Davana essential oil is here for a limited time only! Davana oil gives each uses a unique scent. In this video I will share What is davana essential oil used for and …
– Wondering, what is Davana
Essential Oil good for?
In this video,
I'm gonna share with you
some of the most common uses
along with some of the essential oils
that it blends best with.
I'm Mandy Sommers,
an Essential Oil Educator
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And I am really excited to share with you
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Before I jump into the video though,
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Okay, so let's jump right in.
Davana Touch Essential Oil
can be used aromatically
and topically and can be
applied to the skin neat.
The Davana plant is a
relative to the sunflower,
the daisy, and even one
of our favorite plants,
the Roman chamomile.
It is a small fragrant flowering
herb with soft, silvery,
fern like leaves and small yellow flowers.
The plant grows to be
just about knee height
and looks much like a small firm.
It's often grown in the
home gardens in India.
And this plant is known to attract
many different types of butterflies.
Davana Touch features a
pleasant herbaceous aroma
with plum like and a raisin like notes.
When applied to the skin,
this rich adaptive oil
creates an aroma that is
unique to each individual.
This very rare essential
oil only made its appearance
as an essential oil when it was coveted
by the Perfume Industry
in the late 20th century.
It's known as a flirtatious essential oil
because once Davana touches
the skin, everything changes.
Davana responds to our unique
chemistry and personalizes
the scent for us.
It has soothing,
calming and balancing benefits when used.
Traditionally, aerobatic practitioners
use Davana for reproductive purposes.
You can apply it over
your abdomen or the bottom
of your feet.
It was also used in religious
ceremonies and meditation
to help balance the body's
energy and quiet the mind.
It is high in ketones, which
makes it great for the skin.
Like I said before, this is
a very rare essential oil.
So if you Google it and you
find it for a very low price,
there's a good chance
that it is an adulterated essential oil.
So be very careful about
getting Davana oil.
When applying this essential oil,
you can put it on your wrist.
You can put it behind your
ears, on the back of your neck.
You can also add this essential oil
into your skincare routine.
Davana Essential Oil
blends well with Bergamot,
Black Pepper, Frankincense,
Jasmine Absolute, Mandarin,
Neroli, Wild Orange,
Patchouli and Rose Absolute.
So, there is a little bit
about Davana Essential Oil.
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