Xenca Revitalise Sports Collagen is Informed Sport and Informed Choice approved.
Revitalise Sports Collagen
maintains a strong, supple, healthy body, builds lean
muscle mass and significantly speeds up recovery from injury allowing you to achieve your maximum
Collagen is the most abundant protein in
our bodies.
Single collagen fibres combine in groups of three twisted together to form the collagen
triple helix. The structure is very similar
to rope with bundles of fibres all bound together
to give great tensile strength.
Collagen fibres are the primary building
blocks of connective tissues such as tendons,
ligaments and joints as well as in muscles. As mortar holds the bricks together in a building
so collagen is the glue that holds us together.
Ligaments are connective tissues, which
connect one bone to another bone to hold the
body together and allow correct joint mobility but prevent dislocation. For example in the
knee joint the two outer ligaments strap the bones together whereas the two inside cruciate
ligaments stabilise the joint and restrict
unwanted movement.
Tendons on the other hand connect muscles to bones and are formed of combined, intertwined
layers of connective tissues infiltrating
the muscles and attaching to the bone.
From 25 years of age we lose around one
and a half percent of our collagen store each year
which we experience as the ageing process. Depletion is increased by intensive exercise
and thus injuries take longer to heal. Our
collagen hydrolysate is specifically optimised
to maximise collagen biosynthesis so by taking it you literally rebuild and restore the damaged
and depleted collagen in your body.
Supplementing builds fat-free muscle and
a strong ,supple body which recovers faster
than unaided recovery alone.
It comprises bioactive collagen peptides
which are absorbed through the small intestine
into the bloodstream which carries them around the body until they attach to damaged and
depleted connective tissue thus facilitating the repair process.
Maintenance dose is 5 g or two scoops
per day and for injury recovery a minimum
of 15 g per day with 10 g taken last thing
at night and 5 g in the morning.
You take it as a drink by adding water
or fruit juice to the dry powder and it can
be combined with your other protein shakes or taken separately.
Revitalise Sports Collagen is Informed
Sport and Informed Choice accredited for your
peace of mind but if you have any further
questions don not hesitate to ask.

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