See what the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) mean to the people working in United Nations Indonesia! Which goal do you stand for? Visit our …
What do the SDGs mean to you?
SDGs mean life
A way to make a better world
To make a world a better place for living and make a better future
Reducing inequality
It defines the benchmark for our future
SDGs mean opportunity to make changes
SDGs mean to me cementing long term resilience
It mean that everybody needs to collaborate and work together
SDGs for me is a starting point
A comprehensive guidance for having a better planning
SDGs are our homework and our hopes
A driving force to make a world a better place
It will bring benefit to Indonesia and also its people
Which goal interests you the most? Why?
If you want to live safely, you have to tackle poverty
I believe that all the people in this world has equal rights to access nutrious & healthy food
Ensure healthy life and promote well being for all, at all ages
The quality of life of the people will be improved and everybody will have better lives
UNFPA works with the government to promote gender equality
as well as investment in education and opportunities for young people
I believe that both women and men should be equally treated
and should be given equal opportunities both in public and private spheres
I think in order for us to have the best development, both men and women need to be equal
Clean water to drink, safe toilet and also knowledge and supplies to good hygiene
are foundational to health poverty reduction and even education
One more day people live without access to clean water is one more day too many
The primary energy sources that we use now is non-renewable
and before its too late it's better to find new renewable energy sources
Work is something that people spend most of their lives doing, so I think that's important.
And instead of subjected to exploitation, there should be access to decent work for all.
I think there should be an increased capacity for children and young people to be able to innovate
Young people have an abundant role in posturing the economy as they are the major user of social media and new technology
Because it is about reducing inequality and I would like to relate that to the sustainability pillars
which consist of environmental, economic and social dimension
One of the challenges would be to allow everybody to live together in a better environment
Because it's really important for us to only consume wisely on what we need instead of what we want
To fight deforestation, combat desertification and hold biodiversity loss we need to look at the root of the problem.
Although the human beings live above the water, but you need to be responsible for the life under it
Humans have to start to consume less and more sustainably
For me, if there's no access to publicly held information and there's no good governance, and there's no justice for all
there'll be rampant corruption , there won't be transparency
Working together in partnership, organizations can deliver better outcomes for the community
Partnership is very critical to achieve all of the 17 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals
Which goal do you stand for?

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