The completed Immunity (T-cell) Enhancement Exercise with 15 movements are albe to be found as below: …

Hi, my name is Jonathan Fang.
I practice Oriental Medicine which includes acupuncture and herbs.
Today, what I would like to talk about is Tai Ji.

Everyone can see this symbol before.
Tai Ji have Yin and Yang, two parts.
Yin is black, Yang is white.
In our body, Yin presents as blood.

White part, Yang, presents as Qi.
That's why you heard a lot about
exercises called Qi Gong exercise.
This exercise practice Qi,
boosts up your energy.
But we never heard about Blood exercise.
How come?
Because, Taoists,
secretly pass down the Blood exercise
to only one disciple each time.
We are very grateful and very lucky
my teacher, Mr. Gu,
practice this Blood exercise from Taoists
for a long period of time.
During this critical moment, because
of the out break of Covid-19,
he would like to teach everyone
this Blood exercise, so people
can get benefit and be healthier.
What is important about Blood exercise?
Blood exercise can invigorate our blood
which will improve our circulation.
Also, give out healthy nutrients
to every single cell and to fight
virus and bacteria in our body,
which, over all strengthen our health,
and lets everyone be healthy.
So, Blood exercise actually is very important.
When you practice Blood exercise you can
feel that your body warm up very quickly.

Some people say "Yes, I do exercise for
cardio exercise too. I run for a while, after 10 minutes
I feel getting hot to a certain level,
I start getting warm".
But this exercise is very simple
and get the same effect.
they also strengthen your body immune system,
circulations, and help
overall, your body getting better.
When you practice Blood exercise,
Qi exercise will combine together.
That's why we have certain movement.
So, practice Blood exercise actually is complete
Qi and Blood balance.
Today, we like to talk about is
one of the exercises called "Immune Boost Up".
This exercise has 15 movements,
and later on in the video we will break down
one step each time, and helping you
practice together.
Each movement you can feel the warmness
in just less that 30 seconds to a minute.
So, later on, you can see these 15 movements
on one page.
And, later on, please continuing following us
so can see the follow up videos
to practice each exercise
Thank you so much, and be healthy!

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