If you have a lower amount of estrogen, which can happen to avid runners or athletes, you may have a lighter period. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares when a …
– [Announcer] The
following program contains,
mature subject matter.
Viewer discretion is advised.
– Women often complain that time
of the month can be annoying,
but it can also reveal
a lot about your health.
So Dr. Nita has the colorful
explanation for all of us.
– Yes, for example,
if you're an avid runner
or you're an athlete,
then you may have a lower estrogen level.
And as a result, you'll
notice a lighter period.
It may just be like a light pink color.
Now the issue with that is,
when you have lower estrogen,
we think about health complications, like,
weaken bones down the line.
I would think about your heart
health or even fertility.
So if you've noticed that your
blood is just a light pink
and that's all you're getting,
or if you notice that you're
not getting a period at all,
then that's something that you wanna talk
to your doctor about.
– Alright. So what about normal colors?
– A normal period can
last up to seven days.
Now when your period is heaviest,
then it'll be that bright red
or that cranberry red color.
But on the days before,
and the days after during
that seven day window,
you might notice that it's brownish
or almost like a Blackish
color, that's not a problem.
It's not a big deal.
It's just that that
blood is taking a while
to get out of your body.
So it's exposed to oxygen
and then it undergo
something called oxidation.
And that turns it the color.
So it's not a big deal,
it's just that it's coming
out a little slower.
Now, if you notice that you're
spotting in between periods,
or if it's going beyond the seven days,
then chat with your doctor once again.
– All right, so if those
are the healthy colors,
what unhealthy colors
should folks look out for.
– One, for example, would
be like a grayish color.
If that happens,
then it could indicate
that there's an infection,
especially if you notice
that it's associated
with itching or an odor,
but overall, even if it's not gray,
say you're having like a
normal menstrual period,
but you're saying there's
a foul odor or it itches,
or it's heavier than normal.
It's really Claudia, I have
fever, a lot of abdominal pain,
anything that's out of the norm,
then let your doctor know
because that can indicate an infection,
or in some instances,
some women could be having a miscarriage,
even if they didn't
know they were pregnant.
Now I'm not saying that's always the case,
but if it's anything outside of the norm,
talk to your doctor, just to be sure.
– We talked about colors,
but what about in the
case when it's clear?
– So when it's clear, not
necessarily on your period,
but between your periods,
you'll have vaginal discharge
and that vaginal discharge
can vary in light consistency.
So just a tip,
whether you're trying to get pregnant
or you're trying to not get pregnant,
keep this in mind, at a
certain point during the month,
then it'll be like the color
and consistency of egg white,
almost really stringy.
That's the fertile stuff.
That means your body is
ready to make a baby.
So that's your body trying to
help the sperm get to the egg.
So that's sort of a mid-cycle,
– It's difficult you like mid-cycle.
– Mid-cycle around the time
you're ovulating, so yeah,
around the time you're
ovulating that'll happen.
And then around that time, your
libido might go up because,
nature wants you to make babies, men.
– Men can sense that
when you're ovulating.
– Did you know about that study?
Did you guys read about
that study about ovulating?
– This is very important,
so take out your note pads.
According to this study,
strippers make more money when ovulating,
but here's the thing, even
if you are not a stripper,
you can still use it though,
because like from an
evolutionary standpoint,
like evolution wants men to want you,
when you are ovulating.
– It's fascinating.
– It's fascinating, so
even if you don't strip,
if you want that nice handbag,
right, maybe you should
ask when you're ovulating.
– Truly fascinating.
– It is truly fascinating.
And just the fact that
your menstrual period tells
you so much about your body,
the American college of
obstetricians and gynecologists,
they literally wrote a committee opinion.
So they did a writeup about kind of using
your menstrual period as a vital sign.
So just like you look
at the blood pressure
and the heart rate,
it can tell you that
much about your health,
so when it's off, talk to somebody.
– Now I'm curious should a woman,
and I know this is going to
sound maybe a little bit gross,
but much like we'll tell
people to take a picture
of their bowel movement,
if something's looking off,
obviously a woman may not be able
to get into see a doctor
right in the period
of time when she's having
her menstrual cycle.
If things look a little different,
you take a picture of the color.
So you can say, hey doc,
this is what things are
looking like, what are you?
Cause you have patients.
– Yeah.
– Do they do that?
– Yeah.
Not only do patients bring me pictures,
they will just bring me stuff.
(crowd laughing)
They will bring like really,
they start pulling out back.
– Hey doc, here you go.
– They do, they do.
They bring me up.
– Well thank you for bringing
me that in and sharing.
You should do a coloring book.
– It's good, for women, yes.
Coloring is therapeutic, it's good.
And it's educational.
– Well, I love this lesson on the colors
of your menstrual cycle.
Thank you very much, doctor.
(hands clapping)

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