What is my baby doing at 15 weeks pregnant? At fifteen weeks along, the baby is about four inches long. That’s the size of an apple. Or an orange. And it comes …
What is my baby doing at 15 weeks pregnant?
At fifteen weeks along, the baby is about
four inches long.
That's the size of an apple.
Or an orange. And it comes in at two and a
half ounces.
That isn't very big.
Considering a couple weeks ago it was the
size of a seed, and a few weeks before that,
a twinkling in the father's eyes, that's major
What all is going on with the baby now?
The lungs have formed and are connected to
the mouth, so the respiratory tract can start
The lungs don't develop surfactant until around
the seventh month.
Those are the chemicals used to process oxygen
from the air without drying out the lungs.
Right now, the chest muscles are simply working
to prepare for moving air.
So the lungs are still long from finished.
The whole baby has finishing touches and features
to develop. For example, all the limbs are
formed but the nerves are still developing.
The brain develops fully in the third trimester.
Well, it develops throughout the pregnancy.
The skeleton has formed, but now they are
turning into bones.
So I need to keep up my calcium consumption.
The eyes and ears are reaching their final
Can the doctor see what color they are via
a sonogram or other test?
No, and the eyelids are still fused shut,
though the baby may turn away from light because
it can detect that. The face can grimace and
smile too.
I'm not planning on shining a flashlight at
my stomach to see if I can see the baby's
The facial muscles will only be practicing
movements like a child flailing the limbs,
not in response to emotion yet. The baby's
taste buds are forming this week, and if the
thumb reaches the mouth, the baby can suck
on it.
That'd be cute to see on a sonogram.
But if you have a sonogram done this week,
it is unlikely they will be able to see if
it is a boy or girl. However, boys' prostates
are forming while the girls' ovaries have
eggs and are settling into position.
I just wish I'd know.
In a couple more weeks, it is more likely
to show up in a sonogram unless the baby is
floating modestly cross legged.
Modesty is rather irrelevant at this point.
The baby is probably growing lanugo, a fine
hair on the back and forehead that helps it
retain body heat, though it will fade in a
couple weeks.
And here I was wondering if the baby would
have a full head of hair.
You may be growing thicker hair yourself due
to all the pregnancy hormones, though some
women develop pregnancy acne and darkening
around the nipples.
I've heard that the acne means you're more
likely to have a girl.
No, she isn't stealing your beauty, but you
need to snatch up more of that soap with moisturizer
when it is on sale.
I need a beauty treatment.
Along those lines, the baby's fingernails
are coming in, along with the fingerprints
I always take the baby along, but I'm the
only one getting the manicure.

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