Otro aspecto interesante de la Cronobiología es la llamada “Cronofarmacología”, que evalúa la respuesta de nuestro organismo ante diversas sustancias y …
Another important or interesting aspect
of Chronobiology is Chronopharmacology,
this branch is in charge of assessing
our organism's response to different substances
or drugs along the day.
As studied, there are various effects
to drugs over time,
and that's where,
as I've mentioned before,
Chronopharmacology and its application,
Chronotherapy, find their place
They aim at optimizing medication use,
the dosage to be prescribed
and reducing
the side or collateral effects.
We can mention as an example
the case of anesthetics,
in particular lidocaine,
with highest effect at 3 PM
in human beings
and at 8 PM in lab animals.
Many drugs
get metabolized in the liver,
this is the case for paracetamol,
which is more effective during the morning
so when the medication
is taken during these hours
its efficiency will be reduced
by nearly 15%.

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