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Herbalist Jerzy Drzewi. M.E.N # 2/8/17 Certificate
I was to record this movie about liver cleansing for the next week
Due to the fact that he has trips and a lot of work
And Spring has started and is running away
I've decided to tell you a few words today about how to clean the liver
Spring has it to ourselves that it's best to cleanse the liver
Everything comes back to life after the winter
And birds and plants, our body returns to life after winter
Our body finished by winter wasted in greeted minerals and vitamins
That is why we sometimes feel irritation and fatigue
Cleansing the liver is one of the most important things for our health
Cleansing the intestines and liver
I have fallen over my health
I have repeatedly told you that if you have any symptoms, start with the simplest things
First, let's check the hydration of the body
Bleeding the body
We treat it as a preparation for cleansing the liver
Acidification of the stomach
These are the simplest things that bother us the most
to cleanse the liver well and properly First, you have to clean the gall bladder
if the gallbladder is not blocked, bile ducts may become blocked
Because when stones are moved and / or deposits from the liver
When everything stops in the gallbladder we have an ambulance
Cleansing the liver
We treat it as the next stage after purification of the gallbladder
As before, I was talking about the cleaning of the gallbladder and preparation
We treat it as a preparation for cleansing the liver
If we follow what I said earlier
This is the period of preparation for cleansing the liver, we are already behind us
We have patency in the bile ducts
We have arranged gallstones
We treat the cleansing of the gall bladder as a stage
As an initial stage of liver cleansing
We will prepare the main stage of liver cleansing for the weekend
Or on holiday time
because the two or three days that will last this stage will be some discomfort to the body
Digestive discomfort or other
During the cleansing period, we should cultivate our body
When the body understands that we care about him, he will give us beautifully
Iron rule
It does not start to detoxify the liver when you are not about to stop it
Because you can do more harm than good
If stones from the narrow bile ducts start to wider and get stuck, this is a problem
Therefore, when you decide to detox it, bring it to an end
To the liver and then she worked well
I received an email question from one of my viewers
What to do when there is no gallbladder
We clean the liver more often
We clean the liver more often because the liver is constantly polluting all the time
Bile flowing out all the time is passed to the duodenum
and this is
The next iron rule is
Not cleansing the liver during an acute illness
It is not about the state of chronic disease but a state of acute illness
even if you have a severe cold
Even when you have acute sinusitis
Because the symptoms of the disease can get worse
because the cleansing liver interferes with the status quo of the organism
Therefore, remember these two iron principles. There is no way this Part Mod discovering the liver and there is no question of inflammation or illness
as I said, the cleansing of the liver is best spring
Then we raise the best results
You will feel the effects of cleansing the liver quickly
This will be a quick and lasting improvement in health
It will get rid of your kidney stones and get rid of your skin
As Prof. Nieumywakin says, it produce the bucket will not be
You will see how you will feel after cleansing the liver
How we start cleansing
The preparatory period for us is purification of the gallbladder
2 days after cleaning the gallbladder, we do a detox that cleans the liver of parasites
We do not go straight away from the gallbladder to cleanse the liver
Parasites in the liver are holding strongly so we have to remove them from there
For 2 days after cleaning the bubble, we drink the mixture that I give further
One teaspoon of oak bark
One teaspoon of wormwood
One teaspoon of tansy
You can add half a teaspoon of buckthorn bark
But the bark of the buckthorn is laxative and you have to watch out for the patency of the intestines and appendicitis
Attention, we do not give laxatives if we have appendicitis
And please highlight it with a hose
That's why I suggest you make yourself a teaspoon in oak bark
Spoonfuls of wormwood
And one teaspoon of tansy
Remember that tansy and wormwood are herbs for which you have to be careful
With this we will make a mixture of brew and drink throughout the day
We also drink these herbs the second day after a small sip
We drink on an empty stomach
For 2 days from the end of cleansing the gallbladder to begin cleansing the liver
Half an hour before the first breakfast
Throughout the whole period, we drink half a glass of boiled water with ten drops of hydrogen peroxide
What does it give us
First of all, we have to clean up the gall bladder
From nocturnal stasis of bile
And we get the cells of the body getting oxygenated
Eyes I cut the bladder with oxygen and remove free radicals
And he will prepare the liver for detoxification
So remember these two days between cleansing the follicle and cleansing the liver
Stop further purification
If you feel that the bubble is already clear as it will feel how the stones will move, it will move, we will itch
You will feel such a strange feeling in the area of ​​the follicle
It means that the bubble is clean and clean
If you come to the conclusion that the follicle is clean after the first day of purification
Stop further purification
Never said that you should continue to purify the follicle for 4 days
If the bubble cleans up earlier, it means that it was not from deposits and stones
However, if there are stones you need to clean up to the effect
If the stone in the follicle was 5 years old, it was within 5 minutes because it was not removed
What's next
So, as I said, cleansing the follicle cleanse
Cleansing of parasites
And diet
Parasites have to leave the liver and they are there
How long does the liver cleansing process take?
We clean the liver for two to four days
But we take all common sense
It is not possible to determine in advance how much this process can take
Every organism is different. Every organism reacts differently
Each organism is dirty and every organism has to be approached individually
That's why I always ask you that if you want any advice then give me more data
Then it is easier for me to set a mixture or give some advice
But we will initially assume that we cleanse 2 days
As I said until 6:00, we take half a glass of water with five drops of hydrogen peroxide
I suggest that this hydrogenated water with regular water should be used all the time
If any of you have concerns, please start with 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide
Two drops this morning 3 the second 4 through 3 and 5 and stay on 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide for half a glass of water
Drinking such hydrogen peroxide and nothing happens
And what about the water from the pharmacy
If the oxidized water sold in the pharmacy is 3% for the decontamination of wounds
Someone wrote that hydrogen peroxide is not for internal use
If anyone overcomes the wound, the water will enter the bloodstream
If there was a ban on getting blood
It could not be used for open wounds
In my private opinion, water oxidized from a pharmacy is not harmful to internal use
However, I leave the decision to you
Personally, the water oxidized from the pharmacy applies internally for a long time, nothing happens
The water I am going to take inside is only good for me because it oxygenates me just like morning coffee
just brain cells to smolder me
Oxidized water is oxygenated in a similar way
Half a glass of boiled water and 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide
On the first day until 8:00 am, please drink a glass of sour apple juice
Then we eat a light breakfast
We eat breakfast for half an hour after apple juice
So that the apple juice would come on to the liver and start the process
Soften softening and anesthesia
That's why it's detoxifying. It's best to do it at the weekend
For breakfast it is best to eat porridge on the water
I do not recommend milk, but if you can not eat milk, please milk
You can eat cornflakes
It can be a fruit soup
Something that will not affect the rapid discharge of bile
this is breakfast on the first day
Lunch must be eaten until 14:00
Light steamed vegetable dinner or steamed potatoes
It can be sour milk can be yogurt
Something you like not to be hard to digest
Not to burden the body
Because the cleansing interferes with the status quo of the organism
Generally, choose what you like. Byle was easy to digest
But it's not about tormenting your diet
Endorphins must be secreted
If you are tired of the diet, the body will rebel
Just like my case as I optimized the diet because I could not meet the requirements
Although the optimal diet is great, I could not cope with it
From 14:00 to 18:00, we do not eat anything
Easy to digest meal should leave our body after an hour and a half
and then the body must be prepared for cleansing
After 18:00, we make a solution from one flat teaspoon of bittersweet and a glass of water
And we drink it
We drink it around 18:00 not later than at 19:00
Around 20:00 we drink the same solution
It may happen that we will run to the toilet
And this is a very good symptom
Please use the toilet as much as possible
By 21:00 we have to empty ourselves If you can not do it enema
Because this condition must be met
From 21:00 to 21:30 We must accept
125 ml of olive oil
The best quality
For this we add 200 ml of lemon juice also one eye lemon
And juice from half of the orange
Mix it all together If you can not drink it, drink it through a straw
Hold on to exactly the time and drink through a straw if you have a problem with drinking this solution
The material is repeated
Around 21:30 Please prepare a warm compress
It can be an electric cushion or water in a plastic bottle of heat
You should lie down on the sign and apply the wrap
We lie as long as we can
The warm wrap will cool down for us
Then we take off the wrap and sleep until the morning
What then can not work
If the liver's stains are not old, I will feel a tingling sensation
If you feel some ants or tingling or movements
it means that the liver is cleansed and the bile ducts are anesthetized to you
You must know
The second day in the morning we start with hydrogen peroxide 5 drops per half a glass of water
After 6:00 we drink one glass of the solution with one tablespoon of bitter salt
Between 6:00 and 7:00 am this is the body's work cycle
Then we can run to the toilet and this is a good symptom
On the second day, around 9:00 am, we drink the second and last day of the bitter salt solution
And this is the end of the two-day purification cycle
On the second day after consuming the second glass of the solution, we eat nothing but fruit
We can eat the fruit until the end of the day
2 days after completing the purification, we eat only a light digestible diet
The liver is affected and must enter into its work cycle
During this period, please refrain from any supplements and nutrients
We consume everything that is natural
Is chemistry in an apple? Is chemistry in oranges?
But we have no way out. We need to eat something if you have access to organic preserves that's very good
If after detox you start to feel worse for a while, it's very good
It can be a recovery syndrome
because it may mean that the body is stupid because it was not in such good conditions yet
It's like in our climate for gardeners in May When there are frosts
It is as they say God did not open the sky from sweep
But do not worry about it because it's going away fast. Everything will be fine
If the detoxification has to take longer, you must use the prescription from the second day
We do not repeat the first day
The maximum duration of purification is 4 days
How many times we can cleanse the liver
You always have to use common sense, often cleansing is not advisable
It's as if you're going to be sucking azaleas from place to place, eventually it will wither
The liver must have time to stabilize its rhythm
In my opinion, we should clean the liver twice a year
I suggest spring-autumn
Someone once said that there are side effects of cleansing the liver, cleansing the body
They're just that it's good
Side effects cleansing the body are only good
That's it for today
Listen, take notes and remember that there is no elevator to health, there are only stairs
If we have contaminated ourselves, we have to clean ourselves ourselves
We are complaining to doctors and pharmaceutical companies
We only have our path to purification and recovery
If you want to take your hands into your health, then you have the opportunity
If you want to use your luck with the pharmacy in the tablet, then you also have an open path
I think everything I said today, please, put it all together. Make notes to use
If you have any questions, write to email
I thank you so much for today
Together, we create the Natural Medicine Center in Lipa near Stalowa Wola
We have a 35 ha beautifully landscaped plot for the investment with a building permit for the first building with an area of approximately 300 sq m
From our inspiration a borehole of sulphurous mineral water with a very good and effective effect on the human body was made
Lipa is a beautiful place located among the Lipa”s Forests with a confirmed healing climate.
Join the building of the Natural Medicine Center in Lipa, and in the future it will save the health and life of your or your relatives
President of Lipa Zdrój Jerzy Drzewi

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