigners
after this we will sit here…
digestive time…
next time we meet again
if you want ask somethings, places, how to get here..
at Comment
bye bye…

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