Why YOU SHOULD WATCH Tenki No Ko in English Sub Hey guys … in this video, we will tell you reasons why you should watch tenki no ko in English sub …

Hey Guys this is Divishth and welcome to our channel!
As you all know Tenki no ko is finally

going to be released in India, which is definitely a great news
But, one problem that people are facing is that…
Why isn't this movie going to be released in Hindi or English Dubbed?
and why is it going to be released in Japanese audio
with English subtitles?
This is the problem going through everyone's mind
for a long time now
So we have made this video explain you all That we understand you guys either watch it in English or Hindi
Then also you all go and try this movie out in Sub
Cause I am going to tell a few points
Which are surely quiet important and if we don't do them…
then we can face a lot of problem, That's why we are creating this video before hand.
So that you all can understand the situation
And then you all can act accordingly about this situation
So guys if you all don't know then PVR cinemas
are bring this movie to India
and they are taking a huge risk since there are a lot of chances
that this movie might not succeed
And I want to tell this to everyone publicly
That there are many times people say so that
"we will sign the petition we will do this we will do that…"
But what matters is that how many people go to watch it
See, we all can give excuses but,
if no one goes to even watch it then this is going to hurt our community
Second thing, getting all the dubbing rights is actually
impossible even for PVR
Because it's distribution rights are really expensive.
This is THE Makoto Shinkai's Flim
And PVR has directly bought this Movie
So think about it once that how
difficult it's going to be for us to get that much money
Third point, If this movie gets hit
Then it'll be great cause
Then we won't need create such kinds of petition, instead we will directly get such movies
And then maybe it's possible that
PVR might take a risk of Hindi or English dub
So this is what is going on and if we don't support PVR
Then it won't be good for us at all. Can you guys understand that?
Guys this is a stand alone movie which means
You don't need to have any kind of prior knowledge about Makoto Shinkai
Or any kind of animation series
This is a stand alone series
That means you don't really need to know anything
or be prepared about anything else
You can directly go and watch this movie
and have fun
And don't miss this chance
The thing that happened with Dragon Ball Brolly was
that you need a lot of prior knowledge
Guy no matter what don't miss this chance
Take your Friends, Family, Teachers
who ever the hell you want to take! Please do take them
Because this movie is such that it doesn't matter
whether you watch anime or not you will defiantly love it
So please don't miss this chance
The biggest reason to watch this movie
is that this comes under anime content
which is actually mature
it's art style is fantastic
and it's made for a good audience who appreciate art.
The story of this anime
and the animation is going to be fabulous cause if you don't know who is the Director
and WHY you guys still don't know him?
That's making me angry now
But this anime is directed by MAKOTO SHINKAI
And he is one of the best anime directors
So remember that this anime is going to have an awesome story and animation
And if you guys don't know
That Netflix series that is going to

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