WARNING – DO NOT eat Starfruit if you have Kidney Damage. The neurotoxins can cause death!!! 90% of those with Kidney Damage are not aware – for that …
we're gonna eat star fruit
Adventure TV here as Kennedy said
we're gonna try star fruit like that
looks like a star twinkle twinkle little
star how I wonder how you taste all
right so we watched on YouTube I've
learned I've washed it I'm gonna cut off
the ends I'm gonna cut off these little
edges we're gonna slice it we're gonna
dice it and we're gonna try it and see
now everything says this is really good
and very very juicy right we bought ours
from jungle gym we got us a couple of
them we've never tried these before so
here we go let me cut it and then taste
test it now remember do not use knives
yourself only that adults use a knife
here we go let's get it cut one all
right so we know why it's called
starving because each slice is one from
here that I took the seed out of that
Mouse cutting yeah one okay I'll say
them a devil seed right so because the
edges off looks kind of like a Kiwi yeah
are you guys ready to take it it is very
juicy I know I can tell already all
right let's see it what's that Haley get
up first it's a new flavor and I like it
all right Kenny go ahead
I like it what I see the juice coming
out of your mouth it's a flavor I've
never tasted before like it does
adventure dad here's my I'm gonna try it
an apple a night I like it actually it's
it's kind of like an apple it's like a a
green apple that's not tart not a lot of
flavor maybe have an apple was mixed a
little bit with a green grape yeah
that's what it tastes like
yeah tastes like an apple and it grape
mixed together it's very healthy very
good for you through the whole Starman
out and really do things the whole
starting not many are you really really
good so I like this I give it a thumbs
up oh yeah oh yeah it's far easier to
get ready than a Kiwi and it looks like
you just have to cut up size is there
really yeah he goes for for $5 or
something yeah so let's see now Cameron
didn't want to try one I think he would
let's bring let's see we get camera to
try one Cameron you're playing your Wii
it tastes like an app on a great mix
together I try it
sure it's really good it's like a star
that Mario he's alright so we couldn't
get camera to try one he's busy playing
a Lego game or a switch doesn't want to
try one but it was really good huh it's
very healthy
it looks awesome this would be great to
have your lunch for school yeah
and that's gonna try to drag a fruit
it's a puppy really really good
yeah and it's slice is so easier than
adult do it and you wash it first
that's pretty good yeah this might be a
lot of a green apple it's not tart the
mixed in with a grape in peace a bit
sour alright so what don't we tell
everybody thats watching – thanks for watching, please subscribe and give us a big thumbs up

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