Ayurvedic cleansing is different than most at-home-cleanses. When you cleanse with Ayurveda, you’re committing to a mono diet of kitchari (or khichdi) which …
while you're working hard at your daily
life your body is working hard to keep
you healthy and alive or at least trying
to in a culture that inundates us with
choices of convenience it's become the
norm to ignore the subtle requests of
the body and we end up feeling lousy too
many of us are giving up on ever feeling
our best again but it doesn't have to be
this way because the body has an
incredible intelligence of its own under
supportive conditions the body can
cleanse itself of natural toxins that
have built up over time from unhealthy
choices the Ayurvedic cleanse was
designed thousands of years ago
by Vedic sages to create supportive
conditions for the digestive system to
use its own energy for detoxification
the results can be life-changing from
having more energy to resetting your
sleep and elimination patterns to having
clearer eyes and skin and to simply
feeling an amazing vitality and vibrancy
all over your whole body in this video
I'm going to show you exactly what an
Ayurvedic cleanse is how it works and
how to do it step-by-step so let's get
in Ayurveda there's one thing that
influences our health more than any
other and that's the metabolic fire or
the digestive fire in Sanskrit this is
known as Agni if the concept of Agni is
new to you
you might want to check out our health
guide on the importance of healthy
digestion check out the link in the
description for more information of
course something like a digestive reset
would probably benefit just about
everybody these days but even if you're
feeling great a cleanse could be helpful
to help you maintain and protect that
good standing so what is an Ayurvedic
cleanse to put it simply it's a period
of time where you adjust your diet and
lifestyle so that your body can release
all those natural toxins that have built
up and keep that digestive fire properly
stoked these are the two main actions
that unlock all of those great benefits
I told you about in Ayurveda this
process is so important that it's
recommended to build in cleansing into
your routine about twice a year usually
during the change of seasons in spring
and fall
when considering the length of your
cleanse it's important to be practical
how much time do you really have to
dedicate to this process an Ayurvedic
cleanse can be as short as three days or
as long as 21 days and generally the
longer the cleanse the more benefits
you'll receive but keep in mind the
longer the cleanse the more gently
you'll want to ease back into your
normal routine and diet it's important
to note I'm not talking about
panchakarma which is the traditional and
much more involved Ayurvedic cleanse
that is performed under the guidance and
care of an experienced practitioner
while Ayurvedic cleansing is gentle
overall it's important to note that if
you're sick or recovering from illness
it's probably best to skip the cleanse
until you're feeling better it's also
recommended to skip the cleanse if
you're pregnant breastfeeding or on your
cycle there are three main phases to the
Ayurvedic cleanse preparation active
cleansing and reintroduction plan to
devote the same amount of time to each
phase during your cleanse so if you're
gonna cleanse for three days dedicate
one day to each phase
this is when you'll plan out all the
details of your cleanse first and
foremost we can't emphasize enough how
planning meals and support strategies
will greatly influence the outcome of
the cleanse it'll be helpful to take
time to make a plan for your cleanse maybe
even sitting down to write things out
consider planning your meals ahead of
time creating a grocery list and
determining your support strategies if
you'd like more help with planning check
out our website where we have lots of
resources this is also an ideal time to
begin simplifying your diet so that when
the active phase comes the changes that
need to be made won't feel so drastic
take a break from hard to digest foods
and beverages like sugar dairy wheat
caffeine and alcohol and most meats
instead try incorporating more wholesome
foods like fresh fruits and vegetables
whole grains and lean proteins you'll
also begin to simplify your daily
schedule by reducing externally focused
activities so that you can devote more
time to cleansing this is when you can
incorporate nourishing activities like
gentle exercise warm self massage with
oil mindfulness practices like yoga or
meditation and simply more time to rest
this doesn't mean you need to stop your
regular life completely but the more
time you can dedicate to gentle
self-care the better and don't worry I'm
sure your obligations and daily
responsibilities will all still be
waiting for you when you're done with
your cleanse finally you'll need to
gather some supplies so be sure to pick
these up before you begin your cleanse
you'll need basmati rice mung beans
spices like cumin coriander ginger and
turmeric or to make it really easy try
our kitchari spice mix you'll need ghee
also known as clarified butter or if
you're vegan try coconut oil CCF tea
made of cumin coriander and fennel seeds
and oil for self massage like daily
massage oil nasiha oil triple a tablet
and a tongue cleaner if you're not sure
what some of these things are keep
watching will explain as we go now that
you've spent time preparing you're ready
to cleanse the natural toxins from your
body this base is like the peak of the
cleanse so what you eat and how you go
about your day is really important
during active cleansing you're gonna eat
a simple diet maybe even a mono diet of
the same simple foods to make digestion
as easy as possible and encourage it to
release as much waste and toxins as
possible we recommend eating a simple
dish of rice and mung beans known as
Kittery if you're not sure what it is or
how to make it we have a video
explaining the whole thing so take a few
minutes to watch that just click this
link not only is kitchen area extremely
easy to digest it's also really easy to
make and super delicious and if you're
freaking out a little bit about our
suggestion to eat the same thing for
every meal for possibly days on end
don't worry there are alternatives like
yummy simple oatmeal in the
morning just click the link in the
description for more recipes continue
with your simplified scheduled and
supportive strategies that you began in
phase 1 surround yourself with things
that are uplifting and nourishing to you
and you want your days to be as gentle
and quiet as possible give yourself
space to process the experience and
possibly even bigger life questions and
experiences sometimes when we're
cleansing a lot of emotional cleansing
can take place as well so be gentle with
yourself and greet anything that comes
up with compassion and love try not to
judge yourself this is really important
work and finally rest don't forget to
rest this is so important you want to
supply your body with as much energy as
it needs for cleansing
this could mean sleeping for a few extra
hours relaxing in the tub taking a long
slow peaceful walk or laying on the
grass and looking up at the clouds
resting your mind is just as important
as resting your body use this time to do
what is supportive and relaxing to you
if you're curious here's what a typical
day might look like during the active
cleanse wake up early or by 6 a.m. so
that you can be an alignment with the
natural rhythms of the earth this also
gives you time to build in some extra
cleansing activities before your
next scrape your tongue and brush your
then sip one or two glasses of warm or
hot water to cleanse and awaken the
digestive system you may want to use
nastya oil which is a moisturizing and
cleansing oil for the nostrils it also
supports the eyes mind and relieves
tension in the neck and head treat
yourself to an Ayurvedic self massage
this practice is like giving yourself a
warm nurturing hug and on a practical
note it helps to loosen up toxins stored
in the tissues and move them into the
digestive tract where they can be
eliminated if you don't know how to do
it click this link take a warm bath or
shower complete some gentle slow
exercise for breakfast eat a bowl of
kateri or oatmeal when it comes to
prepare yourself a big bowl of Katrine
you can add extra veggies or spices to
change things up as you go about your
day aim to drink eight to 12 glasses of
warm or hot fluids this will help keep
you hydrated and flush out toxins water
CCF tea or other herbal teas are great
options before bed take triphala tablets
triphala is made with three fruits and
it's famous in ayurveda
for supporting digestion and encouraging
gentle detoxification be in bed and
ideally asleep by 10:00 p.m. sleep is
the best time for the body to detox so
be sure to get plenty of it while
keep this daily routine every day of the
active cleanse phase you've now made it
through the active cleansing phase I
hope you feel some pride in what you've
accomplished so far but the cleanse
isn't over yet
now that the active cleanse phase is
behind you your body is still processing
the toxins that got stirred into
circulation and your digestion is used
to a very clean diet and not to sound
overly dramatic but how you reintroduce
foods and activities into your day will
make or break the overall success of the
cleanse the bottom line is go slowly
take time to ease gently back into your
normal routine and more diverse diet and
remember the longer the cleanse the more
delicate your body is going to be so be
sure to give yourself plenty of time to
ease back gently act as an ally for your
body consider how you can keep your
newly cleanse body protected and looked
after for many people this is the
hardest part of the cleanse and you may
feel the craving to run to the nearest
pizza shop and devour a large but hang
in there it's well worth it in the end
now what take some time to look back on
your cleanse what new intentions feel
important to you as you move back into
your normal routine how can you protect
this renewed awareness for health and
well-being normally when you're done
with your cleanse you'll want to spend
some time doing what's known in Ayurveda
as rejuvenation this is the process of
giving your body deep nourishment
through foods herbs and activities so
that all the good work you've done for
your body can stick with you imagine
your body is like a sponge and the
clintons wrung out that sponge
rejuvenation is the chance to rehydrate
your sponge with deeply nourishing foods
and activities this is like the reward
for all the good work you've done on
your cleanse and if you want more
information on rejuvenation click the
link in the description it may take some
time to feel the full benefit of the
cleanse depending on how long you
cleanse and how deeply you commit to
each step in the journey it could take
weeks a month or even longer to really
feel the full effect you'll know it
worked if you're feeling lighter
sleeping better have stronger digestion
or just getting more compliments on how
radiant you are you deserve it you may
find that cleansing twice a year will
become a must in your regular routine
and it'll get easier over time
so this is Ayurvedic cleansing it's a
beautiful challenging exciting and
helpful experience we hope you enjoy
everything you discover about yourself
along the journey and we want to hear
about it leave a comment below to share
your experience and if you have more
questions leave those below too or check
out our website for plenty more
resources thanks for watching and happy

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