Slim Goodbody and The Muscle Tones sing about the importance of chewing food well to help digestion. The esophagus and stomach are highlighted. Straight …
WELL Radio in Nutri -City.
For all the kids in the fifth grade at Nutri – Kinder School
Slim Goodbody and the Muscle Tones
"Mixing and Churning"
When you swallow the food that's moist and well chewed –
down the esophagus it'll go
Down to the stomach below.
The stomach mixes food with a special juice
that works to break food down
into its separate nutrients. It sure gets turned around.
Stomach – tossing and turning. Tossing and turning. Tossing and turning.
Stomach – mixing and churning. Mixing and churning. Mixing and churning.
Help your stomach out by making sure to
chew your food well before you swallow.

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