In der chinesischen #Kampfkunst trägt man üblicherweise eine #Schärpe. In diesem Video erklären wir Dir die Funktion und die Bedeutung einer #Kungfu …
In chinese martial arts you normally wear a sash.
We'll tell you What meaning and Function they have and how to tie them

Hi! I'm Pascal from the Wushu Taichi Academy from Constance.
If you start out with martial arts you'll realize
there many different uniforms.
Depending on the martial art you either train barefoot or with Shoes,
with Loose clothing or with a thick Cotton uniform
like in Japanese martial arts.
In chinese martial arts you mainly train
with looser clothing, shoes and with a sash.
The traditional clothing is a white shirt, Black pants and a red sash.
The sash color doesn't indicate any rank or anything
because there weren't any ranking Systems used back in the Days.
The idea and usage of colored sashes and Ranks is relatively new
and was probably inspired by Japanese arts.
Jigoro Kano, Investor of Judo, was one the
first to use a Belt ranking System.
In our school we don't have Belt rankings and everyone has a red sash.
Belt ranking Systems can be luctrative for a school
but we believe that martial artists
should Focus on training and improving,
instead of leveling up in Belt Ranks.
In martial arts you never stop learning, and keep developing
that's why you should Focus on steadily improving.

Back in the Days a martial arts student had to prove
themselves to a master multiple times to be accepted
as a Toudai, cantonese for apprentice..

As a symbol for acceptance you recieved a sash

which would accompany the apprentice on their way.
So the sash is not only a Part of the uniform but also has a derer meaning.

If you have a sash, you should always wear them.
Why do you wear a sash?
First and foremost, to hold up the Pants.
But there are also more important factors.
Because of the explosive movements in kungfu
our center, lower waist and hips, are very important.

The sash should be tied as broad as possible and tight
to give support.

We also See the sash as a good tool to Remind you of correct breathing.
To Focus on Reverse breathing the sash gives you Feedback,
because you feel the resistance instantly.

You instantly feel the correct breathing if your stomach pushes against the sash or not.

How do you tie them?
The sash is either made from Silk or Cotton.

but both Materials have different porperties.
We mainly use Cotton sashes for our students.
The sash is usually 2,5-3m long and 10-15cm wide.

Your shirt should be tucked in and the pants at your hipbones.

You'll want to tie it as wide as possible.

Place it on the stomach
and leave 40 cm on your right side.
Tie it beneath the beginning the first time around
and also the Second time around.

Control the fit of the sash, wide and tight.

If it's too Loose you can tighten the sash.

Both ends should be on your right side and then tie them.
You can also tie a different knot depening on material and length.

The rest of the sash shouldn't disturb you when training.

Loose up your shirt a Little to have enough room
when training.
Lastly, control the fit of the sash on more time.
It shouldn't be too Loose,
tied to narrow,
the knot shouldn't be too long
and your pants shouldn't come off.
After training just untie the sash
we recommend Rolling it up after each training
so it doesn't wrinkle.
That way you can tie it easier next time.
If the sash comes Loose during training, just
tie it again.

Once you get the hang of it, you can tie them
very quickly.
Now you know the meaning of the kungfu sash,
what purpose the serve and how to tie them.
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