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Hello! I'm Dr Jimmy Douglas
In this video, you will be learning about Anal Fissures
Tears, cuts or cracks in the anal canal
below the dentate line, are referred to as Anal Fissures.
Even though the exact cause of anal fission is not known
It's mostly attributed to passing of hard
and large stools with pressure, when constipated,
resulting in tears or cracks.
Pain, while passing faeces is the most common presenting complaint
and the pain may persists hours after passing the stools,
which may be accompanied by bright red blood on stools
or on toilet paper. If the fissure is infected, then Pus can ooze from it .
Preventing constipation and diarrhoea , regularly exercising
with consumption of high dietary fibre foods
along with increased fluid intake.
After passing stools, overzealous cleaning should be avoided
area around the anus should be clean and dry
On External examination while gently separating the buttocks
and examining the anus,
we can see cracks or tear which are linear
and usually less than 5 mm in length
and if the fissure is for long duration of time, then
there will be fibrosis along with a skin tag at the end of fissure
Around 90% of the cases in both, men and women,
the tears or cracks are located posteriorly
and if it’s in some other side, then
we will be thinking of few other medical conditions to exclude
Anoscopy is usually not tolerated by the patient, as its very painful
Usually the pain would go away after following conservative treatment for 4 to 6 weeks
Your doctor would give you, gels to apply to increase the blood flow to make it heal faster
and local anaesthetic gels for pain relief.
and if its lasts more than 8 weeks that then it’s a chronic fissure,
It may not be healing or may extend to surrounding muscles
LIS lateral internal sphincterotomy Surgery
is done and risk of this surgery is mild incontinence
Discuss it with your surgeon and they would advise you
according to severity of your symptoms and condition
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