Do you have tight shoulders? Neck pain? Having trouble with core strength? In this video Adrian Cox teaches you two simple techniques and four points to …
hello everyone my name is Adrian Cox
and today I have a couple of techniques
that I want to give you about how to
position your neck there's a lot of
people who walk around with very bad
posture you've probably seen them maybe
you're one of them and when these people
get into a yoga class if the yoga
teachers and paying really close
attention can actually end up with worse
lower back pain and and tighter necks
and shoulders and things like this and
the technique I'm about to teach you is
going to possibly change all that so put
aside what your distractions are and
let's practice so the problem is is that
you get people who have bad posture in
general where their lower backs are kind
of maybe weak and their bellies are
hanging no core strength got tight
shoulders maybe even pain in the neck
and then you ask them to come to yoga
class and lift their chest which is very
important they end up kind of lifting
their chin instead of lifting their
chest and you'll see this when people do
poses like all over from flat back to
lunges downward dog and even Cobra where
it's all about the chin and if that's
done over and over it'll end up making
the neck tighter and the shoulders
tighter and the core strength not as
good and it makes it harder to progress
and also heal the body what I want to do
is I want to teach you a way of thinking
about and using your neck that when you
put it into practice consciously and
slowly that it can make a big difference
in everything that you do so first of
all just you know basic anatomy is that
when when people want to lift their
chest they have to do so by setting this
bone is called the hyoid back into place
and so if this is not set back it's very
difficult to lift the chest the short
version of this is that one way
to handle this is to do something called
your neck smile
next smile well you basically stick your
fingers to the top of your throat like
this and allow your fingers to guide you
where when the fingers come back they go
up beyond the jaw towards the ears and
your head starts to kind of slightly
roll and face forwards like this that's
the next smile if you do it right
nothing else needs to be done but if you
end up moving from the chin which a lot
of people do you end up with a tight
part of the back of the neck
so you want to find when you're doing
this that the throat comes back and that
the soft part of the upper neck is nice
and relaxed you can feel for this if you
stick your fingers right underneath the
skull and it should be soft here it
shouldn't be poking back where it gets
hard and back if it does then you end up
with the situation where the bone pops
into an area where a nerve comes out and
that nerve innervates all the trapezius
so this kind of thing can end up making
your shoulders tighter and tighter as
well even if the intention is good so
combining the neck smile and a soft
upper neck is our two techniques which
when applied can make your shoulders
open and feel relaxed and your core
strength work better one simple way
another way of thinking about this is to
take your fingers down the back of your
neck and to find this c7 the c7 is this
if you feel down the your neck until you
get to a bump I have a tattoo right here
which is else me to remember where that
is what I want to do is I want to be
able to push this part in if I slide the
c7 forward into the body this actually
ends up creating a soft upper neck a
next smile and I can start to lift the
chest and also tone the belly if you
want to see how the
works inside of the yoga practice let's
try it on and again with all this go
slowly be conscious and try to apply it
step by step so you can overcome the
habits that you've had maybe in doing in
doing yoga in a faster way so let's take
the example of doing a Sun Salutation of
whatever kind and again what you're
learning here if you apply it you can
actually take it into every single pose
that you can think of I use them and
headstones for example one thing so
let's say you start with your standing
and your feet are on the floor are
hip-width apart when you start to get
your body into alignment again you want
to kind of take this next smile and in
the line the back of the neck so that
you get taller up towards the sky this
can start to come into when you do let's
say lifting your arms or imagine like a
slight backbend that if I bring my arms
up to the sky like this that I can
actually do so and check that I have
first my chest lifting and my c7 pulling
in so that I'm kind of lifting like this
looking more up like in a in this
direction rather than sticking the head
back first which ends up making the
Belleek sort of tight and the lower back
kind of weak as you remember in the last
image where that girl was sticking your
chin up like this what we want to do and
says we want to pull the throat back and
pull that c7 in so that the chest ends
up lifting forwards and you end up
looking on the floor not too far in
front of your feet when you bring the
Lunt's elf into lunges for example again
avoiding this cranking up of the neck
which makes the belly splay forwards and
instead see if you can kind of move the
throat back the back of the neck is soft
and the c7 pulled in and then you start
to get longer this will develop your
core strength in many ways when you
bring yourself into downward facing dog
thing again avoid this kind of over
sinking into the shoulders and the neck
shrinking back in this way this only
makes your back weak and your neck tight
instead you can do the same thing but
pull the throat forwards you may would
even sort of check the back of your neck
that it's long the chest is moving up
instead of down
when you're coming from here all sorts
of things to do when you come into the
Cobb rub you will want to start with
your forehead onto the floor instead of
lifting the chin first this is a big
problem going like this instead look
just a little bit forwards onto the
floor and imagine if you had four arms
that you could pull your throat back
that the back of the neck is soft if you
could check it and that you're starting
to lift up in this way once you're up a
certain degree then possibly you can
start to lift the chin up and back a
little bit but definitely practice not
lifting the chin first but rather
lifting the throat back and up the
examples of those poses again you want
to be practicing in pretty much
everything even when I come to sit like
in a meditation asana I want to check my
neck because this starts to lift the
spine and make things a lot lighter so
throw it back soft neck maybe the c7
pulled in as a kind of an alignment
guide so that this brings a lot of
lightness into my body and also starts
to pull upwards from the belly there's a
lot of anatomy to talk about this and we
will be going into that in much more
detail in future courses and again if
you know if this brought up questions
about your body leave a question down
there in the comments and I'll try to
get to it I hope you enjoyed watching
that this
informative and have a great day
no mistake

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