Do you suffer from Acid Reflux? Dr. Gallagher from Wilmington Health talks about Acid Reflux.
Reflux is common, actually everyone has some element of reflux.
The way that the barrier between the
stomach and the Swallowing Tube works is,
it periodically relaxes in order to allow us to belch.
To get rid of gas that digestion produces
so all of us have that relaxation. It's only when it occurs very frequently,
or there's a very strong change in the pressure difference where things get pushed back up.
That it becomes sometimes a problem, and that problem is associated with symptoms,
related to acid exposure as a swollen tubes
Swollen tubes, it's just not
something that
can tolerate
exposure to acid, you can actually compare it to like a candle
that's lit. If you put your hand closer to it and move it over
it won't bother you,
but you hold it there for a little longer and all of a sudden it starts to burn, and a repeated exposure to acid
for longer periods of time
When we're laying down that becomes a definite possibility?
Can lead to pain be a burning pain or even?
chest pain it resembles a heart attack some people have severe pain related to it, and then if there's more exposure than
injury can occur so inflammation damage ulcers
after that happens scar tissue can form and cause
Narrowing and the esophagus also the potential over a long period Of time at some of the cells that are
continually injured
and then regenerate can
abnormal and
abnormal cells
Or what we call Barrett's esophagus. It has a small risk of progressing to cancer the esophagus cancer Topic is although uncommon
That is actually rising in the community, so it's one of those problems that
We think
related to reflux
Is becoming more of a problem?
We think reflux is probably becoming more common because of the obesity epidemic
So we'll see faces of Sot/vo Cancer [Raizel] reflux treated
typically very easily with
acid reducing medicines you may have heard [ppis] and those medicines suppress acid production in the stomach [and]
as a result if there's less acid and
reflux occurs the fluid that comes up is less acidic and
damaging most irritating
And most patients are cured
with just a pill one today and
They're very [thankful] for that

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