We have all heard of chiropractic care…But do we really understand what a chiropractic doctor does? How can it help us? In 2 mins Dr. Moon explains …
So many people ask me, Dr. Paul, How does
chiropractic work?
How does my body work?
I always bring it back to things that people
can understand, and that's usually communication.
It's 100 percent communication.
Think about any bad relationship you've been
It's probably broken down simply because of
bad communication.
So I think of.
What my father, he made us these tin cans
with strings and used them like telephones.
So when I was studying the body, I think my
body is just a bunch of tin cans and strings.
Let me show you.
So our brain, that's one end of the tin can.
It's the big tin can because obviously, it's
coordinating all your thoughts, your actions.
Here's the complicated part.
Every cell, gland, muscle, organ, and tissue
in your body is another tiny tin can.
Now those two tin cans are connected by the
fancy string.
The fancy string in your body is the spinal
cord and the nerves.
So our simple rule here is really simple.
We just want to make sure that your brain
and your body are communicating at 100%.
How does the chiropractic part work?
In your body, you have 206 bones.
If I can help you, that means what's blocking
the normal communication in your body is a
bone that's moved out of place.
So my job is to figure out which one of those
206 bones is actually the cause of the problem
for you.

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