Watch a naturalist from the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Drumlin Farm explain pig digestion in this free online video. Expert: Tia Pinney Bio: Tia Pinney is a …
Alright so pigs are not ruminants even though
they do have a two toed hoof. They have a
hoof that is split like a cow, sheep or a
goat but they do not chew their cud. All of
the other farm animals that we know of are
herbivores pretty much and a pig is an omnivore.
Pigs will eat almost anything. They actually
have a digestive system that is very close
to humans which is most likely one reason
why we don't like the smell of pig because
pig waste is not something that is attracted
to us. Maybe it is a little too close to home
but a pig is not a ruminant. They do not chew
their cud and that is exactly what makes a
pig not kosher. It does have a cloven hoof
but it does not chew its cud. Its omnivorous
diet means it needs some different things
to eat than your basic ruminant but it also
lets it grow at a tremendous rate.

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