WHIPPLE SURGERY OF GIANT PANCREATIC MASS In the case that we explored because of a mass at the head of the pancreas, the evaluation of the external …
In the case that we explored because of a
mass at the head of the pancreas, the evaluation
of the external center revealed that the mass
was giant, but they could not give the surgery
a chance, but in our evaluation we found that
the inside of the abdomen was completely clean,
the omentum was clean and the stomach was
clean. We see that the mass is only in its
region. If we do a good and gentle procedure
and separate the mass from the surrounding
tissues, we will give the surgery a chance.
Let's see what we show later. Thank you.
In the case that we explored because of the
giant mass in the head of the pancreas, we
are currently separating the relationship
with the meso to reveal the whole mass with
a gentle dissection. As seen, there is a huge
mass at the beginning of the pancreas. The
mass completely obstructed the duodenum. I
hope that if we save our case very cleanly,
it will be an advantageous and motivating
surgery for our patient. You see the size
of the mass. Thank you.
Yeah, we cut off the area between the stomach
and the duodenum. You see the pylori, the
full emptying area of the stomach. We cut
this place right away. It's on the upper end
of the blood, but more importantly, we're
gonna fix it a little bit more, but we see
that the inside of the duodenum is full of
tumors. We want to close it immediately, so
that the tumor does not touch any place, we
immediately took the suture. Let's get him
through. Yeah, let's not go anywhere. Thank
We have now reached a certain stage with a
very thin and gentle dissection of this giant
mass that fills half of the abdomen. Now if
we can save the patient from the mass after
separating the pancreas, it will be a successful
procedure. Thank you.
In this case, we separated this giant mass
in the head of the pancreas from the duodenum
and small intestine, then separated it from
the head of the pancreas and completely removed
the mass with a process that could be considered
as important. We removed all the gallbladder
without any unrest. When we look at this,
let's get the buffer, dry it out. After removing
the mass, you see the gigantic void and pit
inside the patient. We were able to successfully
separate the veins. We tied the vein back.
The transactions were quite successful. Now
we will show the border of the pancreas again,
make the bile ducts again, put that put PTK
again into the small intestine and give our
patient a chance for security. Once the material
has been removed, the remaining large space
is easily visible in the patient. Thank you.
We finally finished whipple surgery. We were
able to make a new path between the pancreas,
small intestine and bile ducts. We made a
new route between the stomach and the intestine
and we covered the abdomen with the abdominal
fat like the original without letting it bend
and we finished our surgery. Thank you.
Yeah, we removed the giant mass in the head
of the pancreas. We see mucins flowing into
the pancreas through the pancreas. This is
indeed a specific finding. We can clean the
entire audience with their limits. The duodenum
was successfully treated with the small intestine.
Thank you.

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