I Timothy 5:1 – 5:25.
– [narrator] Welcome to the
Shepherd's Chapel Network
Family Bible Study Hour
with pastor Arnold Murray.
Wisdom is understanding
God's word.
Pastor Murray's unique teaching
approach brings God's word
alive with meaning as he takes
you on a chapter by chapter,
verse by verse study of God's
letter to you, the bible.
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And now here is
pastor Arnold Murray.
– Good day to you.
God bless you saint.
welcome to the shepherds chapel.
Welcome to this family
bible study hour
back in our father's
word, chapter five,
the great book of first Timothy.
Timothy being a pastoral
letter from Paul to Timothy.
Timothy is a young lad
about 21 at this time,
and Paul is teaching him
how to manage the church
to teach discipline.
And in this fifth chapter
that we're going into today,
tells you as a church
leader how to treat
different classes of people.
And by classes, I mean, the
elderly, the young, widowed
and so forth.
So, and still to have
peace in the church
and to be able to
operate with discipline.
So, and I might say,
this is advice from Paul,
and no doubt approved of by
our heavenly father no doubt,
not just an opinion.
So having said that, a word
of wisdom from our father,
chapter five, verse one, and
it reads, "rebuke not an elder,
but intreat him as a father."
"And the younger
man as brethren."
Again, picture Timothy, he's
only 21 what Paul is saying,
respect of your elders
has always been in,
until it would seem of late
perhaps, a very important thing.
In other words, he's
telling Timothy,
if you're going to correct an
elder, don't do it publicly.
Pull him off to the
side, be gentle.
And handle it that way.
Don't do it harshly
and do it with respect.
But do it, okay.
Verse two, "the elder
woman, as mothers,"
that's how you treat them.
"The younger sisters,
with all purity."
This is church members and
serving the church and so forth.
Three, "honor widows
that are widows indeed."
Now, what is a widow indeed?
And it's important
that you know that.
A widow indeed is a widow
that has not only lost her
husband, but has no family.
In other words, there's no
one else to take care of her.
There's no nephews, nieces,
children, she's all alone.
All she has is the church.
That's that's a widow indeed.
You honor them.
Verse four.
"But if any widow have
children or nephews,
let them learn first
to show piety,"
that's to say kindness at home,
"and to requite their,
parents for that is good
and acceptable before God."
In other words, you
return the recompense.
In other words, how many
times does a mother or father
tend to child, get
them out of trouble,
tend to their education,
and so on and so forth?
Well, when they get
a little age on them,
it's time for a little payback.
Now, I always come to this
place where I have to add,
unfortunately in this end
times we have diseases
such as Alzheimer's and
things of this nature,
where somebody really
needs 24 hours a day care
or it can be dangerous for them.
And sometimes you
have to have a home
or place them in a
home that is equipped
for 24 hour a day care.
Don't ever feel guilty
for having done that.
That is true love of
seeing that someone
has that 24 hour a day care.
That's important.
Otherwise, I know in
experience, in life that people
that have tried to take
care of elderly person
with that particular or
of the same kind disease.
They can be out wandering around
and very difficult to find.
That's not really fair.
That's not taking
good care of them.
24 hour a day care where
they are trained to assist
and help with kindness
and love, that's good.
But otherwise returning
a recompense is good.
You owe it.
verse five.
"Now she that is a widow
indeed, and desolate,
trusteth in God and continueth
in supplications and prayers,
night and day."
For what?
For the church, for
the other people.
And naturally within that
demands, earns the respect
of the many membered body.
Verse six.
"But she that liveth in pleasure
is dead while she liveth."
In other words, self indulgence,
not caring about family,
not caring about church,
not caring about God,
just out in the world,
living it up, they're dead.
Dead as far as eternal
life is concerned.
So therefore,
you might say, "well,
what do you do with it?"
Well, that's what
we're here for.
Is to help a person like that.
Is to plant a seed.
To let them see
what they're doing,
they're going to turn
around, don't worry.
Satan will grab ahold of
them and twist them up
and make them, turn
them every way but loose
and then they're gonna
reach out and say, "help."
A little knowledge
and wisdom here.
That's what God's
church is about.
Is helping the lost,
and caring for the lost
in the sense that
you plant seeds.
You cannot make that seed grow.
It is not your responsibility
to make the seed grow.
That's God's business.
You see, you can plant
a grain of wheat.
Anybody can do that
and put it into soil
and let moisture come on it,
and it's gonna germinate.
That little embryo
is going to germinate
into a beautiful plant.
But you can't do it.
God created it, and God does it.
And so it is with
planting seeds.
And somebody that's gone astray.
This doesn't only apply
to women, this is men too,
that live in this manner.
That seed may take
and it may grow,
and it changes that person.
That's what we're about, in
a sense, that's the pullout.
That is the goodness of the
gospel itself, the good news.
So probably sometime
in your life,
but thanks be to
God there go awry.
In other words, maybe
you're not as perfect
as you might think sometimes
and there was a place
when you were out of step,
then thank God that
you're back instep.
And that you're pleasing God
and that is pleasing to him,
is to plant those seeds
and be there for him
where God can use you when
the opportunity prevails.
Verse seven.
"And these things
give in charge,
that they may be blameless."
In other words, when they
do convert and so forth.
That is to say, they we're
back with the widow in a sense
let them, the widows, come
back and the widows indeed
whereby they can be,
they can find rest,
that's to say peace of mind.
Peace of mind in almighty God,
in enabling someone to to
receive the word of God.
It is a gallant, gallant
work, to help one
that has lost their mate and
to help them find their way
again in the Word of God.
Verse eight.
"But if any provide not for
his own," his own relatives,
his own family, "and especially
for those of his own house,
he has denied the faith and
is worse than an infidel."
Now, you know, a young young
man can get a woman pregnant
and she can have a child.
He's not a father.
A father takes
care of his family.
A father provides
for his family.
He provides his children an
education, clothing, home,
the truth from God's word,
gives them a direction
as best he can.
And otherwise he's
worse than an infidel.
If you don't take
care of your own…
It is rare
in ranching,
to ever find a mother cow
that will deny her own.
It does happen,
but it is so rare.
They will fight to
their death for them.
And why is it that families,
cannot understand the
responsibility of when you bring
a life into this world,
how, what a gift from God,
that God gives a couple.
And if you do not
take care of your own,
you're worse than an infidel.
And that's God's word.
Now, I'll tell you
what, that's pretty bad.
Many might say, "wonder
why God never blesses me."
Well, you might take count.
Verse nine.
"Let not a widow be
taken into the number
under threescore years old,
having been the
wife of one man."
Three scores is what?
That's 60 years old.
In other words, there were
people that dedicated themselves
to the Lord's house.
That is to say, serving in
the church for a lifetime.
And if a person is under 60,
then and is a widow,
they may meet someone else.
(clears throat)
Excuse me.
They may wanna start
a whole new life.
What he's saying is,
it is advisable to
advise a widow indeed,
rather than when the
church provides rest.
That is to say comfort
from the word of God,
giving direction,
comfort and peace of mind
that until they
are 60 years old,
I've even known some people
after 60 that found some
good mates.
And so be that as it
may, and in this day…
But the point is, one
that swears their soul
to aiding the church for life.
Most ministers that
minister God's word,
you don't take it lightly,
there is no retirement.
When you take the oath,
you take it for life.
And so it is here and it
is a very serious thing,
when you anoint someone
in that respect.
So this is just advice
of nature is nature
and God created
us the way we are
and there's no need
to further explain it.
That's why they do it.
You treat them as family but
advise them not to promise
things that possibly
they cannot keep.
Verse 11, 10 rather.
"Well reported of,
for good works,
if she have brought up children,
if she have lodged strangers,
if she have washed
the saint's feet,
if she have relieved
the afflicted,
if she have diligently
followed every good work."
Certainly, God appreciate
somebody that does help
in the church and in the family,
the many membered family.
11, "but the younger
widows refuse,
for when they have
begun to wax wanton,"
when passion arise and so forth,
"they wanton against
Christ, they will marry."
That means that, it's not
talking about some sin,
that is nature.
If you're under 60, and
you're still active,
then certainly, sexually then
you are going to have that.
Paul would say in first
Corinthians chapter seven,
the advice concerning marriage.
He said, "I would rather not
that all of you that follow me
that teach in the
many membered body,
that you would not marry."
At that time, they had to
travel so far and everything
and they were never home.
But he said, "rather than,
it is better to marry
than to burn."
He did not mean burn in hell,
he meant burn with passion.
If you burn with passion
then get married.
That's natural, there needs
no further explanation.
That's just the way it is.
But when physically
speaking, the wanton means
to grow restless in
that physical sense.
Verse 12.
"Having damnation because
they have cast off
their first faith."
In other words, if they
make too many promises
to the church, and then
turn their back on it,
it's not real good.
So, and bear in mind that all
this is doing is giving advice
that you give advice
that helps people
not make promises that
perhaps they cannot keep,
and maybe even should not keep.
So, it brings maturity into
the body, of common sense,
and following the
nature in which is what
the way that God created us.
And so it is
verse 13.
"And with all they
learn to be idle,
wondering about from house
to house and not only idle,
but tattlers also in busy bodies
speaking things which
they ought not."
In other words, when people
are too dissatisfied,
have too much time on their
hands, they kind of gossip.
And they're tattlers
and so forth
and speaking things
which they ought not.
Because they're idle.
Idleness is a bad thing.
You need something to do.
You need to keep busy.
You need to keep busy in
the Lord if nothing else.
But how precious it is.
Verse 14.
"I will therefore, that
the younger women marry,
bear children, guide the
house, give none occasion
to the adversary to
speak reproachfully."
That is to say don't
give Satan a chance
to walk into your
home, into your family
and to guide direct
and so it is.
This is not a law, I
want you to know that,
there are people that
can dedicate themselves
and hold true to that.
And no problem there.
All this is in general advice,
because of that that
is natural, period.
If you have many years in life
and you have a good judgment,
you know that these
things we're talking about
are simply common sense.
There's no great deep
mystery about them.
It is common sense and it
is the way of a flesh man.
And within that flesh man
dwells this spiritual man.
And the spiritual man overrides
naturally but occasionally
with restlessness
that old flesh body
can sure pop right
back into the picture.
And there's nothing
wrong with that.
But the advice is,
go the way you will
and do not let Satan ever
use that that is natural
to gain on you.
All right, period.
Verse 15.
"For some are already
turned aside after Satan."
Some of them have already
taken the wrong turn.
This is why a church
should have discipline.
And discipline means to teach
this word as it is written.
You don't skip over.
Maybe like some might say,
"well, this gets a little deep
into personal things, maybe I'd
rather not talk about that."
Then you would err greatly.
We have to be, that is
simply a point of honesty.
We have to be honest
with ourselves.
We have to be honest
with each other.
And certainly through the word
of God giving good advice.
And remember Timothy
be he's only 21
and here he is a church leader.
But bless his dear
mother's Eunice's heart
and Lois his grandmother,
they've taught this lad well.
He's able, you see, age
doesn't have anything to do
with gifts from God where the
knowledge has been acquired.
And this boy has studied from
13 and probably even younger
because of Eunice and Lois.
And he's got it down pretty pat.
And Paul is letting him know
that, but he's giving him
this material advice,
as far as discipline should
be held in the church,
so that you don't
leave a crack there
that Satan can come in.
Satan can, Satan, he
loves to destroy churches.
He loves to cause
trouble in churches.
And as a leader, you must
keep that door closed.
And and keep the Spirit,
the Holy Spirit present at all
times and Satan on the run.
You do that by teaching
what the word says.
Common Sense, and certainly
with these classes of people,
the elder, the younger,
the married the unmarried,
whereby we all get along.
And and so it is.
Let's go with the
next verse please.
Verse 16.
"If any man or woman that
believeth have widows,
let them relieve them and let
not the church be charged."
"But it may relieve them
that are widows indeed."
In other words that you
take care of family again.
I know I receive a
lot of letters saying,
"I have tried to take
care of my mother."
"She has Alzheimer's
and I can't manage that
24 hours a day."
Of course you can.
Nobody can be awake 24
hours a day tending someone.
So when you do, when we
do utilize facilities
that are good,
you always check them out.
And there's no sin in that.
So I don't want anyone
to get on guilt trips,
but at the same time,
if it'd be possible,
if they're healthy,
whereby you can manage
and take care of business,
then certainly you
owe recompense.
Because they took
you from the crib,
from the womb actually,
took you to adulthood,
and probably bumped you along
quite a few years in between.
That's true love, that's family.
And so naturally, "well, they're
old, just push him away."
Oh, well, no, God
wouldn't approve of that.
When you do that you're akin
to that one back in verse six.
But most of all, you match that
one that is in verse eight.
You're worse than an infidel.
God doesn't approve
of that at all.
God expects family to be family.
Verse 17.
"Let the elders that rule well
be counted worthy
of double honor."
"Especially they who labor
in the word and doctrine."
What doctrine is that?
The doctrine of the
lord Jesus Christ.
And actually, I always say
it is the word that
should be honored.
Those that carry it
we all fall short,
there's nobody perfect, but
the word is always perfect.
And the word in eldership,
that is to say, maturity,
knowledge that God gives.
God's gifts are given
without repentance.
You're stuck with it.
And that's a good load to bear.
Then the word itself
receives double honor
because it produces,
it works, it brings people
from the lost and disillusioned
into truth, knowledge,
wisdom and happiness.
It brings rest.
The word of God is so precious,
that when it is delivered,
naturally that respect and a
good report for the word of God
is always a good profession.
It certainly is.
Verse 18.
"For the scriptures saith,
thou shall not muzzle the ox
that treadeth out the corn
and the laborer is
worthy of his hire."
In other words,
when he uses this to,
in a sense of
agriculture, whether it
be the threshing floor
where the ox is trading out
the grain from the sheath,
if he wants to bite
it, he earns it.
And and so it is
with passing the word
and what he's talking
about, are the family that
takes care of that widow,
the family that takes care
of their own.
He that he or she
that arranges that,
they deserve what they get.
That honor that trueness,
it's well earned.
That's what he's saying here.
And naturally, he's quoting
from Deuteronomy 25, four.
And you're not far there
from when we covered,
kinsmen Redeemer in
the great book of Ruth
and certainly having to
do with family as well.
Verse 19.
"Against an elder receive,
not an accusation,
but before two or
three witnesses."
Don't ever let just one
person claim something.
You need witnesses.
You can judge maturity
by somebody that judges.
If somebody judges a situation
where they've only heard
one side, they're not wise.
Because the other side
is going to be heard.
The real truth is going
to come out, hopefully.
And then after you
have heard both sides,
then you can decide,
God is the judge,
but it is then up
to you to discern
what actually went
down on two witnesses.
And two witnesses today
can be many things.
It can be the blood itself
speaks and cries from the ground
as it did when Abel's
cried to Almighty God,
in through DNA and
other things today.
But many witnesses can
come forth but be cautious.
What he's saying is, a
wise person man or woman,
never comes to a conclusion
without hearing both sides.
As a counselor, that's one of
the first things you learned.
Or you're gonna end up so
embarrassed over and over
that you'll lose
your profession,
if you set yourself
out as a counselor,
and you start making judgments
by hearing only one side.
It doesn't work that way.
You gotta have two witnesses
and you have to know both sides.
Therefore, then you can
give advice or discernment
from almighty God and be
kind of in the ballpark.
Always have those witnesses.
Now let's go over
to the next verse.
Verse 20, we read.
"Them that sin rebuke before
all that others also may fear."
In other words, when there is,
you rebuke with explanation.
But then again,
how are you going to rebuke?
You're going to hear both sides.
You're gonna determine if
the sin actually transpired.
And I still, I personally
would rather pull
somebody to the side
and give them a little
warning, if that doesn't take,
then publicly.
Verse 21.
"I charge thee before God,"
Paul talking to Timothy,
"and the Lord Jesus Christ,
and the elect angels,
that thou observed these
things without preferring
one before another, doing
nothing by partiality."
Again, there's one of the
best pieces of advice that
a person of responsibility
could ever have.
If you ever begin
playing favorites,
you're going down
on Primrose lane,
you're gonna end
up in deep trouble.
Because it will cause more
trouble in your group.
If you show partiality, that
is so very, very, very unfair.
Christ is not a respecter
of persons at all.
And he is very
unhappy with somebody
that is a respecter of persons.
It is common that
you have friendships
that are closer with
some people than others.
That is not a sin.
But to give credit or,
to be easier in judgment
or teaching or anything else,
because of that, is wrong.
You have to teach and treat
everybody exactly the same
when it comes to discipline,
when it comes to leadership,
there can be no partiality.
It's God's word and God's
word plays no respecter,
is no respecter of persons.
God has many children.
He loves all of them.
He may not love
what they're doing,
but he loves all of them.
And if he picks, if he
feels that someone is able
to be a trusted leader,
and he sends them even as
an election, let's say,
into this earth age,
and is counting on them,
to be a good leader, a
good teacher of his word,
a conveyor of his
word, just a conduit,
to see that people
have the truth.
And when you let him down, it
really really disappoints him.
You can always get a good
example of this with old job.
Oh, how God loved that man.
How God trusted that man.
He knew, God knew that job
would never submit to Satan.
That he would hold,
God could take away
all of his protection
except his life.
And job would still
hold that line.
And Job did.
And of course he received
double rewards for it.
So partiality we
won't fly my friend.
It is really easy to
fall into that trap
if you're not careful.
And when you do something for
one, you do it for everyone.
Somebody might say, "well,
pastor Murray never takes
any phone calls."
Do you know how many people
study with this chapel?
It's millions.
And what I do, if I take a
phone call from one, I take,
I have to spend all of my
time answering telephones
or talking to people.
So I have to make a choice.
Either teach God's word
or answer telephones.
I prefer to do it in a way
that we have a platform
that goes around the world,
whereby we can teach God's word
without partiality
without holding back
any part of God's word,
whereby it falls on
every ear equally.
I really believe in all
my heart that that is so
very, very important.
Verse 22, to continue.
"Lay hands suddenly on no man,
neither be partakers
of other men's sins,
keep thyself pure."
Don't you let somebody
come to you and say,
"I wanna be ordained,
I need it right away."
And you don't know
their character.
So don't be hasty to
lay hands on a stranger
to be a preacher.
That's, well that's
sound advice.
You have to know,
spiritual discernment
is a fantastic thing.
But what does it mean
here be a partaker
of other men's sins?
What if you ordain
somebody, and they go out
and mislead a bunch of people.
Who do you think is gonna
answer for most of it?
You are.
Because you ordained someone
and turned them loose
with credentials that
they can't fulfill.
Because you made a mistake.
You made a bad judgment, even
when you have the warning.
Never, never suddenly
some new person
that you don't know
anything about,
that wishes to work in the
church, that is to say,
as a pastor, teacher,
preacher, evangelist,
it's a very serious,
serious thing.
It's a lifetime.
"Drink no longer water
use a little wine
for the stomach sake and
thine often infirmities."
It's a medicine.
Now, it didn't say, it said,
if you have a nervous stomach,
your businesses to business,
don't be popping a bunch of,
well I should not say don't
be popping a bunch of pills.
Doctors know what to give you,
when to give you and so forth.
But God says, you know
little, that's not a gallon,
is not a quart.
It's a little bit.
Calm you down, maybe
you can get to sleep.
Verse 24.
I'm gonna finish this chapter.
"Some men's sins
are open beforehand,
going before to judgment and
some men they follow after."
In other words, there are some
things that you may not learn
until later, sins
about a person.
But there are some people that
have such a rugged reputation
that their sins get up
there in front of them.
25 to finish.
"Likewise also, the
good works of some
are manifest beforehand,"
you can see it,
"and they that are
otherwise cannot be hid."
In other words can't
be hid forever.
That work is going
to come through.
You can appreciate good
work and you intuitively
as a Christian, know it and
see it and recognize it.
You know that that person's
reputation is good.
They're well meaning and are
a servant of the living God,
not of self.
Alright, that kind of gives
you some personal advice
concerning the church and the
different classes of people.
And by classes I mean, elder,
younger, widowed and so forth.
It's precious.
It's a good word.
It's natural.
Alright, don't miss
the next lecture.
You listen in a moment,
won't you please?
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Once you do that.
Please never ask a question
about some reverend,
some denomination,
or organization.
We don't judge people.
You don't need to,
God's the judge.
But you should discern who you
listen to and who you don't.
And what a lecture today
in that fifth chapter,
of first Timothy, Paul was
laying it right on the line
to Timothy, that
youth in his ministry.
Those of you that listen to
by shortwave around the world,
it's always a pleasure
hearing from you
and your announcer at
the end of the hour,
wIll give you our
mailing address.
Again, always good
to hear from you,
Now, got a prayer request?
You don't need that address.
You don't need a phone number.
You don't need anything, God
knows what you're thinking.
And how precious it
is, that he leads you,
guides and directs.
He loves you, may not
love what you're doing
but he does love you.
What does he want in return?
Your love,
He truly does.
Let him know, serve
him and be blessed.
Father around the globe, we
come, we ask that you lead,
guide, direct father, touch
and it is through
your precious name.
Thank you Father.
Okay question time.
We're gonna go with
Nicki from Massachusetts.
"My husband passed away
last year and he had a
Do Not Resuscitate."
"And I told the doctors
to take the tubes off."
"Does that mean that I have
sinned and let him die?"
"Thank you for your teaching."
You're so very welcome.
Not at all.
It was his request.
And if God had
wanted him to live,
they could have
taken the tubes off,
they could have done
anything they could,
he would have lived.
That was his wish.
And you as a good wife
fulfilled that wish.
And God bless you
don't you, rest easy.
God loves you.
So does he from where he is.
George from Arkansas,
"is a Hebrew calendar
the same as a solar calendar?"
"God bless you and your staff."
Well, thank you.
We appreciate that.
No, it is not.
The Hebrew calender
goes by moons.
And the solar calendar
goes by the sun, of course.
The sun is accurate, I
mean to just, it's precise.
This is why we always
count the new year
to begin at the spring equinox.
15 days later, Passover.
50 days after that, Pentecost.
And so it goes.
You see the actual original
Hebrew calendar was solar.
But it has been dropped.
You see, there were seven
sets of 50 in the year,
plus the 14 days before
Passover, makes 365 days a year.
No leap years, nothing
in between, solar
right to the point.
In other words, it
was all a set of 50s.
Diane from Oregon, "thank you."
You're so welcome.
"My question is how do I
forgive family members for abuse
sexual, physical,
emotional, that happened
when they aren't sorry?"
Well, the thing is, I don't
want it to build up in you.
You're a precious daughter
of the living God.
And you cannot let, you
cannot hang on to that.
You are a survivor and I'm
not saying it was okay,
It's terrible.
But I don't want you
to be burdened with it.
You see, it's probably
not hurting them at all,
but you're still
suffering with it.
I want you to
forgive in the sense
that you're through with it
and you move on into the
beautiful Christian life
that God has before you.
I don't want you to worry.
Worry will not add one
second on to your life.
And you don't have to
worry about them repenting.
You don't have to worry about
them seeking forgiveness.
They gotta face God.
God's gonna take
it up with them.
You don't have to.
So, what I'm saying is, I
want you to pick up, move on
and God has a purpose for you.
Okay, Donna from California.
And thank you, we're gonna
have a good Thanksgiving.
"Can an ethnic person,
be one of the very elect
or the very left
are only of Israel?"
Now this is why that
God has the election.
There are only 7000 of Israel,
but the others are kings
and queens of the ethnics.
That means of their own people.
They are elect of
their own people.
You see what a lot of
people don't understand
is there are some ethnic people
that wouldn't listen to me
because I'm a Caucasian.
I know that's not right.
But that's the way people are.
So therefore, naturally,
someone of that ethnicity
picks up the word,
maybe from my teaching,
from the Word of God, whatever,
and then teaches his own,
they'll listen to him or her.
That's the way God made us.
God created all of the
races on the sixth day,
he looked and it was good.
He's proud of every
race, so am I.
Susan from Kentucky.
"My question is can a
person baptize another
after they have
repented and found God
if they are not of clergy?"
Any Christian can baptize
another Christian.
Now let me say coming at the
gate, Christ will accept that.
There are some
churches that won't.
So you have to kind
of understand that.
But what is important
the church accept,
some churches accepting
it or God accepting it.
Naturally God accepts
it, go with it,
if that's what is in it.
There are many people that
live so far out in the country
rural or a city that
are not a member
of a local congregation.
And many churches would not
baptize you in the first place,
unless you are assigned, donor
and so forth to that church.
So, but anyway I'll
leave it there,
I'm not judging anyone or
anything but every Christian
has the right to baptize
another Christian.
Deborah from Georgia.
"Where in Revelation does
it say that one day with God
is as 1000 years?"
Well, it's not in, that
particular statement
is not in the book
of Revelation.
It is in Second Peter chapter
three, verse six or seven.
And it said, "I would not
have you ignorant of this fact
that one day with the
lord is 1000 years."
That's the Lord's Day.
1000 years is the millennium.
And that Lord's Day is coming.
We're just about to open
the door to it, I feel,
we're very close.
But that's where
you will find it.
Now, the thousand year
period is also mentioned
in Revelation chapter 20.
But not the statement
that, not the full sentence
you just quoted.
Pam from Kentucky,
Pam from Kentucky.
"I know what number seven means,
but what does number
40 mean in God's word?"
It means probation.
This is why there were 40
years in the wilderness,
God put you on probation,
you come out of there,
hey, all right.
Jesus in the wilderness 40
days, 40 nights, and so it is.
Flood of Noah rain, 40
days, 40 nights, probation.
God puts his people
on probation.
Shawn from California,
"pastor should the whole bible
be like your owner's manual?"
"I feel like psalms 23
is my owner's manual."
Well, it's a good start, it is.
Psalm 23 is the song
of resurrection.
Psalms 22 is
crucifixion and burial.
23 is resurrection into eternal
life, the good shepherd.
"The lord is my shepherd
I shall not want,"
the Psalms 23 would say.
And when he is your shepherd,
you will never
want for anything.
There'll be hard times.
But when you're a true
servant of his you say,
"bring it on."
Well he's gonna bless me.
I'm under his wing.
He will show me away.
And we're going through.
Francis from Illinois,
"pastor, is there going to be
a nuclear war?"
"Is man going to
destroy America?"
Absolutely not.
Well, we Christians are
not gonna allow it, period.
Why will there, there will
be no nuclear holocaust.
God is going to make his kingdom
and establish it on this earth.
He is not going to
let it be destroyed.
It is his favorite
place in the universe.
It's real easy to document that.
You can document it by
going to Ezekiel chapter 16,
where he makes an
eternal covenant.
I said a covenant,
that's a marriage
to that city, Jerusalem.
As a matter of fact,
it tells you, he said,
"you had an unclean birth."
And a lot of people
think he's talking about
a baby being born, he was
talking about a city being born,
his favorite place.
And he said, "you
had an unclean birth
and you weren't even swaddled.
That's because the
Jebusites formed Jeebus,
that was the original
name for Jerusalem.
And you had an unclean birth,
but then when you
grew to maturity,
meaning when you turned
into the adult woman,
I placed my skirt over you.
I took you to wife.
Meaning God made that covenant,
and he, as it is written
in the great book of
Revelation in chapter 21,
he's going to establish
his everlasting kingdom,
right on Mount Zion right
here in the good old
earth as we know it today.
But he's not gonna
let it be destroyed.
Men like to play with toys.
And evil people like
to play with toys,
sometimes explosive ones.
But God will see to it that
there is no nuclear annihilation
of this globe.
It's his home, eternally.
Dola from North Carolina, I
hope I'm pronouncing that right.
Dola, "will you go
to heaven if you are
taking care of your mother
and you can't make it
to church every Sunday?"
You taking care of your
mother is pleases God.
Oh, how it makes him happy,
that you take care of her.
You see, she birthed you,
she brought you into the world.
She diapered you and she brought
you up and she loved you,
nursed you and put you
through whoever you are.
And here she needs you now
and you're fulfilling
that as a daughter should.
Do you think God isn't
happy about that?
The doors of heaven swing
open so wide for you my dear.
You keep up the good
work, you're doing good.
When you listen to us,
you're in church anyway.
Shepherds Chapel is a church.
And when you listen to
this television program,
this is only an extension
arm of that church.
There's only one thing
a church should do
and that's teach God's
word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse.
That's what you get here.
Bob from Georgia.
Bob, I have one
scripture for you
when it seems like things
are kind of ganged up on you.
Always remember
First Corinthians
chapter 10, verse 13.
God's gonna show you
a way through alright,
you'll do fine, as it is.
Val from Pennsylvania, question.
"When Satan comes down
and says he's Jesus,
and I have not changed and
still I'm in this body,
being a flesh body, then I
know he's the false one right?"
That is absolutely right.
Because when the
true Christ returns
with that seventh trump, and
in the twinkle of an eye,
the Greek is real specific
in first Corinthians 15:52
before the is trump out, they
don't come anymore after that.
This is the seventh,
there's only seven,
this is the seventh.
Instantly that's
when Christ returns.
Anti-Christ comes
at the sixth one,
his reign is already over.
Because Christ ends
it at that seventh.
Then we're changed into a
spiritual body and not until.
"I've learned so much
from you about the bible."
Well, great.
That's why we teach chapter
by chapter and verse by verse
because it is the bible that
we're supposed to be studying.
A lot of people wonder
why churches kind
of begin to die off
and why people don't attend.
If you have a church,
where they round people in
and beat them over
the head, like,
we gotta raise money for this
and raise money for that.
God doesn't send out beggars.
Instead of teaching God's word,
and this is just a
little word of advice.
If you feed them,
they will come.
You won't be able
to handle them.
I will say it again, if you
feed them the word of God,
you don't pull any punches,
you do it with discipline
and straight on, they will come.
Again you will not be able
to handle it, it explodes
and so it is.
Feed the flock and be blessed.
And it is amazing how that
simple teaching of God's word
gives people hope and clarity.
Once someone hears the truth,
they have eyes to
see and ears to hear,
nobody, nobody on earth
is going to pull them back
into the traditions of man,
away from the real word of God.
Because it is God's will
and it is God's word.
Janis from Mississippi.
"Where can I find in the bible
that there were other races
to survive the flood?"
Well, number one, you would
find in Genesis chapter six.
Who did God tell Adam to?
I'm sorry.
Who did God tell Noah
to take on the Ark?
He said two have every flesh.
Well, the races were
created on the sixth day.
They were here.
And as you would read
in the third verse
of Genesis chapter six,
Genesis chapter
six, verse three,
"it grieved God that he
had made men flesh also."
We were in angelic bodies and
he decided in this earth age,
make them flesh.
kind of like animals.
It grieves him because
of what happened,
the fallen angels came and,
crossed over with the…
There were hybrids, giber,
giants and God had to destroy
the Noahan area that time
to get rid of the hybrids.
Because he intended that man
be born innocent of woman
to make their his or her mind
up whether you love Satan
or God.
But then when these
fallen angels came,
they short circuited.
They had the knowledge
and the wisdom to know
what happened before in detail.
And it was corrupting people.
So this is why Enoch
was preaching against
this to the high heavens.
And that's why the God in in
the great book of Genesis,
called Enoch home.
He was quite a preacher,
you can find that documented
in the book of Jude.
But anyway, one
way you can tell,
let's take the Kenite
himself, sons of Cain.
How did they make it
through the flood?
Exactly like I said,
two have every flesh.
Documentation they made it,
you will find it
in first Chronicles
chapter two, verse 55.
For the Kenite, I was
already the scribes
for the tribe of Judah.
Keeping books for them.
Can you imagine that?
You know, when people keep
books and records for you,
they can kind of change
things and jot things around.
Sure a Kenite wouldn't
do that, would they?
Don't hold your
breath, they do it.
Even you have to, a real
scholar of God's word
must be very careful
of who changes what.
Because they
certainly will change.
Joanne from Tennessee.
"Where can I find the
different names for Satan
in the book of Revelation?"
Well, there's two places.
You can find the
multi names of Satan
in Revelation chapter 12,
beginning with verse six,
where he is cast out.
And then that old devil, which
is the dragon which is Satan.
And then the rest of the
verses in that chapter 12
use the particular name of Satan
over for that period of time
when he's doing
that particular act.
Then in Revelation, chapter
20, the Millennium chapter,
you will have his
names given again.
The Satan, the old dragon,
Lucifer, the devil, the serpent.
He was the serpent in
the garden, it means
a glistening one.
That's what the word
means in the manuscripts.
And certainly he
was a glistener.
He overcame and
seduced and so it was.
That's where you'll find them.
Owen from Arkansas.
"I have two teenagers and I
need to know it is my place
to have them baptized or is it
for them to desire at first?"
"I don't push them and
they are not against it."
They have to make
their own mind up.
A parent cannot tell a child,
"you need to be baptized."
It is true that
a parent can say,
"a christian should be
baptized for what reason."
Because Christ was baptized.
And it is making a statement
that you believe Christ,
Jesus Christ went into the
tomb but that he resurrected.
Now, but you see if you
order child to be baptized,
later in life,
they're gonna say,
"I wasn't the one that
made that decision,
I gotta do it all over again."
And it wouldn't do any
good if you ordered anyone,
and I know you said you're
not going to and that's good.
But baptism is a
very personal thing.
You can Christen, a
child when they're born,
with the all of our
people, dedicating them
to the lord Jesus Christ.
We do this all the time.
But baptism is a personal
thing when a person becomes
of the age of accountability.
Well, what is the age
of accountability?
For sometimes it's six
and for others, it's 60.
And it's according
to the person,
as they come to
accountability, all right?
But let them make
their own mind up
and it must be their decision
and they must know why.
Stan from Arizona, "is
there somewhere in the bible
that Jesus prayed
to God for us?"
Yes, sure there is, is the
Lord's Prayer, the true one,
not the one that he
told us how to pray.
But the Lord's Prayer
in John chapter 17.
When he said, "father,
it's over, it's finished."
And he prayed for us.
I'm out of time.
Hey, I love you all because
you enjoy studying God's word
chapter by chapter, verse
by verse, most of all,
God loves you for it.
Know what, it makes his day.
And when you make his day,
boy, is he going to bless you,
you can count on it.
Because he loves you,
you're his child.
We're brought to you by
your tithes and offerings.
If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you.
Once you do that, you bless God.
He will always, I do
mean always, bless you.
Most important
though, you know what?
You listen to me
and you listen good.
You stay in his word.
Every day in his word is a
good day even with trouble.
You know why?
Because Jesus, Yahshua
he is the living word.
– [narrator] Hearing God's
word with understanding
will change your life.
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