The most sensitive part of the female body. The clitoris has an abnormal number of nerve endings-about 8000 , which is called the ticket to orgasm. Vaginal sex …
Why does a head massage make you feel like you’re in heaven?
You guessed it, it’s all because of the nerve endings.
If your partner likes a light touch, you can gently brush her scalp with your fingertips.
If she prefers a firmer touch, try a little bit of hair tugging. Make sure to ask her preference beforehand.
What so sexy about the stomach, you ask? Well, generally speaking, not much.
Some women may even feel a little insecure about this region.
But it does contain many nerve endings – that’s why you’re so ticklish there.
When caressed sensually, it can be very arousing as the muscles in your abdomen extend to your pelvis, and are then connected to the muscles in your vaginal area.
The right touch could make your partner clench her vaginal muscles, increasing arousal.
A light touch with your fingertips will feel amazing.
When kissing, they can be touched to stimulate sensitive nerve endings and make the nails tremble along the back of the neck.
.Kissing, grazing softly with your fingers, or licking and sucking on the neck will surprise and delight women.
We can’t emphasize the importance of foreplay enough. Waiting for the vagina to naturally lubricate itself can solve many issues a couple might face in the bedroom.
Which calls for slowing down. Instead of reaching for the vaginal opening directly, spend time getting there – and the inner thighs help you do just that.
Their proximity to the vagina increases their sensitivity even more.
The ears are super sensitive. Again, thanks to all the nerve endings present in this small area.
If you’ve seen any romantic comedies of late, you might have seen the man tucking the woman’s hair behind her ear.
It’s considered an extremely intimate gesture because of the erogenous nature of the earlobe.
Lips are an extremely sensitive part of the human body: they are 100 times more sensitive than fingertips. But it's not just a kiss.
No, the slightest lip brush helps to increase the sense of arousal.
You can even do this with your thumb. Since it is the most exposed and accessible sexual area,
This may not be too shocking, but if many women know that they do not like anal play, they will automatically ignore the buttocks.
Don't knock it before trying! There is no need to avoid it just because it is associated with full penetration.
Asking your partner to touch the outer skin, or even a finger touch, is a good way to use the many sensitive nerve ends in the anus.
This is the area between the vagina and anus. Some women like the feeling of being stimulated here.
As long as they are stimulated here, the brain will receive the same stimulation as the vagina.
and the focus is on "nipples." Of course, in the moment of passion, letting him hold your breasts up and down with his hands is said to be a powerful way to trigger a woman's orgasm.
Don't neglect between the breasts, burying your head in the breast room and kissing, not only stimulates her, but also makes men lustful.
The vaginal opening and inside do contain nerve endings, and stimulation can bring great satisfaction.
The clitoris has an abnormal number of nerve endings-about 8,000 (compared to the 4,000 nerve endings in the penis), which is called the ticket to orgasm.
Vaginal sex stimulates the inner part of the clitoris, and this is how you can orgasm from the middle.
The G-spot, is characterized as an erogenous area of the vagina that, when stimulated, may lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation.
It is typically reported to be located 5–8 cm (2–3 in) up the front (anterior) vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra and is a sensitive area that may be part of the female prostate.

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