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Hi welcome to my new office.
I've moved to a new location this week
If you're one of my clients seeing me in
I can't wait for you to check out the
new space. I'm so excited to be with a
great new group
called the Lakeside Integrated Health
and uh yeah excited to provide the same
great service that I always have
from this new location. And if you've
been watching my videos you can look
forward to this
spiffy new background. So today welcome
to my YouTube channel. I'm going to be
talking about
um a question that i get a lot because i
talk about detox a lot with my clients
and as you know if you've been watching
my channel for a while I also record a
lot of videos
about detox and a large number of people
that i work with in my practice
are women who have maybe hormonal issues
potentially also hypothyroidism or
and we talk about detox as a way to help
support hormone
balance you can check out some of my
other videos in fact i just
recently did one all about uh do toxins
interfere with hormones so i kind of
gave away the answer but yes but you can
watch that video to find out more
but one of the questions that i get a
is what is the difference between
different kinds of detoxes specifically
what is a liver gallbladder detox
and is it important to do this and why
would i do this
okay so it's a great question and as i
said in fact i actually get this
question a lot from
many of my female clients who have maybe
even had
gall stones or gallbladder issues and so
they might be doing some of their own
on the internet or in holistic health
books to try to understand
if a gallbladder flush or a liver flush
is one of the natural ways in which they
can better support
their gallbladder this is a really good
thing to be thinking about because
unfortunately if you go
to your doctor and get a ultrasound
on your gallbladder and it indicates
that you do have gallstones
nine times out of ten your doctor is
just going to refer you for surgery
that's not a great idea we need our
our gallbladder is really responsible
for secreting the bile
that goes into the channels of the
digestive system to help break
down and help us absorb and digest
and assimilate healthy fats from our
so if you don't have your gallbladder
you can have a lot of long-term
problems with digesting fats not to
mention a lot of discomfort
because fat is in so many of our foods
that we eat and healthy fat is such an
important part of
a really well balanced diet so i'm going
to explain some stuff to you today
about a gallbladder flush or a liver
flush okay
well all right so the question is
can i do a gallbladder flush or a liver
and will it help me to get rid of
gallstones right because if you've been
diagnosed with gallstones and you are
concerned and don't want to have
surgery this might be the question that
you're asking yourself
so yes there is a way to naturally
remove them
um it does depend on the size and the
right like how severe are these
gallstones but if they are
you know minimal and typically you know
look like they're passable maybe from
imaging on your ultrasound
which i should state again i'm not a
doctor i do not diagnose
treat or cure but this information is
supposed to help you have an alternative
and education and information about
something that you can continue to
on your own and make the best decision
for yourself and
in conjunction with your health care
provider okay
um a lot of times and i'll i'm going to
use myself
as an example if you have gall stones
they're teeny tiny
and you may have a lot of them and they
may be causing you some issues
but nine times out of ten we can get rid
of those guys all on our own
so they're usually typically small
enough to pass but you probably want to
talk to your doctor and see if this is
going to be the right approach for you
so depending on the size and the
severity this is a really great way is
to do
a liver cleanse or gallbladder cleanse i
mean you should consider this again
it's much less invasive than going for
surgery and removing your gallbladder
so for myself i've had gallstones i was
actually at 42. it seemed like a lot of
things happened to me in that year but
in addition
to you know my heart surgery and some
adrenal fatigue
and some other things going on my
hormones started to change and i was
having a lot of digestion issues and i
also had gallstones and i was like oh my
god what are they going to tell me next
i got probably going to have my
my gallbladder removed i knew i didn't
want to do that
so you know in addition to having some
under my rib which is a common place for
people who have gallstones like kind of
right under your
rib line you might feel like some
pressure or some pain mine felt kind of
like a
thumping feeling it was very strange um
i also had some weird
other symptoms that i knew were
hormonally related like i was getting
some acne
and i was also having irregular periods
so sure enough my gallbladder was full
of gallstones
and i decided that i was going to spend
some time
learning about and reading about and
a gallstone flush okay
so what happens is basically that you
get these tiny tiny tiny little stones
fill up the gallbladder and they can
sometimes go into the common bile duct
and and cause a blockage okay so they're
little like rock
like that's why they call them stones
they look like a rock
um and they are comprised of calcium
salts and cholesterol and
bile bile is typically yellowish or
greenish so gallstones may actually look
yellow or green and
they can be teeny teeny tiny or they can
be as large as a golf ball
in my research i found that actually one
person had a gall stone the size of
their fist and i don't even know how the
heck that would fit in there but
it it's possible that's probably not
when you're gonna pass naturally on your
the little guys you could give that a
all right so if the bile ducts and the
gallbladder is
filled with gallstones it can block
bile from flowing into the small
intestine and that's as i said needed
for proper fat digestion
so really important right that you can
get bile flowing
without this necessary bile a host of
other issues can start to
to come up and so i talked about
sometimes you know it might be like
hormonal imbalance etc
but if you are not able to utilize fat
from foods
that can affect a variety of other
so what bile does is it's kind of like
sort of like a degreaser okay it helps
to emulsify
fat meaning that it breaks it up it kind
breaks up the little chunks of fat from
the digestive process and it puts it
into little
droplet sizes so another thing that you
can do if you have
digestive issues with digesting fat is
to take a digestive enzyme
all right and i've talked about some of
the different ways you can improve
your digestive function taking lipase
is one of the ways in which you can
really support your
total digestion but as well as to
support maybe a
kind of a wimpy gallbladder if you're
dealing with gall stones
so you could check out adding some
lipase to
your supplement regimen during meal
times especially during meals
that contain a certain amount of fat so
that's a little bit of a digression
all right what do we need to know next
all right if we are able to utilize that
properly guess what else we're able to
utilize properly
fat soluble vitamins which can be more
easily absorbed in the small intestine
so if you don't have bile because you
you know gallstones in the way or for
whatever reason your liver and your
your gallbladder are not working
together properly there's no bile it
means that you're not getting
proper fat absorption and you're also
not getting proper fat
soluble vitamin absorption so
bile also assists the body with detox
so bile also helps the body to
remove waste and so there's a variety of
different wastes that are actually
to bile um but one of the main things
is that bile also helps to support the
of unwanted kind of the bad cholesterol
that you hear about all the time
if you've got too much of that
circulating around and around in your
body and no way to remove it
that can cause elevated blood
okay so the other thing is that bile can
help the body to remove
bilirubin so there's a lot of different
things you know that we won't get into
too much right now
but it's important to know that in
addition to helping you break down
fats and utilize fat soluble vitamins
bile is also part of detox
all right so i've gotten through that
so here's the next
step what would be some more symptoms of
gallstones i want to go over this
um sometimes people wonder like do i
have gallstones
do i need to go see a doctor so i wanted
to give you some of the kind of
top uh symptoms i already explained the
underneath underneath your right rib
cage mine felt like a thumping
um you might also have pain in your
shoulder blade which is kind of weird
but like
kind of on your right sides because your
your gallbladder is on your right side
so it can either be under your rib or
you might actually feel it
under your shoulder blade which
apparently a lot of people do you may
have noticed some changes
in your hormones like i mentioned like i
had acne
is one of the things um where the maybe
the lymph nodes
along the neck are not being kind of
um because the bile is not there to help
toxins from the body um let's see
you may also have again bloating or
after eating a meal that contains fats
even healthy fats like avocado or nuts
or seeds
or olives or olive oil so you eat say
like a salad
with olive oil salad dressing and you
feel terrible right and that was
actually one of the first things i
noticed was that i couldn't eat a lot of
healthy fats
without feeling like i was going to
throw up then i started feeling the
thumping and then i also noticed a lot
of other stuff was going on
and as i said that was during my crazy
year that i had my heart surgery so
you know i was kind of used to it by
then so if you have
extreme symptoms you probably need to
get to the doctor because what you don't
want to do
is pretend like you're going to do this
cleanse and
actually have you know like your
gallbladder burst so there are certainly
where you must go to the doctor or you
must go to an urgent care facility
um if you are having basically extreme
abdominal pain where you cannot get
comfortable no matter what you do
or if you notice that you're starting to
become jaundiced like the
whites of your eyes are turning kind of
yellowish or your skin looks extra
it means you are not excreting that
detoxifying bilirubin
and it's building up in your bloodstream
and it's actually coming through your
or if you're having excessive vomiting
or nausea that prevents you from eating
anything at all these are not
the reasons why you're going to be doing
a gallbladder flush you're actually
going to go to the doctor
if you have mild or just kind of you
know uncomfortable symptoms that you can
get through and you notice day by day
that it's getting kind of annoying
then this is the direction that you want
to go
all right so
there's a couple of things that you want
to do in order for the gallbladder in
the bile to expel these gallstones
you need to relax your digestive tract
so being stressed out
is not going to help you and i actually
think that that was one of my biggest
problems at the time is that i had been
under a lot of stress
because of my health condition related
to my heart and not
my gallbladder but i wasn't able to
relax my digestive system and i was
like a ball of nerves all the time
because i didn't know why i was
was you know not feeling well for some
of the other reasons
so one of the first things you need to
do if you're thinking about doing
any sort of support for your liver and
gallbladder is to relax
and you can do this through a lot of
different lifestyle measures
um taking an epsom salt bath
getting a massage or a lymphatic massage
abdominal massage doing deep
belly breathing in and out through your
nose which is one of the best
tools you can have for activating
um your nervous system right to help you
kind of be in that
non-fight-or-flight activation
um but epsom salts just as good as they
are for taking a bath can also
be used um to kind of help
get your your body ready taken
internally and that sounds kind of weird
you're thinking like
sarah you've been telling me to take up
some salt baths forever and now you're
actually telling me that i should
drink epsom salt water and i'm actually
saying yes
so they actually make little capsules of
epsom salts
and you can kind of start to take those
in the days leading up to
maybe doing a gallbladder cleanse
to help relax your internal muscles
and help to relax that digestive system
so that you can
release and let go of those gallstones
so you can just find these at the
natural food store health food store
or you can buy them online they're just
called epsom epsom salt
capsules um and you just want to start
with one and kind of work up to where
you realize that you have you know
actually started to have looser stools
and that would be
um where you stop for me it only takes
about five of those
um per day and i only did it for a few
days before i did a gallbladder cleanse
um okay so the other thing that we need
to do is we actually need to
help the body really activate
the bile by giving the body a large dose
of fat so i just told you that it could
be hard to digest fat
and they also just told you they might
not feel very well digesting fat and now
i'm telling you got to eat a lot of fat
but in the process of actually expelling
those stones you need to give
your body something really big like a
signal like here it comes the big fat is
to get your gallbladder working so
remember that all of your digestive
processes start up in the brain right to
send that cascade of signals
down into your body telling which organs
that they need to get ready and what
they need to do so when you consume
a big what we call like a fat bomb or a
fat blob i've heard
um this actually gets the body ready to
go hey the brain says
gallbladder you're on this is your day
you've been waiting for this
so um you're going to be taking the
epsom salt capsules help relax the
digestive system
like the digestive system and then
you're going to be taking this big fat
bomb to be like gallstone
or gallbladder get ready this will allow
gallstones to safely pass
and go out into the small intestine and
leave through your stool
so um one of the things that i also
adding in to a regimen would be some
black walnut
now black walnut is typically used um as
both a liver
sort of support herb but also it can be
really good
to have for if there's a potential for
any type of pathogenic stuff going on
by pathogens i mean bacteria or viruses
or even parasites
that might be going on in the digestive
system which has
maybe complicated the picture a little
bit more but black walnut really helps
to kind of get
the digestive system all on board and it
really helps to support this process
it is not okay to take black walnut
though if you have a nut allergy so
black walnut is also found in either
or capsules and pretty easy to take and
i will give you some more directions on
that in just a second
okay so you're going to have your
i typically recommend that you do um
some of the relaxation techniques at the
for several days before you actually
doing the liver and gallbladder cleanse
so that means that you're doing deep
breathing you're doing maybe a massage
you're doing some epsom salt baths
and starting very slowly with the um
epsom salt capsules or even magnesium
citrate capsules for a few days in
advance like i said for me
i noticed that at five my stool was
looser i felt kind of
more relaxed in my abdomen that seemed
to do the trick
so um on the day that you decide that
you're going to do
your cleanse you're going to increase
your dose of the basically the magnesium
um which is what's what it says what is
in epsom salts
um you're going to increase it and take
some maybe you're going to skip dinner
you're going to take a dose at the time
you would normally eat dinner and then a
couple hours later
um you're going to take in a second dose
and then you're going to have your fat
bomb which usually
is um the
couple tablespoons of olive oil okay
you could also do coconut oil but i sort
of just prefer the olive oil
okay so
basically you start the day with just a
light no fat breakfast so something
like oatmeal or like a muesli
or you could even have just a fresh
fruit and vegetable smoothie
but don't add any fat to it then for the
rest of the day you're going to drink
lots and lots of water
you will not eat um so you'll be fasting
and you'll be giving your digestive
system a little bit of a break that's
really important
um you can just do this on a weekend
when you can just stay home and you can
you know
netflix and chill and you've got your
close by so okay at 6 p.m as i said
you're going to take your first
dose of the larger dose of the epsom
salt capsules or the magnesium citrate
um and so this is going to be like
if you found in the days before that you
worked up to say like
15 or 5 excuse me not 15
you're you would want to double that to
10. okay and then
um don't don't go anywhere after you
take that first dose just drink a lot of
water and
relax and then at 8 pm you're going to
do the same thing you're going to take
10 more epsom salt capsules
and then at 10 o'clock you're going to
prepare your fat bomb
and you're going to basically mix some
olive oil
and maybe a little bit of sweetener
because that kind of helps to get it
you're going to be actually using a lot
of olive oil which is up to a half a cup
if you are a large person if you are a
you know tall
more athletic build gentlemen you will
definitely want to go with a full half
cup if you are a petite
thin lady then you are probably going to
do more like a third of a cup
so you kind of want to measure that
depending on your size because if you
take too much it could make you feel
very bad
and then the other thing you're going to
add to it is some grapefruit juice and i
would prefer that you actually could get
grapefruit juice you know like get a
grapefruit from the store
and then juice it on a juicer you'll
just a little bit of that maybe like the
juice of one grapefruit
what that does is it helps to kind of do
that same sort of thing it emulsifies
the fat so that it can get into your
body and be really small and it can go
straight to where it needs to go into
the gallbladder so you're going to add
these ingredients which is your
your olive oil and your grapefruit juice
and you're going to put it into a like a
water bottle or a shaker cup
or a jarred a lidded jar
you're just going to shake it up and
then you're going to drink it
so um yeah so the grapefruit juice and a
little bit of like
pure maple syrup or maybe just a little
bit of honey will really help it to
um taste better it's can you imagine
what that tastes like
um once you've mixed your fat bomb your
grapefruit olive oil maple syrup drink
um then you're going to wash it down
with some water
okay so you're going to try to um take a
lot of water and then you can add your
black walnut
tincture or capsules um which will help
to sort of be like
liver you're okay we've got this let's
help to kind of cleanse and clean out
so after you've finished that and you've
had some water and you
are resting actually just go to bed do
not do anything
don't do clean up don't do anything just
go to
bed and lay down and stay there because
you want to try to be in a horizontal
for really a long time to get your body
in again that relaxation mode
um and also to try to fall asleep
um and see if you can just let your body
totally go
um into that very very supported um
you know non-fight-or-flight uh nervous
system mode
where you are not thinking about
anything and you are not doing anything
um you may actually find that you wake
up in the middle of the night to use the
and that is great you will actually want
to probably experience a little bit of
the runs
you may get a little bit of diarrhea and
it usually should hit you
um by morning time so
usually around the morning time when you
wake up even if you've already had one
bowel movement you're going to take
another dose of your double
epsom salts or magnesium salts magnesium
um to give yourself just a little bit
more of a flush
in that relaxation to kind of get things
moving through
be sure you're drinking lots and lots of
water and definitely
um take a look into the toilet i know
that sounds kind of nasty but you want
to actually check to see
because if you do have gallstones
usually you will see them floating
in the bowl after you have done this
type of a flush
so make sure you're close to the
bathroom for the day following your fat
and on this day following your flush
then you can start to incorporate
fresh pressed juices or organic bone
or some very very um lightly
um like pureed and
cooked vegetables so nothing complex
nothing with a lot of starches or fibers
nothing with fat nothing with heavy
um and you just kind of want to spend
that morning just taking it easy think
about like if you've had a colonoscopy
you can't eat before you have the
anesthesia and then you can't
have anything to eat for a little while
until you get home so that's kind of the
way i like to think of doing this
so by the afternoon or evening you
should feel pretty good
again and you will know if you've been
able to release
gallstones even if you don't see them in
the toilet
because you will feel differently and
you will feel so much
better you will actually feel lighter
you will feel
um you know like you are better able to
again and not have some of the same
symptoms and some of the same discomfort
so um if you've done this once
and you feel pretty certain that you
were able to get rid of some gallstones
and you may want to wait
for about another month and then you can
do it again so
these are sort of the nuts and bolts of
doing a gallbladder and liver flush
and the reasons why again is because it
is relatively easy to expel
these smaller stones and they do not
surgery and they do not require the
removal of your gallbladder
it is important to keep your gallbladder
so that you can continue
to properly digest fats so that you get
fat assimilation and also fat soluble
vitamin absorption and assimilation in
your body
and also to help balance
and keep your other hormones in check
because of that
healthy you know component of what
dietary fats do
for our hormones okay so this is a
and again this is information and
education but this is not a prescription
and this is not a diagnosis or
a cure for gallstones but it helps to
give you some ideas for ways in which
you can try some remedies at home some
ancient remedies some
grammar remedies that have been for
around have been around for a very long
time and that are approved
by your board certified holistic
um as a way to support the best
of your liver and gallbladder that you
possibly can
so i hope this has been helpful and
interesting and informative talk to your
see what they say and uh you know unless
you're requiring surgery with one of
those big guys in there
just give it a try thanks for checking
out today's video
and please check out some of my other
detox videos for more information
and i will be back with more videos soon
take care see you later

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