What is a breast MRI exam? A breast MRI is an exam that uses a strong magnet to take detailed images of breast tissue to help diagnose and monitor conditions.
Welcome to Mass General Imaging
we look forward to guiding you through
your visit we're glad you chose us
when you check in we'll have you fill
out some brief paperwork and may
ask for a photo id we may ask you to
repeat your information for your safety
we'll give you an id bracelet and have
you change into hospital attire
no metal is allowed in the exam room
lockers are available
but it's best to leave your valuables at
home please check your patient
instructions to prepare for your exam
a breast mri uses a strong magnet to
take detailed images of your breast
we inject an iv contrast to help us see
the images more clearly
an appointment takes about an hour but
the actual scan only takes about 15
when it is time for your test a
technologist will start an iv
and bring you into the exam room they
will position you on your stomach with
your arms outstretched and your breasts
in a padded frame
technologists are specially trained to
guide you through your exam
they may ask you to hold your breath
periodically to help get clearer images
during the exam an mri makes noises
while it takes images
and you may feel warm this is normal but
please tell your technologist if you
feel uncomfortable
technologists don't interpret images so
they can't tell you the results
after your exam a breast radiologist
reports what they see on your scans to
your doctor
results are usually available within a
week we may ask you to come back for
more imaging if we need a closer look
lots of people get called back and it
doesn't necessarily mean that something
is wrong
let us know if you have any questions
your privacy and comfort are important
to us
we look forward to welcoming you to Mass General Imaging
visit massgeneralimaging.org for the
most up-to-date information about our
COVID-19 safety precautions

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