Every year we wonder what’s the best Christmas present for everyone on my list. Well TUSHY ( has all butt’s covered this holiday season.
I'm an asshole but like literally I drop
some pretty hefty Yule logs and I don't
want to be a Scrooge this holiday season
but I'm dirty and when I'm dirty I go
from the nice list to the naughty list
really fast while you're spreading
tidings of comfort and joy up there I'm
down here smothered in last night's
figgy pudding because you chose to wipe
your jolly old taint Nick with toilet
paper instead of using TUSHY. TUSHY
is the modern bidet attachment that will
bring joy to your world after every poop
Smells like gingerbread cookies and
wishes. Just kidding it smells like shit.
TUSHY will deck your booty halls
with a precise and refreshing stream of
water to wash away any excess pinecones
from your bowels of Holly and it's so
easy to install you can hook it up in
less than 10 minutes. Take THAT Santa's
little helpers and because every wash
feels like …That, you'll never go back to
using plain old TP. Don't be a little
bummer boy this holiday season give the
gift of TUSHY trust me
I'm a… hey what's this?! TUSHY bless
us, everyone

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