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“Seriously people, stop buying 
masks” Adams tweeted Saturday,  
“they are not effective in preventing 
general public from catching coronavirus”
Right now in the United States, 
people should not be walking around  
with masks. You’re sure of it? Because 
people are listening really closely to  
this. Right now people should not be, there’s 
no reason to be walking around with a mask.  
We have provided guidance about using a medical 
mask in the community, and if you’re not sick  
you shouldn’t be wearing a medical mask. I can say 
that as a public health official that I would urge  
the leaders, the local political and other 
leaders in states and cities and towns,  
to be as forceful as possible in 
getting your citizenry to wear masks.
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You would think that with all of the “experts” 
out there telling us how important it is to  
wear a mask, there would be a plethora of 
sound, irrefutable evidence to back this up.  
After all, I couldn’t possibly imagine public 
health officials giving recommendations to  
the masses solely based on expert opinion. If 
you couldn’t tell by now, that is all sarcasm,  
this happens all the time, and in the past has 
cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives.  
I wish the masks did have benefit, but the truth 
is that they don’t, and now it’s too late to  
turn back for these elites or else it would be a 
huge blow to both their egos and their pockets.
The minute the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone 
bought into the media’s fear mongering and  
followed the orders of the authorities. I’m always 
skeptical of what these talking heads mandate,  
and you should be too, because they never have the 
best interest for the public, just for themselves.  
They panicked at the beginning of the pandemic, 
they knew the responsibility ultimately fell  
on their shoulders, so they rushed to 
issue policy without proper evidence.
Essentially, the rationale behind 
wearing masks is pretty simple,  
it theoretically blocks a good amount of viral 
particles from going into open air, so this will  
help prevent the spread of the virus. Well, yeah 
I guess, but it’s called a theory for a reason,  
it hasn’t been proven to actually happen. 
First off, if you are wearing a cloth mask,  
which most people are, about 97 percent of viral 
particles will still penetrate through the cloth.  
I don’t think people understand how small a virus 
is. The coronavirus is around 60-140 nanometers.  
For comparison, the average red blood cell is 6-8 
micrometers. In the most conservative estimate,  
the coronavirus is about 2 percent of the size 
of a red blood cell. To put it in perspective,  
a grain of sand is around 1 millimeter, meaning 
that the virus is about 0.014 percent the size  
of a grain of sand. That’s pretty damn small, 
and one of the reasons why masks don’t work.  
Some people want you to believe that 
since a significant amount of infections  
can be attributed to aerosol and droplet 
transmission that this doesn’t matter,  
but as we will see that isn’t borne out by 
the data. The hypothesis that blocking the  
virus with a mask will help to stop the spread 
of disease is simply an isolated mechanism.  
In the real world, we need to look at the 
entire picture, and the more you look into it,  
the more clear it becomes that these 
authorities are just snake oil salesmen.
The reason why Dr. Fauci, the CDC and the WHO 
keep flip flopping their recommendations on masks  
is because their orders were never based on 
actual evidence. In May, a meta analysis of  
all of the human experiments found that there 
was no significant benefit to wearing medical  
masks for transmission of the influenza virus. 
These experiments were all in different settings,  
some in university dorms, some in labs, some 
in people’s houses, and no benefit whatsoever.  
Even when considering N95 masks, some trials 
suggest a benefit and others don’t, so I guess  
if you want to walk around choking yourself 
with one of these bad boys then be my guest.  
Keep in mind that the influenza virus 
is somewhere between 80-120 nanometers,  
essentially identical to 
the size of the coronavirus.  
The influenza virus is also known to spread via 
droplet and aerosol transmission. Granted, there  
has yet to be an experiment like this done for 
the coronavirus, but that just proves my point:  
issuing policy with no evidence is never a 
good idea. The only study ever done to test the  
efficacy of cloth masks found that they actually 
got more infections than the no mask group.
Furthermore, not only have the controlled 
studies we do have suggest no benefit  
to wearing masks, they’ve still never 
been studied under the current conditions.  
People are reusing medical masks that are 
intended for one time use, an important variable  
we must consider. In healthcare settings, the mask 
etiquette is taken very seriously, as explained by  
Dr. Jim Meehan. We have readily available supplies 
of masks, we use it once, we throw it away.  
We’re trained and we’re very disciplined, you’re 
harassed and hazed throughout your training to  
learn not to touch that mask, not to fidget 
with it, to resist the compulsion to move it  
down below your nose or up on your forehead or 
on your chin, to touch it multiple times. Every  
time you touch a surgical mask that you’ve been 
breathing into, you’re contaminating your hands.
Now, all of that has gone out the window. You 
want to put a bandana on your face? A sock?  
Anything goes now. People are being required 
to wear masks if they want to exercise,  
hell, two Chinese boys died while wearing masks 
in gym class. Masks were never intended to be  
used the way they are now, begging the question 
if they could actually do more harm than good.  
Remember, the only study ever done with 
cloth masks resulted in more infections  
than the control group. There are several 
reasons to believe this may be the case.
By preventing the virus from being released into 
the atmosphere, a few key things happen. If these  
masks are blocking the virus from going into 
the surrounding air, they didn’t just magically  
disappear once they reached the mask, they had 
to have gone somewhere. That somewhere is on the  
mask or in the air between the face and the mask. 
Releasing the virion into the air is one of the  
ways that the body actually gets rid of it. In not 
allowing this, the total viral load is increased,  
making it more likely that the individual will 
become infected and therefore spread the virus.  
Wearing the mask will not only increase 
the amount of virus you are exposed to,  
but also will create a much more inhabitable 
environment for the virus to replicate.
The moisture and heat that is created 
from your breath constantly slamming  
up against the mask is the absolute perfect 
environment for the virus to become inhabited.  
You are essentially making a petri dish for 
the virus by creating a concentrated source  
of the virus and having all the tools it needs 
to survive. How many times has a friend of yours  
forgotten their mask so you let them borrow one 
of yours? That’s almost undoubtedly more likely  
to spread the virus than not wearing one at all 
is. *Scream* Hey buddy, I warmed it up for you.
Another possible concern is that the mechanism 
by which the coronavirus invades your cells is  
enhanced by low levels of oxygen. Studies have 
shown that wearing a medical mask for extended  
periods of time can decrease blood oxygen 
concentrations. The virus enters cells by  
latching on to this membrane protein, ACE2. 
However, it does this more effectively when  
it comes into contact with another membrane 
protein, furin, beforehand. Lack of oxygen  
increases the expression of furin, potentially 
giving the virus more ability to infect.  
Additionally, low levels of oxygen are known to 
contribute to suppression of the immune system,  
specifically downregulating the production of T 
Cells that help recognize and eliminate pathogens.  
Hypercapnia, which is increased blood carbon 
dioxide levels, can happen in as little as 30  
minutes wearing a medical mask. Having a lot of 
CO2 in your blood is another great way to impair  
your immune system, specifically, the macrophages 
that engulf and destroy viruses. I mean,  
take a look at how these flu infected mice’s lungs 
look when they are exposed to high levels of CO2.
Also, I’m no scientist, I mean like, I am, but 
I’m pretty sure there are pathogens other than  
the coronavirus. Microbes of all types are bound 
to be more prevalent if you are sweating and  
breathing into your mask all day, then throwing 
it in your glove compartment where it gets to  
marinate overnight. Everyone is so quick to 
dispel this as a myth because there’s no tangible  
evidence for this happening. Well, there’s also 
no tangible evidence that they work to begin with,  
but wearing them is treated as gospel. How about 
instead of refuting any possibility that your  
almighty masks might not be the magical force you 
think they are, you actually show people how to  
properly use them? [Incoherent nonsense] If the 
masks are so amazing, so immune to any criticism,  
then why aren’t these public health authorities 
telling us how to use them properly?
You’ve probably heard that if we just wore 
masks between now, if everybody wore masks  
and social distanced between now and January we’d 
probably save up to 100,000 lives. Unfortunately,  
that is just not the case. A very interesting 
study took data from 25 different countries and 25  
states. The main finding of the study was simple, 
nonpharmaceutical interventions such as masks,  
social distancing enforcements and lockdowns were 
ineffective at preventing COVID deaths. Once the  
total death toll for any of these regions hit 25, 
within the next 30 days, the death rates started  
to decrease at an accelerating rate. If we take 
New York for example, let’s say the state reached  
25 total deaths right around here, let’s call 
it March 21st. Right around April 10th was the  
peak for daily deaths, then they started to drop. 
The statewide mask mandate was issued April 15th,  
while the death rates were already on the decline. 
Now the politicians can look at the lowering of  
death rates and say “oh look at me I made everyone 
wear a mask and now it’s going down.” Yeah you’re  
great, you’re really interesting, I’m glad we 
tore down society to accommodate this. The masks  
didn’t do anything to the death rate that wasn’t 
already naturally happening. This was a consistent  
finding amongst every region studied, some of them 
implemented masks early, some late, some not at  
all, yet the trend was the same. These graphs show 
the decline in daily death and transmission rates  
as a percentage of the maximum after the initial 
decline. It didn’t matter when or how the masks or  
lockdowns were implemented, once the death rates 
started to decline they just kept going down.
This is really the nail in the coffin for 
the pro-mask crowd. Nothing but theoretical  
evidence and shady global health expert opinion 
suggests that masks will do any sort of good.  
We need to stop attempting to run from a 
virus that will be with us for a long time.  
Unfortunately, the media and public health robber 
barons will continue to strike fear into the  
population, making it seem like the only way we 
can be safe is by getting a worldwide vaccine.  
Maybe it’s because Bill Gates and other 
elitists are billions invested in the CDC, WHO,  
and vaccine production? Don’t buy into the 
propaganda and fake science constantly being  
perpetuated in the mainstream media. Look at 
the real facts, the hard end point evidence,  
and think for yourself. Don’t let them 
fool you, subscribe to our channel.

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