shall we
hey what's up guys that's
tweak the opening a little just
a little bit from yesterday
welcome to Virtual Red Band we
had so much fun last night
we found out that
VR chat has a Halloween like
contest going on so and if you
know how to
make like levels or CGI
characters and stuff check out
VR charts website they are
having a month Lon month
Halloween contest and if you win
you get a valve index which is
one of the best VR
headsets you can get and so we
are people already making some
Halloween themed levels here's
one we went to last night like
this thing was so bad badass
this level well
like yeah I can't even explain
how cool it was but there's a
whole bunch of different
worlds that are all Halloween
Level levels so that we can go
through and check out so I
decided to continue last night's
episode and
do some more Halloween tonight
so if you
missed last night's episode I
would highly check that out how
do you recommend checking that
cheers do you guys Happy
a I'm drinking a tea toes in
Orange rock
star yeah yeah
also on the five-minute warning
that's going to be a special
also new five-minute warning I
made in it I
found an old video that I made
for Sam tripley's naughty show
I made it with Ari shaffir and a
couple other surprise guest and
and it was
shocking when I made it maybe 10
years ago now I don't think I
could put it even put it on
YouTube so I had to edit out
a lot of it had to take out the
song Cherry Pie from it also for
the most part but I put a little
bit of pieces of it in there so
you maybe some of you remember
that when I originally had it
also there's a video in there
that I did with Doug Stanhope
again again different times I
don't even know if I should play
it this tonight's episode of
Virtua Red Band pretty much
might be I might have to pull
it off in to lead it
right after so you are in for a
treat tonight guys a lot of
unseen things I guess
you would say from from the
Vault I guess you would call it
welcome welcome YouTube
Periscope and twitch we are
all three
most people are talking in the
YouTube slash Red
Band there we go what is
going on great death squad shows
this week Red Band thank you we
had a great week this week a lot
of work see
I saw Holtzman he was
broadcasting on Instagram
he was broadcasting with the
band Bad Ashley if you know bad
Ashley he was a hanging out with
those guys I was cool whole
boom Going On Simon thank you
well I'll even give you this guy
get out of
here kitty kitty I don't want
nothing from no problems man no
problem get away from me
no don't be a good kitty don't
don't do anything you'll regret
no no no no no
how are you son of a all right
thanks thanks sis Simon cheers
get out of your cat Jesus
can you keep the camera rolling
during VR game play that'd be
kind of cool to see you
you playing the camera is
playing while I'm doing VR but
it's usually shrunk down way
down here
because honestly man I got a
headpiece on and I'm just going
like this it's kind of stupid
like I understand why I like
video game players they have
their like in the corner like
this like oh let's do because
their act actually interacting
with you guys and looking at you
like not in a whole different
world like I used to do it like
this and it it to me it was
to watch somebody
with a VR helmet on so that's
why I shrink it if you want to
watch that you're weird Brian I
tweet you a picture of you and I
from The Comedy Store about five
years ago okay did you tweet it
just now what's up
mr. Bain now what's been your
highlight of the week thus far
you know I really
had fun with just Tony on dead
air and
Brothers in cursive with that
guy was pretty interesting put
googly eyes on the headset
soft yeah that might be actually
pretty funny this this headset
actually has a piece on the
front of it right here
that comes off and there's a
little USB thing there and you
could buy like things to put on
here I wonder if I could buy
like like a
little LCD screen and just have
my face like looks like my face
just sitting there like my eyes
blinking like real video of my
face was looping or something
like that that'd that'd be cool
why is this a it's it
it's not just connected yo all
it's the future you can do
anything anything
somebody uploaded a video of
YouTube of
you and rogin doing a Fleshlight
add you had to explain what it
to chew 80s yes those were the
days I miss having all the
flashlights I want for free
I mean I used to have boxes of
them it was so great I would
like I would never even clean
them you know because he had so
I've just like use it and then I
was done I throw it out the
window while I was driving yep
yep wow
so you did you just posted a
photo of most huh all right
let's check it out
let me turn this off first first
Twitter Twitter
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 II II II II II
what is
are U gy real guy
are you why why
are you you IG my look at that
isn't that nice here I'll show
you guys
if I could get
get get get going get going
there you are look at that sweet
I look like I am a baby
a hot mess there cool thanks for
the photo
man yeah
I must have been a while ago I
don't even know what shirt that
is I'm I'm wearing
pitches five years ago yet seem
like it it's the hollow
behind that plate for Leap
Motion hand Trek I don't know
what that is for I think it's
for you could add things up you
can just add things later oh
there we go daps 325 thank you
brother will you be doing
a brother is in VR eventually
eventually I'm going to bring
the VR
headset when I get the new
Oculus oculus right bring it to
studio so we could get them in
VR so look for that someday
soon soon should get
a quest to so we can play yep
yep yep
yep the you all right let's
smoke some green tea okay think
I still have some of that crazy
and while I'm doing that
I'm going to restart my think I
pulled it away from the VR
headset they have pulled it away
from the plug or pulled it out
of my laptop when I was showing
the front
Suite I still have a lot of this
joint this is from from Big Mike
Brian you have any questions you
would ask Michael Cox in
not really really
I heard Saturday Night Live
did another I mean I tweeted
something during the last vice
president debate
and I've seen a million other
people say the exact same thing
but I also heard that Saturday
Night Live did I did a picture
of the vice president instead of
a fly in his head
Jeff Goldblum was in his head on
his head hurts Saturday Night
did that again that's two weeks
in a row Saturday Night Live
needs to start start cutting me
checks doesn't look like you use
that TV much no I
like I think I talked about this
last night I don't think I've
used that TV and a year we got a
insane TV in her bedroom we
gotta a Sony forget
what's called like IP whatever
the high technology highest
technology and
Sony TVs but we got one of those
in there it's so badass that
once we got that it was like
this that
the guy is that guy you guys
were messing around last night
with the deep voice oh it's
hilarious that was hilarious
some of these guys have
these voice modulators in their
head or I mean connected to
computers that they can just
like do these crazy
voices and some guy last night
had liked it everybody
it's cooler know like you sound
like a White or some whatever
I was pretty funny though
yeah the TV is great
it's a good TV it's a 4K TV it's
just you know it's it's nothing
crazy I just bought it because I
wanted a big TV because I
went from a projection at a
hundred thirty inch projector on
this wall that I'm facing right
now and when I got rid of
that projector I wanted to get a
TV that was similar to
a projector you know like so I
bought that TV
not the best TV in the world but
definitely guys trying to get
everything set up
better so when we start
but yeah whatever it's a good TV
it's just not I'm gonna restart
computer while I'm doing this
not the computer I'm
broadcasting on
on but the VR computer it's
going crazy
thank you sleigh
are those voice changers common
in VR and VR chat I've
noticed that there's a lot of
people with voice changers
because V Arch as a lot of like
trans and you know trans
community and stuff there's a
lot of guys that went girl
voices and
vice versa so so I think there
is because like sometimes you'll
be talking to a girl and you're
like your voice sounds kind of
robotic and it's like hi how are
you you know like some has this
weird twang to it
and and it's kind of its kind of
like the kind of
crazy huh hello
hello all right you you come on
to see you you I just raised
my computer computer
it's the way that's what girls
are going to sound like in the
though they're all going to have
like masks on and you're not
going to know if it's girl or
you're talking to its doesn't
oh no oh that's right I had to
plug this end
on the other I think one of my
USB ports went bad
on this laptop laptop I did I
forgot I had to do this last
night I have to plug in one of
my think that's what's happened
did this just died my new
headset just died that would be
I feel like I did this last
night like one of the USB ports
what the hell hell
the key component
of steamvr isn't isn't working
wow that doesn't sound
good good
quick quick
all right see you
pom pom pom pom pom what is
going on guys so I'm doing a
little text support
headset eat and
let me tell I did this maybe
causing problems holy what okay
may God guys
one bad thing about virtual
reality it causes so much much
problems problems
this sucks y'all y'all
what the
is going on nothing's working
it's saying the headset is
disconnected disconnected
uninstall GPU
driver then reinstall it same
with steamvr
don't you love that don't you
love that that
we try it one more time time
all right now it's working
it's working
right now it's working
yeah reason why these all-in-one
units like the Oculus
I mean your deal with mine
right now now
there we go going to turn on
the the sea
this fox
it all up up
has he poop
place it's working right
hi guys
your five minute warning
checking out a bunch of virtual
so this is your five-minute
warning could have done this
while I was doing tech support
didn't know how long it's going
to last five minutes we'll be
back in something eat something
do something
you guys
be to God Verizon DSL
would be turned on when three
days call you Billy people you
believe hour and then they say
you're done you're drowning in a
sea of of your own life
will wait on hold no more not
working within 24 hours all the
power of Allah with what of my
words guide praise be to Allah
if you having girl
problems I feel bad for you son
I got
had your opportunity but you did
not take you my unwashed
cave-dwelling you're hideous
lies about high-speed access
deceit about knowledgeable
customer service staff for you
to answer the phone and start by
talking to yourself this Infidel
will now be built being an
aluminum cookie pan and it will
like a fat dog sleeping on the
sofa and I thought
you got I've
our new Cutlass
now forgot to get the newspaper
we ordered these swivel bucket
seats in case I get to drive
Oldsmobile sporty Fastback at a
price that's less than you might
think happy
I went to the Olive Garden last
night and had the best Olive
Garden and guess what I'm not
sitting there disappointed like
know these breadsticks are
awesome this is awesome this is
awesome this is
pasta and everything cost me $40
wait I spent $12 on free
breadsticks for $12 really I did
Garden when you hear here you're
family hey
but I can't find it on the
Halloween West is that how you
found it no I don't remember I
think last night I stumbled on
this place I don't know if I did
or not I feel like I found this
place by accident on this one
yeah I think I found it by
accident was one of those ones
where where the thumbnail didn't
look that cool but then when I
clicked on I was like oh wait a
second sometimes you can't judge
a place by the thumbnail and I
guess that's true if you look at
like old like if you look at old
like Nintendo games from the
past it's like oh I would never
pick Russian attack by that
cover but then ended up being a
good attack or good again just
turned on my sound for the
YouTube and we were talking
about earlier is that we were
here last night and there's like
that 10-minute outro to to this
it's really awesome but I got
like seven copyright strikes and
like you know all from just that
outro and and you kind of are
forced to watch it in like I
couldn't even turn down force
and I couldn't turn down my
sound or anything like I was
like I can't even do anything I
was just stuck his weird but it
was ass at the same time it was
weird it was like I don't know
Korean Disney World boss battle
goodnight a like lock into place
because I would have gotten up
like five times I would have no
yeah ya did get up and then I
fell through the world and then
I kept falling to the world
until that out rodenticide I
hate that yeah I think after
that after that I just the the
Pod or ended my like I just got
up and went to bed like I was
like this yeah we went to a few
more worlds we did oh man I
don't remember
yeah that was a long one
that you got off yep sometimes I
just got to hear one of you go I
think I'm tired I'm like you
know what that seems like a good
idea that's it just like what
right I'm just going to start
showing you guys ones and if you
guys remember if we won here
last night or not but here's
some more Halloween ones here's
a place I don't remember all all
and I'm just going to start our
own is this place do you guys
remember this this place Desert
our dreams now I don't remember
a desert all right no no I
remember that tried on on turn
it out
this reminds me of like the VR
demo kit you get have you seen
that where are ya campfire yeah
so Holly ghani like this yeah
surprisingly clean though now it
is clean it it's like Katamari
clean the Dragon
yeah yeah I feel like some of
the big world's gets kind of
glitchy you know there's like
invisible walls or where or
weird happening corner
me in the corner that's mean the
spot why losing My Religion
religion this cool you could get
like another mirror over here
why is this like Halloween
though well I guess there's
pumpkins here Shadows are better
in the shadows like you could
tell like stories here like and
this is how I was raped by my
teacher teacher
to know that's actually cool
look at that look how big and
then I was like he got on top of
me and he's like learn biology
from behind
wait you're stuck and look at my
thigh oh dude look at that let
me get close to me look at it
close no don't do that no don't
do that don't do that that no
stop it know just do a little
little guy like a like a little
worm just a teeny baby head yet
no no too much too much man it's
a Diglett from gross dude let me
see what mine look like oh looks
like you're pooping man
man I need full body packing
get you just look like Bo Peep
damn it
set the timer of course mr.
sound man is here it's like a
hidden path yeah we could hide
from in Kong yeah
we're safe my eye on you
no No all right now
my sock a in the chat said he's
at a meeting tonight or
something just go called into a
meeting oh
I wish is a little bit writer
yeah what's that Avatar avatar
it's Frenzy Gordon Ramsay bagels
are right now for some reason I
think it's just the lighting
that so new knew I saw a news
article today about go Ramsay
saying it's like I don't know
something month old child is
already swearing and everyone's
proud of it he's taking action I
love Gordon Ramsay yeah he's
still my favorite food would
only eat food if I was watching
Gordon Ramsay I talk
did he lie routine I figure
restaurants in Vegas go to my
mistake that's my favorite
restaurant is nice never
actually been to one of those
restaurants this Avatar
irradiance has he got no yeah
that place in Vegas I went to is
okay but like you know it's not
Gordon Ramsay's fault it's like
any restaurant if they made it
like the the corporate cook
wanted it then you would be
happy but it's like you know
it's just that version or that
cook of your local Olive
Garden's not cooking it too how
it's supposed to you know types
yeah I love how you like walk in
the restaurant there's like this
big neon squiggly line looks
like a child's like an infant
drawing and they're like what is
that and it's Gordon to play
diodes on his hands and it's a
motion somebody making be
Wellington to know like that's
oh that's hilarious
get on Jason all right
get on me try
on me try I fell off because
I'll damn it
I fell off because
whoa whoa I don't know
what's up man come around here
here hey guys know he's like the
the new horror horror guy he's
like Jason or the you know what
I mean like he's like our
monster for today's episode all
right here's our next place
have we been here here
oh it's too close to spawn hold
every been here aunt is know
it's lame no no all right
there right how about this place
I don't think so weather looks
no look
yeah I hate when microphones are
attached a drives me crazy your
life or just in the game no in
the game no one no one in real
life it's attached yeah you
can play the drums but I'm on
desktops I saw some scientific
article the other day is in that
black holes the finally been
proven that to like link to
Dimensions before the Big Bang
or something insane like that oh
really yeah yeah that's cool
really how do you prove that I
know it I think it's just a
scientist that wants to sell out
I think it's a scientist that
wants a new Tesla I think
exactly exactly say something
one will understand and I'm feel
insecure but right halogens
maybe I can get a free car why
don't you
this is the Green Room got a
green room down here where
downstairs man this is where the
Pirates used to hang before they
had to go on stage they got
chugs of drinks I got fish sauce
they got crates and things you
could stab and boxes you can put
your your winch's winch's in
a bunch of favor all right I
think this is good smoke place
since it's a green room at all I
like it my other hand is working
again again don't tell Michael
Aaron Aaron tracking
know that's what I was trying to
get into it I can't get it I
feel like there's something in
here the totally is there's a
lot of me an email
this is the Green Room do I oh
no sir come in here oh
do this is the Green Room
we're here you have to walk
through this box on the box is
visible visible what no tail
loud right
cool we're good no towels very
good yes that's what I read to
you works works
that's all
that's why I like clay it's
because he didn't between that's
on my I still gotta watch the
midnight gospel yes you do yeah
I just renewed my Netflix thing
so yeah I gotta get on it you
think oh yeah did you talk to
Duncan at all right Ben
we have a seat
hold on I'm AFK you gotta get
him in here he would have a
blast yeah I think it used to do
this somebody told me
he's stupid have a blast oh no
you know I have personally hung
out with him at all Space before
but not is he our chat with our
hung out with him in all space
before but not is he our chat
with our chat
yeah said that words in the up
right now it seems better yeah
it's that are remaining all
right all right if you have any
if you have any slider the turn
your volume down on your mic do
that because you are like your
idea did that's you know you
still are you're still like a 20
yeah that's way better
that's way better
yeah no my levels were just
turned white glogg you're always
by the way you're always one of
the loudest people that we hang
out with and so it's always like
somebody's screaming at us
always one of the loudest people
you're Max Headroom thing again
you're Max Headroom English
English don't change your name
to max oh you got to figure it
out no tolls allowed
yeah note all keep my shirt baby
baby you can do it who's here I
think it's and call Bubba what
do I oh Bobo Bobo come here Bobo
come on
what do I owe Bobo Bobo come
here Bobo come on
this area that Bubba Bubba
your face is the wrong way
your face is the wrong way
although what oh just kind of gg
gg gg got bit by one one zombie
point for Gigi legit
as a kid
with dom bees were like my
biggest fear with my my
babysitter showed me a Resident
Evil when I was six like one of
those cutscenes and it scared
the out of me I'd like
nightmares for Ten Years After
well Brian and yoonah dreams
I had some crazy dreams if you
haven't I feel like last night I
was having good dreams but I but
I woke up like like sometimes I
get woken up by like like a big
explosion outside or something
like that and was one of those
days where we had it's trash day
where we have this this guy to
comes down and takes these huge
trash cans and like you know
it's like a bunch of dumpster
sounds and like that from nearby
and it is so loud that if you
don't remember that it's trashed
morning like I didn't I forgot
what day it was and I woke up
like earthquake or something you
know another goddamn it well now
I'm not falling back asleep so
so yeah sometimes I like that
though because it kind of gets
you your day started I'll start
with an L yeah Alan pump you
know I can it's espresso but it
also kills it's a it's a Men In
Black mind killer of whatever
ever dream you were having
having oh yeah straight up I
think either yesterday or the
day before I dreamt that Elon
Musk was basically it was like a
combination of Elon Musk start
link and yard chat and so
basically invited me to be the
first person to test starlink
but it was in a VR Avatar and I
was flying around the earth and
then I woke up I checked my
phone and he was like Elon Musk
releases StarLink to some native
Community or something like that
it's really good good hey tell
at least it's um summer in
Canada tell so did I tell you a
dream recently
no I have I told you a dream
like the last day or two what
what Louis chill gave Joey Louis
J Gomez drowning yeah I already
heard that was the last one yeah
Louis chill game Joe Louis think
I'm mourning in my dream world
still my head rooming still now
you're good now you're good now
yeah I had to reset the arch at
the same thing that happened to
you yesterday no I happened to
me today before oh and it
literally just happened to me
then yeah just knew what was
happening I just reset it and
came back in and it's fine now
happens to everyone once in a
while it seems weird all right
all right next one here we go
guys this play get out of here
now we can stay here this place
have we been here here honey
watch out Zach I think
it's in front of you oh here I'm
moving here here sir oh man I'm
too short I think hold on
goddamn it it it actually say
that and you're too small it's a
you have to be for something
else like the other be all of
them we've been here don't go
don't run into this place first
figure out if we been here I
can't see the name it's called
Tyrone Tyrone rugby to I don't
remember right let's go here
yes is where I got the layer
are nice who am I now
come on does every girl have to
have a cat ear can we just skip
at the cat here and just like if
no cattier can I put these away
away awesome oh I got a butt
plug in I got a butt plug in
don't I I got butt plug goddamn
I got Bob plug-in also nah man
sweet goddamn I got waiting
there you go yeah that's it
man this would be so good if I
didn't have the ears or the butt
plug and I turn it can I pay to
take him off can I steal the
Avatar but pay to take it off no
but plug no ears change the
shirt a little take off the
Isis take turkey no pants no
underwear no wonder where do
your shoes it's like it's like
creeping around so read down
red van check this out for you
it tiptoes like a baby I like
that I guess it's like he's ever
tars up here in the top right or
this last ones I think mr. gu
how much do I have to pay to get
these these features taken off
this avatar for me come on on
a dollar $2 350 350 350 I'll do
it for 350
Rita Rita yo everything
everything did with three-fitty
definitive theory it's so scary
I hate that Avatar 2 2
also for you idiots yep I'm
going to go back here and cry
check your brake line Checker
break one check one check two
subunits subunits check one
check two siblings sibilance
hey wake up wake up y'all how
much do you how much do you
charge to get rid of the glasses
the ears the butt plug this
walkie-talkie on my on my elbow
take off my sweatshirt like blue
and white bra Maybe keep the Gap
it unless you can expand it for
a fee no pants just need a
little dress no underwear no
shoes needed that's all I need
you know like real basic basic
hello hello yeah yeah man sorry
who is it who is this called me
at 6:00 in the morning clock at
dawn this is a great Avatar
though I love the face and the
body the eyes the art style
there it's definitely
definitely somebody's been tough
yep very good
no boob mechanics that we got to
do something about that come on
extra $100 for the boob
mechanics bouncy bouncy drippy
is what I want bouncy drippy
will do it sir GTFO I want
bouncy drippy I want cheese and
a container not melted Swiss
Swiss my wife says big mommy
milky whoa wait wait this guy's
art it out yeah you got you got
your tit ripped him off
damn that's a good one get your
Tittle Jason go well I feel the
see I feel like I'm like I'm
here with my kids Thanksgiving
trying to calm down and you got
your tits hanging out out kind
of you're welcome no no from
Sonic who can you trust I don't
know man oh wait I got
flashlights whoa what have a
flash you guys see anything good
nope damn it all right you're
turning the Luigi Luigi's
Mansion oh dude I can't do it
with this Avatar but you can
take it shirt on and off I just
can't do it my computer sucks
come on boner sure is this a
Hitachi our our flashlights Z a
hot toddy cheese
there's a hot toddy cheese
who's it's loading tacos excuse
me my Itachi die can I get a new
one no that's easy it's not it's
not going at full power oh it's
a software update you can do it
over the phone okay do it now
I gotta get this butt plug out
if I spin in a circle I can see
it's like Fox and the Hound butt
plug look God there's got to be
butt plug out remote there we go
throw your flashlight out of his
mouth what did you say
there's a whole Hatsune Miku
Avatar World up there who the is
that and I
got a I do not have any cameras
I have no cameras guys no
cameras I don't know what you're
talking about no cameras No
cameras look at that sweet so so
we can talk Amber would say no
it's sweet yeah yeah
don't listen to her scream my
fake titties don't work my
titties like you want me call
these titties aren't getting
their this GoPros probably
Frozen and didn't save any of
that footage you know because
it's so hold down the book knew
what the is overheating or what
goddamn the worse GoPro is about
to die anyway now instant 360
I've got to pray for them he
will pay and I will will
wait is that doing music yes
yeah am I can't hear that as
always if I'm gonna be sadness I
think it's a world oh God God
it got me
who is this calling me at 6:00
in the morning clock Dawn
what is this place place I don't
I was just wondering if there's
anything more to it besides
Avatar all right let's go
somewhere else else
there we go we're going to
Snowden world oh you guys ready
to go to Snowden room
alright and we're going with
people so got stick together get
out get out out and talked about
Taco come on man
so we're going with actual
people guys guys
you look don't be upset free I
did send you
to be a Chad likes an Sands
would never had a woman to his
friends that's cringe stands
with tipos on them
you look don't be upset free I
did send you to be a Chad likes
an sands would never add a
shut up you you literally like a
new towel bro both at big fan on
the top of the ferris wheel yeah
I'm gonna tell you drop overhead
sauce interesting comments fell
apart like poop all over having
a picnic how does it feel like
is knee what the wowee it's not
great but you know as long as I
get a paycheck so they make you
do things Ops
just do it are you afraid for
you nothing did you do the full
of that for money shut up
it is no sense
of the N word hops it's a Toby
Fox that him starts and says the
N word right after diet I see
says and then you just kind of
like Poof's off but there's this
thing with Caster Castor has
this like race War and the were
like Mitch has got to be at
least 13 or 14 back and it turns
everyone back into white people
do you think white people kind
of epic 13 oh man he says he's
14 14 14
caster has this like race war
and the like mitch has got to be
at least 13 or 14 back and it
turns everyone back
at that for boomerang yeah okay
okay boomer oh my God right
Avatar 2 yep wait are you guys
free the free game
don't ya
oh my God right Avatar to yep
I'm Polly and I'm bi got the
shot i got this guy I'm a I'm a
transfer you guys IP address I'm
a kitty kitty cat I don't gotta
free but I got a few Ari
where'd you go don't know who
gives a anymore you know these
13 year olds with bad parents
it's just every day every day
goddamn kids I guess we all just
need to think about
about the future what a board or
on there bargain America
okay okay
hey come over my house house
this way
I look amazing amazing
do you do you like sense do I
like what what do you like
science bro Sands Borough
ceiling fans I like this
like to say it so are the days
of your lives
oh Oh yikes this must be a
general hospital kind of guy
hello oh hi hello my still meet
you XD sounds
do I drink your has has I did
I feel like this guy knows a
bitter tool about tacos tacos
speaking of tacos
there we go we go again on our
own oh dear Dad when you were
doing your t-post
I try to do a T-bone copy you
but I knocked over a five
hundred fifty dollar Bond I'm
caught it with my VR Court are
you serious why would you even
have that anywhere near you you
I didn't know that
in bread like your parents drink
when they had you that's yeah
that's fetal alcohol syndrome
yeah I had to reset the game
again is like when you turn your
trackers on while you're in the
game at bucks whole game up is
that what my fingers are all
messed up this is crazy are you
listening to the list because so
creepy this kids are broken so
if I knock them over they only
fall like six inches instead of
like that's the only one I have
out out here we are we are again
on our own own dresser drawer
but it has got its side dropping
down the only road that I've
never known or I'm in a
wheelchair e-even though I can
walk all alone or with people
because I can lock
no doubt doubt
hmm there's a there's a cool
house like what the Eclipse
Missy hey six string– Sam Sam
teleports uh slightly side by
side sighs oh I think it goes
down yeah yeah
what is this
why do birds suddenly appear
I like it
he's crazy I'm sounds on the
tail watch out there's a
12 year old bully watch out for
the 12 year old bully
using his stepdads compact he's
gonna hook you up like that oh
God watch out some somebody he's
gonna get his Xbox Live account
friend here voice off Hide
Avatar goodbye sammedi idiot
why do birds suddenly appear
wait wait there we go you have a
you have a real with I've never
what I've never met somebody
with a real it do you know do we
yes I have it was pain
like painfully let me see it
anus Huff's and puffs happens
/ – bye-bye yes as an
let's do it it
Pony that is more terrifying
than anything I've seen in a
horror game well don't look at
your mom's trash can can
all right let's find somewhere
else to to go
hello hello
all right let's see what
here we go let's do this this
say that yeah
yeah rip rip it
this will be fun to play while
hi yes yes well here early
yeah this is a good place to
reset the we were hanging out
with some crazy people people
that's some weird ones in here
this is the back corner I like
this goddamn cat ears though can
we get over it together as a
nation can we get like together
as a nation can we get over the
cat ears I'm gonna get worse no
I like this one let's see
where's a mirror I'm so confused
over here in the back where we
were yeah yeah yeah I am sleepy
and I have a pill on me so that
Ronald hears me when I get it it
what what what the oh I just
turned into a Butch Puerto
Puerto Rican what
oh man
you see that Bobby thank you you
oh damn it Bobby let's see it it
I I need a gym
looks like Genesis butt
Janice I found you yeah yeah
dude this is totally you you
check this out out
yeah yeah it's like a a pickle
you gonna attract some weird
tension at that are our me no no
I'm not going to be this Avatar
I'm not gonna be this Avatar
unless I have to this is this is
going to be Toto's Avatar if she
likes it I think she's gonna
like it I think it looks like
her except the hair color I mean
she has a very small face and
white skin should she should
like it hey Hey Tao come here
and tell me if you like this one
it seems like you like we can
draw it seems like you walking
the dog outfit
oh I do have two favorite this
one we gotta get rid of one now
this one gonna draw oh nice I'm
good okay I got it yeah here let
me make sure yeah it is
was that expressions
you know this is like I hold
down the on my touchpad it's the
top of the touchpad I don't know
what it is for you I'm On A vibe
hey guys hey it looks like you
not really I mean light light
skin but like you walking the
dog out or something I don't
all right my guys
she did not
like it it no she didn't she is
now starting a shower like she
just turned up get into the
bathroom and took a shower I
guess to wash call you racist
like her eyes the stink of that
Avatar wow
I think I like the coolest one
this reminds me of like hey can
I pee my mortgage or can I pay
my laundry
like I feel like I'm doing like
I'm taking getting Aaron's fit
done no that definitely looks
like your yeah like you're about
to go pick up your nephew from
school get your sisters sick oh
wait I'm really small and I you
look here you're definitely
about to go like oh okay I
didn't know I was small that's
normal this would be better if
it was a normal size lady that
was a normal size now this is
weird what red bands throwing up
gang signs oh there he is there
there and then I wasn't using my
controller say it's working I
was walking Like an Egyptian
right there
welcome back from lunch
I was walking like an Egyptian
what I thought was going to be a
great character I get it though
I feel very very small
I didn't know that you guys were
all small characters I thought I
had a normal character size damn
it now I see Boba sitting next
to me like you can't even be
close to me within 300 feet like
by longer life all right switch
back to normal size that was
creepy I don't feel like that
much bigger I found a creature a
lot bigger it's like hell world
but look how small Bubba is now
see I was normal size no no come
on Bobo you gotta play along
sometime his helmets gone
wait did we lose Gigi no I'm
right here easy me know oh no oh
wait are you on the other side
of the mirror
that that oh hey devil bed got
another devil
oh hell yeah all right let's go
to hell we're just hell yes this
is hell yay
yes yes I'm scared
what's going on I swear to God I
don't guess you all right well
we gotta take a break real quick
because I need to get a drink
and you know yeah let's smoke
some weed ones I did this we
have to all go together we'll be
a Christian or whatever this is
too yeah so we smoke up and like
hang out for a second yeah
it is Ronald McDonald is creepy
yes it is whoa damn I wish I
whip its here I left my cracker
at my friend's house its best
you guys not love with it's like
kiddies kills your brain cells I
like elephants held that was my
thing thing yeah it like once
you dust the computer dusters
flip that out of it no that
literally is just like like whip
its but with
the point of where sitting down
as just walking in general is
exhausting and I recently
started working out again and
this is is five or six and my
chest burn like I've never felt
worse now I'm feeling a lot
better now but man that's just
so for sure how are ya that's
right it's the fibers it's like
off to set of fibrosis on the
lungs you know it's up what's up
about living in Los Angeles is
like sure I don't work out every
day or don't normally but
there's times in my life where
I'm like it's time to work out
and eat healthy and go through
my gyms closed like all the gyms
are closed you know no I could
like do some weird somewhere but
I don't want to get covid I
don't want to like you know what
like I don't I want to be able
to like and that's like a weird
thing for my life I'm like dude
I need I need to get on the
elliptical I don't want to buy
another elliptical machine and
and like have to throw later
when my gym opens but
you just get some weight and
have them at your house yeah
it's more about Go Runs know
more about elliptical more about
cardio but I'm a huge like I'm
stuck on my ways like doing this
stupid machine you know that
stupid thing better for you than
46 running for sure yeah my
knees it's what I have to use
and I used to have what I used
to have one I used to have one
and and I had to throw it away
because because it just took up
space in my place and my Jim's
not going to open anytime soon
in Los Angeles man we're still
like eating year squats and
push-ups man it's all just
squats and push-ups he's a chair
for dips like that if you just
do body weight exercises you
could get cut it's true yeah I'm
actually my goal is to become a
person not good
sorry hi everybody what's up Kim
this is so so we took a little
break too do this place have you
smoked yet you should smoke
before before
just about there just roll all
right well you should hurry
hurry all right well I'll just
look some more just because
you're going to be pulled into
oh no we have to
teach you guys about Lucifer
where's the lighter hey it's an
ancient name it's a Latin name
which means lightbringer which
refers to the because you can
see the planet Venus rise on the
horizon every morning just
before Sunrise so it's a signal
for Sunrise also call him the
Morning Star yeah exactly and
and then Christianity basically
basically mythologized drona me
and then created and then yeah
and then it just got and now
it's a cult it was a great sound
thing is that if you look at the
pattern that penis makes in the
sky the apparent pattern it
makes it acts it traces out a
perfect pentagram that's why the
pentagram is is 50 liters yes
hey Gigi I don't know if I ever
told you I've hung out with like
Church of Satan's like a kid you
know like this is is nice yeah I
went to his wedding Duncan
Trussell actually like opened up
his wedding and it was finished
with like Danzig and like Will
Walker Junior the Third like it
was like the craziest night
night and on the face kid yeah
and I used to hang out with Aunt
I used to hang out with his that
kid all the time back in the day
like I used to go to bars
together and me him and Duncan
Trussell and a couple other
people and I tell you what man
that like like the whole thing
is about comedy that was not
about realism at all the know
everyone knows everyone knows
it's all based it's all based on
comedy through and through but
one of the I checked it out we
checked it out
we have two books in it yeah I
know just so you know
all right yep let's do this okay
all right turn your world volume
up right now if you haven't done
that yet turn it up 70% all
and turn down your mic volume 10
this world music reading
this sucks right now all right
let's go guys I'm quitting at
this this gets too be I'm
quitting yep we all quit
GG should be in front
looks like like
hello Gigi go in the front we
got cgg die
what is this what is that cheesy
cheesy kiss it
for everyone
can't you can do it I got to be
something standing leg baby no
turn on turn on standing play in
your menu ah
wait I might be able to help you
never mind I can get that far
down now we also saw you with
the rent thanks for saying that
was gonna be a lot to do it on
our own anyway you look like my
beautiful lady lady that's what
don't know no the one with the
hole in her chest buried seven
feet deep yeah you know so
though though
not my butt
we make a wrong turn turn hold
on off
the helicopter
this is a box we're we're going
to buy them got it
don't worry about me me
see some hell suit
you win some you lose some
yeah this is it it sucks your
has to be more
no it's all we got is is it one
at a time yeah yeah one out of
ten for sure don't even upload
it to Jesus all right let's put
another let's put another world
down I know this is all right
all right let's go do it I think
this might be the scariest one
ever guys it looks like Skittles
is humping his leg leg have we
been here we been no wait we
can't go
escape 2019 yeah I think so but
have we been here have we been
here here yeah sounds familiar
no let's go all right let's go
hey what are you doing you guys
want to play spin the wheel yeah
no let's play card games
all right
all right right name of the game
is war somebody draw higher card
all right get off me whoops
know what you said
there made me come already I
know if I want to put the cards
over I can't breathe it's pretty
hard to get to the deck you
threw like a ninja well should
we eat right bottle Skittle
skittle all right let's get the
out of here this ain't Halloween
this is like this is like hell
we're going to go there with
people too
did you get that fixed fixed no
I sold it all right that's all a
lot of money
I have fake Bitcoin let's bake
bigger never mind
oh God here we go here we go
with us
they don't know anything about
about bitcoins
God we got the the
all right work nine 347 we got
we also got big thump we got a
bit thump hide Avatar and change
wall if I hide Avatar you guys
got that that yep you don't like
yeah we got that Unlucky One yep
now we're going to test the
address now we're going to test
out to see how rich their
parents are guys parent which
parent test now all right
ulong's cool you a it oh oh my
he takes you tasting some public
and pasting everybody has it you
tasting it
it's in the it's in the I
remember where I got it yeah
yeah yeah yeah well
s how it should be read through
free cable I want to shoot
oh damn oh dude
well you're a pro Marksman
to direct is that crazy I have
to draw it it even loads
I'm trying
we actually have a bond Aaron
really nice nice it's me
I'm a Hunter anything that
scared me in this game no I have
no you haven't
Skittles get on up
hey Bobby everybody go around
the circle how much Bitcoin Are
Holy if there are P addresses
are you noticed friend
it is lagging lagging
think I think his name is Wayne
Webb and what are you talking
about babies you guys ready to
go all right
now now
Whitman here we go
it's so this is also a place
that guy lot of copyright
infringement from
looks like cyberpunk where is it
because it's The Nightmare
Before Christmas soundtrack
that's why I'm here oh yeah oh
cats panty Emporium can I hit
this guy up I kind of need a nap
apt are like that what what
bones bones
that's a strong Jack and diet
yeah that was like Jack Jack and
diet my Martini is that what you
call it it
that's a William William
original that's all that's
oh this is a Hollywood town town
pillow pillow
today I see my
my guns you guys see my guns
yeah yeah are they just being
emotional right now no I mean
I'm a blast them all up and
they don't see it do you see me
guys I see those lasers to yeah
nice nice lasers how are they
not seeing us Brian compliance
yeah open your eyes
eyes oh really our lasers
come on lady
whoa that's cool cool
you Shay
skull top scorer tops car
damn I tops
probably not
dad dad dad all these people are
dead what else do you need me
for guys I am right drink a
dead dead dead yeah it's easy to
kill them all right you know
you know you know
it's stressful it's stressful
like people don't get it like
you listening murdered a village
let's just kill other people in
these buildings the probably
paid it look you know this is go
all the way boom boom
damn damn
Stand Down
stand damn
guys got to get a love Hotel
you got to go to a love Hotel
guys got to go to love Hotel
down the door oh all right we're
coming in
damn it that's 24 hours but but
I will get in there
love you you you're in you're in
who's that to get into the
ceiling I mean the roof oh I see
I meant oh my God I'm n feel
like I'm have to go
to the top of the building and
then you'll fall through oh I
know I get it
yeah yeah
right I guess we learned our
Stripes today
look at all these guys and again
the club your hopes and dreams
being crushed crushed
are these fireworks up here now
there's our hopes and dreams
Stand Down Stand Down
down killed me man what stand
down and stand by
the proud boy I was telling you
health health packs you could
have converted those shots with
energy I felt a little bit of
tingling right all right stand
stand out
I don't
mazinger Mazinger
oh yeah yeah pit Sangha
I keep forgetting One Direction
oh we talk let me know if you
get a seat oh yeah hello yeah
yeah David you think we all just
the most random can you sit
it's just a wall of windows
windows let's go
she looks nuts from up here
I fell off the side watch out oh
no the void I'm in a white boy I
don't know I thought I was
having a stroke for a second
having a stroke the world yeah
definitely all right yeah let's
go to a different world let's
try this place out out
I think we went to this last
night but let's go again
Asia you say I go to the sand
suck house all the time
is this is lines on the ground
oh Oh
it goes with it that real volume
is not great
what time is it it
yeah I guess the whole point is
to drop something in 3D right
right I don't think there is a
point yeah it's just whatever
you you wanted
it's a lot easier
than having a 3D pen in real
I wish I could draw it in there
and just have it stay there with
my 3D pen they they have looks
so much better in 3D I know I
haven't no I haven't no I have a
3D pen but when you print in
midair it falls to the ground
because gravity is the thing
like if we just hang in there
that would be everything
it's a give the print like the
sides of your drawing on a table
and then pick it up and then
stick them together together oh
shoot see if to make everything
in in panels
oh yeah I know what I'll draw it
was the gray one do we have a
great one
I'll use
a black I know
don't anybody else standing up
up what usually by standing
I think everyone else is I'm
doing and like in real life I
have a standing or or I always
play standing too but it's
so tiring it's so tiring way to
sit down can't be
you get really good at this Gigi
thanks fun
stuff still a lot better I used
to use tilt brush a lot
it's uh gee gee is drawn oh
really yeah it's weird it sucks
check out my eyes like he's
trying to summon a demon or some
would Gigi's drawing sucks what
is this Skyrim some some so we
actually looks like he's doing
incantation maybe I am maybe I'm
not what you want to fight about
it okay so you can move
just you wait that's not gonna
happen yeah
good could feel the Christianity
being ripped raped
looks like a reptile a dragon
shooting fire at a dick and a
possibilities are almost endless
not to be not creepy huh that's
meaningless don't worry
I wouldn't anyway he's just beta
is accursed
you know like yeah that would be
terrifying terrifying
but like red done the same
mostly a joke I mean towards the
theism I love how you I love
hate yeah mostly
I mostly want to stay demons to
do my bidding mostly all this
tested it's like the wet version
of Buddhism or yoga it's just
like a western meditation system
but since Christianity was the
dominant religion it demonized
it but it's nothing conversation
is starting to sound like the
doc you here starting to sound
like one episode of The Duncan
Trussell cartoon well you know
that guy on his episode Damien
Echols yeah that guy for years
oh inspirations and know that
guy that guy's episode of the
family our like the his whole
podcast is like a trippy as
episode dude went to prison for
tent for I don't know
flower was him telling his story
it's nice 11th seen it yet I
just know that he's oh no you
got to listen to little kids
watching that is really cool
that's a really great episode
good Joey Diaz in that one I
think it's super funny but
listen to that unedited
interview of like the audio only
podcast that such a insane
interview because the dudes
literally about using me
annotations to will into
existence it's but like with us
create a space on yeah some
people believe that more than I
know he all hold your attrition
believes in it no that's why I
respect it because like some
people you could tell like their
tongue and cheek and but that
dude buys into it it it's
interesting you just summon it
with your mind it's easy more
interested in just the
historical aspects you could
think of me as like an atheist
who's a religious scholar you
know like I don't actually
believe this but there are some
cool things like medications and
stuff but I'm not a where am I
these say I'm not a
retarder ammo that's a great I
don't think
anyone's ever said that before
before is it too much fun good
I got to write Kanye 2020 Vision
on this hand hand
I still can't believe I spent
$80 you what damn
shipping that knows capitalism
and give people what they want
me for for dude he get it he's
already sold 3,000 of them are
you talking to I'm sorry about
Kanye sounds purple hats for
sixty dollars a pop he's already
he's already sold half a million
dollars worth of of them stupid
friend that is
mean like you're telling me what
it is I'm drawing an upside-down
shrimp shrimp right now the
on the body hopefully in a place
of people
you not the other way around
yeah great curse
anyone draw a prawn from memory
is that I can't that's pretty
close I'd say your no smiley
face and everything is that guy
just checking the bulbs has he
been around replacing LEDs on
the wall good that they all go
go out
this is a chill episode
I had to buy that year it's like
the perfect
keepsake for 2020 it's like when
you find those the Mickey Mouse
ears at Disneyland I feel like
that had is like the Mickey
Mouse ears for 2020 that's all
but the campaign it's called Fu
2020 by Stephen Amell
a lot of people are doing a few
I'm guessing this DG's yes you
know like if you look at Gigi's
arms if we ever meet you GM
person look at his arms I bet
they're all like like scar
Burgers is yeah bruises and like
he's got a neck a lot of extra
acessories to cover up his arm
scars no I'm not always
you hating myself
and my latest live stream got
got where you have a live stream
yeah I've been like because
actually I spent so much time
creating Vector art symbols oh
we gotta see your live stream
that's what go somewhere and
watch our live stream yeah I was
here I was here are my manners
let's go it's only on Instagram
though I'm sure we can figure it
you just whatever is on the
website soon it seems like there
should be hmm yeah quickly
having a YouTube channel
alongside your your Instagram I
do have a YouTube channel but I
just haven't really done
anything yet but I guess I might
upload the live streams to the
YouTube after for ya do you
check out don't see Whoa man
wait I could look at it in real
life and stream it on my city
through a yeah it's good
we're going to get to the bottom
of these arm things
I'm stoked you can see my arm
actually very excited about it
it views Fancy act or the
driving driving driving yeah
thousand percent
is this guy
a band band oh Bonk
sorry sorry buddy
oh suppose they were going to
see Gigi's Gigi's arms
do you hear me too watching a
video of Gigi's gigi's arms I
don't know because it's the
closest we've ever seen to see
what Gigi looks like
that's my car my car good
me probably greater oh I see
we're saying no it is glitching
food Back to the Future car
okay impossible for you you to
it's skipping for me is it's
good thing for you guys I don't
see anything anything yeah it is
skipping the stream the streams
also lagging skipping on yeah it
might be this whole world that
we're in right right now was
doing in the lab little bit
before it'll be good check my
Speedtest I'm good
so there are chat or this word
were in should we try the the
black guy I mean the fancy cat
to do that what about the
oh yeah space space chain one
wait racer
tap tap
you want to play come on
come on come on Christmas Story
worlds worlds I haven't saved I
think I do have it saved
same thing Space Station I'll
give it a moment here that seems
to be sinking a lot better for
me what's going on you're doing
it it's still good still doing
on stream buddy we're gonna
fight for me it's been it's been
it's not just not everywhere
yeah it's working fine for him
you it's working fine for you
see ya
twerking for me it's working
it's working for me I see it
fine you know yeah do you see
what sounds like it's workers
trying but it's jumping around
five six yeah yeah yeah yeah
seems like it is right now
I'm just seeing the fancy cat
it's all good now
seems like it YouTube
the world stream is a little bit
of it is a vampire extreme fire
streamers on fire
fire I like
how somebody said why am I Robot
God it's like we need like
we need like like camp
counselors for like these kind
of moments like
like when you talk to him
hey Jonathan here's
why it's happening we feel like
in real life usually that guy
but in VR yeah
it would be alright don't want
to be ya yeah I'm done I'm done
I'm the candidate like no I'm
here for fun I'm not here for
like hey Jonathan work yeah
exactly exactly
I'm not a robot
who's this
who is this calling
me at 6:00 in the morning clock
a daunting
it's Frozen no it's totally work
is the highest thing that ever
seen in my life every sink still
on it's still looking up
there though Brian I'm both
if something got updated right
he's coming
I hope you enjoy my little game
I put together climb
climb your way up or trust
it sounds
added sounds you here
let me live
Bubba at how you doing Bubba cat
hey Tony hello hello
another drink that's such a
another drink that's
it this is my favorite this is
continues to be my favorite
place in Virtual the
just so clean you know that's
like simulator yeah yeah
you about the thing where people
like fighter pilots can't talk
about top down or else
you about the thing where people
music scratching
I haven't turned down the road
now because I won here
you know of a good position
would boil T free music you
gotta go I found this one thing
called epidemic sound their
selection seems limited dear
lot of people are one fake
royalty free but I recommend is
looking up
I know what you're saying I
just don't know what it's called
but if you Google that there's
like a whole internet archive
internet archive
that's what I use made
it bubba baby bo-buds Bo
look at your big ass momma not
your mouth you got mellotts
tacos is almost here
Boehner is almost here yeah
you're both here yeah I
we did like a lot of work
did like a lot of work
work you know with the post
office got some
all right
no no she didn't boyfriend why
would why would I help you
I'll be funny if you drop the
portal like halfway up there and
the game was here we go
yeah we did been we've been here
yeah I remember this I we
hey Hey
what the he just killed me me
got work together
problem with this
place is people just shoot each
other other social oh
we tried to
yo what you trying to do yo yo
like this I like this all I want
out there they're eight
yeah yeah
I gotta work in the morning so
I'm gonna head off
all right see you buddy see you
next time
hey Zack just died Bubba
I like this
boners her is the spawn point
right there
yeah I'm gonna respond
yeah yes hey
did when you spawn did you see
us us no not at all all
dandruff bad this is cool
no stay away from me
are you are you yeah I'll get
the headphones what's wrong with
yeah right
let's go to Blanks mom's house
yeah dude I'm going to blank
yeah he's got a blank over here
hold on
we're going to go to seven okay
this game right here there we go
going to stubborn
and acid mine I'd say LOL
Jim a mushroom and we'd kind of
guy I know but
I really like mushrooms and
Molly ketamine
ketamine and acid mine I'd say
the second hand you a bunch of
continue like three times and it
should be vegan
I'm at a vegan
wait wait
wait wait wait wait
Jesus God
we all I can do is it yeah
everybody's loading head just
got to wait for
for second Jesus two three four
five six
do anything Gigi
now he just loves in he's he's
please come come
Eugene taco
right right here
no no right
fairly Bridge
hey guys want to go
Sonic's Sonic's house
what's going on now now
hey what's up up
something not right about them
up there
I'm going to turn my road sound
down a little something not
right up up there
you go up
there Jason I'll turn my down
yeah that's it sucks that place
you're someone singing opera
opera return down your audio you
don't hear all the dumb
turn down your audio so you
don't hear all the dumb
I hear myself
oh there's below me he's just
hanging out
just disappeared disappeared
no it's me with Reverb
going towards a glowing lies
and it gets even
a waterfall
no it's me with reverb
thank God
hello what happened
yeah I start tripping
I started tripping and then
they're like respond or
something I learned a lot about
everything you know
would be empty trip
it was like the worst
all right let's go somewhere
else else
oh like this one seems cool but
it's like you need to do so an
no we've been here it's too hard
I don't see it yet
let's see it
nope I don't think so the geyser
the meat gazer this
guy was scared are dicks
jeez cheese
azer Azer
siren here you're supposed to go
see where it says Clinton
by the latter by the ladder it
says climb down
watch watch watch
you all enjoy the show he's
never people no matter who you
are what you do to live
skiving survive it's still some
things that make us all to save
mean a took my mind what's black
and on top of
a stairway Stephen Hawking after
a fire fire
what's black and on top of a
stairway Christopher
Reeves after
black and on top of a stairway
let's make him the president of
United States of of America what
this is like my dream house
right here dude I
did I seems like it's your dream
Cass drink cow's milk cows your
dream cows drink drink us
cows cows except for the audio
turning that a lot
I have the odd laughs I don't
even know what you're achieving
there's something
about the different songs songs
I think whoever made this world
likes metal I'm not really
really all right take off guys

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