Welcome to Foodloverchannel. Today I would like to share with you how to cook my Mum’s secret recipe, delicious Vietnamese Crispy Battered Pork Ribs With …
Mix 150g crisp fried flour mix into 200ml cold water
Whip it well until smooth
Dip chopped pork ribs into the batter, make sure they are all covered
Deep fry one by one in hot oil
Keep turning both sides
….until golden brown
Take them out, leave on the side
Pour oil in hot pot
Add chopped garlic
Add chopped ginger ( 1/2 size of the thumb)
Add 1 carrot (cut in fine julienne size)
Add 120ml white vinegar
Add 4 tbsp sugar
Add mixed liquid ( 3 tbsp corn flour 400ml cold water)
Add 3 tbsp fish sauce
Stir them constantly to avoid lumps
Add 1 cucumber (cut in half, sliced into 5mm thick)
Add sliced chillies
..stir them well until the sauce thickens
Pour the sweet& sour sauce over the fried battered pork ribs
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