Ever wondered what the benefits of coconut oil is? Such as using coconut oil for your hair, face and you can even use coconut oil to lose weight ! In this video I …
Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can
be classified as a super food.
But what does it do and how can it help you
and what benefits does it have?
Don't worry, I'm here to tell you exactly
what you can expect when using coconut oil
based on studies which will be linked in the
description below.
It's a unique combination of fatty acids,
which can have positive effects on your health,
help you lose weight and fat and lots of other
great benefits.
This includes better hair quality, better
dental health, and various other impressive
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Most people know about coconut oil and it
can help with skin health, but do you know
all the other benefits that often goes unnoticed?
So let's dive right into it.
Is eating a lot of coconut oil even healthy?
In some parts of the world, coconut, which
is obviously loaded with coconut oil is a
fundamental diet that people have used on
for many generations.
The best example of such a population is to
the [Toc 00:01:04] Alliance, which lives in
the South Pacific.
They used to eat over 60% of their calories
from coconuts.
When studied, they were found to be in excellent
health with very low rates of heart disease.
When using coconut oil, the most effective
uses offer skin and hair.
And there are plenty studies done on this.
Coconut oil will improve your hair and skin
Coconut oil does not have to be consumed to
reap all its benefits, making it one of the
most resourceful foods on the planet.
Studies have shown that people with dry skin
using coconut oil improves the moisture in
the skin and makes it look more healthy.
Coconut oil is also known to protect against
hair damage.
And one study found that it can be used as
a light sunscreen blocking about 20% of the
sun's UV light.
Another function which people don't often
know, is using it like a mouthwash, in the
process called oil pulling, which is supposed
to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and
therefore improve dental health and reduce
bad breath, which I'm sure your closest companion
will appreciate.
Want to loose weight and, by extension, fat?
Then coconut oil might not be a bad idea.
Coconut oil can increase fat burning.
It's no secret that obesity is one of the
biggest problem in the world.
While coconut oil does contain fat, it's not
the same fat found in butter and sugar.
One study found that consuming about 50 to
30 grams of MCTs per day increased energy
consumptions by five percent, which is a total
of 130 calories per day, so the body actually
burns more calories by consuming coconut oil.
Coconut oil helps to improve memory and brain
Studies have shown that medium chain fatty
acids that is found in coconut oil will help
you improve memory.
This is because it's easily consumed by the
body and, by extension, fuel the brain cells
more effectively.
Coconut oil will help you eat less naturally.
Another astonishing fact about coconut oil
is that it helps fight hunger cravings.
Studies found that coconut oil has an appetite
reducing effect, which leads to people eating
around 250 less calories per day.
The medium chain fatty acids seem to be costing
people who consume them to be far less hungry.
This helps people eat less and naturally lose
weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.
It helps stop infections and viruses.
Are you sick of getting sick?
There's a large amount of lauric acids found
in the fatty acids of coconut oil.
When it is consumed and digested, the lauric
acid travels through the body and various
systems to kill harmful pathogens like bacteria,
fungi, and viruses, and therefore you will
have improved immunity and stay healthy.
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