Your doctor has ordered an ultrasound for you—now what? Here’s what to expect and how to get ready for your exam.
Hello and thank you for choosing
Cedars-Sinai. Your doctor has ordered an
ultrasound study for you.
This video will let you know what to
expect and how to get ready for your
exam. An ultrasound study is a safe and
painless way to see inside your body by
using sound waves. Most ultrasound scans
do not need any preparations but there
are a few exceptions. For example if
you're having an ultrasound on the
abdomen or pelvic area you will need to
prepare for your scan first. Your doctor
and nurse will talk to you about what
needs to be done for these types of
scans. If you are having an ultrasound
there are also steps to prepare for your
exam which your nurse or doctor will
explain. If you're having an ultrasound
of the abdominal area you will not be
able to eat or drink for eight hours
before your exam. The abdominal area
includes the liver spleen gallbladder
kidneys pancreas abdominal aorta and
biliary system. Your nurse will help you
get ready to fast. Our goal is for you to
only miss one meal you'll still be able
to take small sips of water with your
medication. if you are diabetic you will
still take insulin. Patients having
ultrasounds of their pelvis also need to
prepare before the exam. The pelvic area
includes the urinary bladder for men and
women and the uterus and ovaries or
women. For pelvic ultrasounds both men
and women must drink 32 ounces of water
before the exam and will not be able to
empty their bladder until the exam is
over. The water will be given to you in
your hospital room. Women may also get an
internal ultrasound to look at the
reproductive organs such as their uterus
and ovaries. You will be able to go to
the restroom before this exam. Men who
get prostate ultrasounds will do a
cleansing with an enema a few hours
before they exam to empty their colon.
Now let's take a look at what you can
expect during your ultrasound. Your
ultrasound will be done at the taper
imaging department here at cedars-sinai
about 30 minutes before your ultrasound
an imaging transporter will come to take
you to imaging. If you can you should use
the restroom before you leave your room.
Any devices used for your care such as
an IV heart monitor and oxygen will
either be supplied or be brought with
Your loved one or friend may come with
you but must stay in the imaging waiting
area until your exam is done. The
transporter will check you in at the pre
scan area for your safety you will be
asked the same questions a few times by
different members of the imaging staff. Patients with heart monitors will still
be monitored we will give you a call
light in case you need help. We do many
types of scans and imaging and you may
see people come after you and leave
before you. Don't worry we didn't forget
about you these patients may be having
an imaging procedure that is different
from yours or it may be an emergency
situation. We will do our best to keep
you from waiting but delays can happen a
member of the imaging staff will move
you to the ultrasound room when your
room is ready. Your ultrasound
technologist will greet you and explain
the exam before asking you a few
questions. The technologist will put a
warm gel on your skin to help sound
waves reach parts of your body that need
to be looked at. The normal time for an
ultrasound is about 45 minutes.Your
technologist is not able to give you
results. A specialized imaging doctor
called a radiologist will read your
images the information from the
ultrasound will be quickly sent to the
doctor who ordered the tests. Your doctor
will talk to you about the test results
and your treatment options. After your
ultrasound exam you will be moved to the
post-scan area you will check out of the
imaging area before the transporter
takes you back to your room. We hope this
video has been helpful to you if you
have any other questions please ask your
nurse doctor or any of the imaging staff
members. Thanks for watching!

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