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Ryan: …Be there in a minute.
Michael: Just a bunch of gunts…
Gavin: Gunt?
Michael: Yeah.
Micheal: Like gunt baker… Gunt. Baker.
Geoff: It's a guy cunt
Jack: Nah, it's a gut cunt.
Jeremy: It's a grandma cunt.
Jack: Like a FUPA
Jeremy: You see a sexy old lady, you're like "can't wait to get in that gunt."
Geoff: It's uh..
Gavin: Okay, Jack.
Jack: Gavin.
Gavin: Million dollars, but for the rest of your life you can only eat human FUPA
Jack: Fuck no.
Ryan: What the hell's a 'FUPA'?
*Lads snickering*.
*Jack laughing*
Gavin: You don't know the def- you don't what a 'FUPA' stands for, Ryan?
Ryan: I do not.
Michael: Yeah it's a- it's an abbreviation
Ryan: That I got.
Gavin: See if you could figure out
Jack: Wha-okay, Ryan, what do you think a 'Gunt' is?
Ryan: Weltha-uh-that I know.
Gavin: Yeah. So what's a 'FUPA'?
Gavin: What could it possibly stand for?
Ryan: I assume it's F-U-P-A?
Michael/Jack: Yeah
Ryan: Uhhhhhhhhh……………..
Michael: It's like fourth grade…
*more laughter*
Ryan: Uhhhhhhhh………………………..
Ryan: …not a lot of 'U' words, so it's gotta be… uh…
Jack: Ryan. Do you have a buttfor?
Ryan: Wh-wha…?
Jack: A buttfor?
Ryan: …buf-for what?
Jack: No. do you have a buttfor?
Ryan: I dunno. Do I?
Jeremy: Jack, that joke's not gonna work, buddy.
Jack: *laughs* It's not gonna work…
Gavin: Ryan's one of those 'people'.
Jack: Yup.
Ryan: What does that mean?
Jeremy: No…
Jack: Ryan do you have a buttfor!
Ryan: I don't know!
Jeremy: Why don't you know, Ryan?
Gavin: Now i'm worried that he doesn't know this joke…
Jack: I don't think he does..
Jeremy: He doesn't.
Gavin: Ryan, we're you never on a school playground in your life?
*Jack and Geoff laughing*
Ryan: I mean… Sometimes…
Gavin: Or were you just in a book.
Ryan: Actually… (Jack: He's in a play) That did happen.
Ryan: Alright, well do we wanna..?
Jack: Question is, Ryan do you have a buttfor?
Gavin: The question is Ryan, what is 'FUPA' stand for?
Michael: Jack…
Gavin: We gotta e- resolved these 'plotlines' before the end of the video.
Jeremy: It's true.
Michael: Well i mean. We could cliffhanger…
Ryan: Okay…
Geoff: Jesus Christ. You're frustrating…
Ryan: "Fat Up Pussy Anus."
Everyone: Wow!
Jack: Very close!
Michael: You were very close!
Jack: You got like 2 and a half of it.
Ryan: Really?
Michael: you got 2 and a half…
Ryan: How do you get half a word?
Michael: Well that means you just got 'half of the word' is what it means.
Michael: Extend one of your words…
Gavin: "Pussius."
Michael: Nope.
Ryan: "Upper."
Everyone: *Cheering*
Jack: You got 3 of them.
Michael: You got 3 of 4
Ryan: Upper…
Ryan: I presume pussy…
Everyone: Yep.
Michael: That's correct…
Jack: Presume pussy…
Michael: You presume correctly…
Gavin: I can't believe this is working…
Michael: Very astute, Ryan.. Very astute..
Gavin: He is actually like… Learning.
Jack: Working it out.
Jack: He's- he's learning…
Michael: Like a fucking spelling bee.
Ryan: Can you use it in a sentence?
Jack: What's the origin of the word?
Jeremy: "Can you use it in a sentence…"
Michael: I- I- I can't I *cough* don't think i could use it in a sentence in my life.
Jeremy: Gavin?
Gavin: The word?
Jeremy: Ya use 'FUPA' in a sentence.
Gavin: Nice FUPA
*More laughing*
Gavin: Ow!
Ryan: That is… not as illuminating as I hoped…
*Geoff laughing*
Jack: I heard what you just said.
Michael: I mean it's not…
Michael: It's not gonna help you…
Michael: Tell me what the 'A' is?
Ryan: Uhhhh…. Upper…
Ryan: Angle?
Ryan: Uhhhh…..
Geoff: "Angle?"
*Gavin laughing*
Geoff: "Fat Upper Pussy Angle…"
Ryan: I mean- maybe you need an angle to… To deal with that?
Gavin: My God… "Nice gut angle…"
Ryan: Look- so- di- d- yeah… you need to…
Ryan: Target it.
Michael: You're so close.
Gavin: It's uh- mean you got all the funny parts of it
Ryan: What's the last bit?
Gavin: It's just like- 'seals the deal'
Jeremy: "It seals the deal.."
Ryan: Age….?
Michael: It just- it justs like…
Michael: It like tells you what it is.
Gavin: It's like zoning…
Ryan: Ableism! Nailed it.
Jeremy: Wow…*laughs*
Geoff: Thin- think more… geographical…
Ryan: *Gasps* I got one!
Michael: You got a skull!?
Jack: You got- you got a FUPA!?
Ryan: I got it!
Michael: He's got it- he's got a FUPA skull!
*Jeremy cheering*
Gavin: I thought he looked down and saw a FUPA.
Michael: No, he got it. He's wearing the head.
*Jack laughing*
Michael: Nice, dude!
Michael: Wow! that really just came together!
Ryan: Now we need to find another wither to kill…
Michael: Now you just finish 'FUPA!'
Jack: So, Rya- Ryan went in and got a skull before Geoff?
Geoff: And before Michael.
Michael: Well he has the sword.
Geoff: He has the 'looting' sword.
Jack: Oh! he has the 'looting' sword, yeah…
Michael: Also y'know… can be fucking lucky…
Ryan: Yeah. It doesn't really matter though… Umm…
Ryan: Ehh.. 'A'.. uh- an 'A' word…
Michael: Oh my God… you're still…*groans*
Ryan: Agez…
Michael: Dancing…
Michael: Just like… you gotta think it all together, man…
Ryan: "Apricot…"
Michael: It's like a…
Jack: Cmon…
Michael: You're abandoning the first three words here.
Ryan: "Apple?"
Jack: Yes.. "Fat Upper Pussy Apple."
Ryan: "A-anus."
Michael: Ow! Ryan!
Geoff: It's a feature on the body!
Jeremy: Cmon on, body
Ryan: Alien?
Jack: Yep. that's it
Jeremy: Alien body.
Gavin: *sighs* Forget it.
Jack: Ryan. Do you have a buttfor?
Ryan: I don't know what that means!
Jeremy: So it so ask him about it
Ryan: What- use it in the sentence?
Ryan: That's not a question about whether I have one or not.
Gavin: What do you do if you don't know- what something is?
Ryan: Ask for someone to explain it , and hoped they do that just instead of saying…
*Everyone cheering & laughing*
Jack: It's for pooping silly!
*Laughter intensifies*
Michael: Fucking Christ…
Geoff: God! that took a long time!
Michael: It took so long…
Ryan: Is the stupidest… thing…
*More and more laughing*
Michael: I said that, when we started. okay?
Ryan: And I still don't…
Jack: Once we realize, you don't know what we're going for. that made it all worth it!
Ryan: I still dont know what the 'A' is…
Geoff: Fat Upper Pussy…!
Michael: Angle!
Jeremy: Dat 'pussy angle' tho!
Ryan: Arbour…
Jack: Yes… The Arbour.
Michael: Aw man, you got two other fourth letters…
Geoff: Arch is Terrible!
Jeremy: Arch is not bad…
Jeremy: But… Also not right.
Ryan: 'A'… An 'A' word…
Gavin: No-no-no. Don't go in there you idiot!
Gavin: Ow!
Michae: I mean y'know…
Ryan: Well, no one is answering the question yet!
Michael: He's trying to figure it out.
Jack: Well we all know it, execpt for you.
Jeremy: Yeah, you smell like updog
Gavin: He knows that one.
Gavin: Alright Ryan, there's a witch outside.
Ryan: Okay, I got to figure out to make a splash potion.
Geoff: He's googling FUPA
Ryan: She's out there like…
*Michael making Rare Achievement noises*
Ryan: Laughing at us.
Geoff: Fat Upper Pussy…
Geoff: Angle.
Michael: Camouflage.
Jack: Arch…
Geoff: Arch…
Jack: Arc.
Jeremy: Think of parts of the body.
Ryan: A- A….
Jeremy: Well… I guess… I guess not…
Michael: Well… Not really part of the body…
Ryan: Doesn't seems to be helping…
Geoff: It sounds more geographical.
Jeremy: Yeah geographi- yeah, alright. that's a good one.
Ryan: Geographical?
Jeremy: That's good way to put it…
Gavin: Fat Upper Pussy Ordinance Survey Map.
Ryan: Geographical…
Ryan: it didn't help at all.
Jack: If I was working on a certain location, or something. it would be a general…
Geoff: Contractor
Ryan: Attitude?.
*Jack groans*
Jeremy: Oh my Go- you- come on it's…
Geoff: Jeremy..
Jack: You're upsetting Jeremy. Cmon now.
Michael: Jeremy's so annoyed, he's listening.
Jeremy: It's true
MIchael: Like "I'm gonna find out how this ends! Dammit!"
Jack: It's only because we pump in our mics into his headphones.
Michael: That's normally still doesn't… that doesn't stop him
Gavin: Did you throw a potion at it?
Ryan: I had to get some sugar cane to ferment this spider eye.
Michael: So where did you- where'd you find the…
Michael: The witch. Where's she at?
Gavin: She's sat on a hill
Michael: Just near the village 'area?'
Jack: Jeremy, did you finish that map up yet?
Ryan: She may have poisoned me to death.
Jeremy: No. I- I notice there was one or two left. On that tiny spot
Ryan: Aw it's still going there if I'm stopped.
Jeremy: that haven't fillen in. I'd have to get those…
Ryan: I'm gonna have to get some water.
Gavin: It was- it was like the 'area' around the hills.
Jeremy: Cause it's hard to tell if it's sand, or i haven't filled it in.
Jeremy: In certain little spot…
Jack: this 'area' is mostly water.
Michael: *inaudible* Fucking.
Jack: The map underneath it is mostly water
Gavin: What's the 'area' of effect of the splash potions?
Ryan: Dunno.
Jeremy: What's the 'A' of effect?
Gavin: Ryan make senses.
Michael: Goddammit… I'm fucking… still lost on this fucking castle.
Ryan: Fermented spider eye- aw shit. I need a muff… I need a mushroom.
Michael: how the fuck do you get back to the 'area' with the portal?
Ryan: I just need make anything.
Gavin: Uhhh… it's right by the farm.
Ryan: Do we have any button mushrooms?
Jack: Button mushrooms?
Gavin: Oh you talk about the nether?
Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The 'area' from the insulator.
Geoff: They're over the general 'area' by the house.
Gavin: Okay.
Jack: So a splash is like an 'area' of attack thing, right?.
Ryan/Michael: Yes
Jeremy: Yeah
Ryan: I just need to figure out a… potion that can be useful.
Gavin: If I multiply the length by the width of the uhh…
Jack: That'll be the 'area' of something…
Jeremy: Yeah.
Ryan: Oh. Area.
*Laughter is the best medicine*
Geoff: Let's Stop!
Gavin: Nice FUPA

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