Whether your children have returned to school or are learning from home, yoga can improve their physical and mental well-being. Check out this first video in …
Hello friends!
My name is Katie and I work with the
American Lung Association.
Today we're going to be singing some
songs, doing some yoga and focusing on our breath.
I'm so excited that you're here
today for our yoga class.
Yoga is something that you can do
in a studio,
or at home. You can do it outside or
inside or even with your friends
or all alone. Today we are in
my living room
here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
So let's get started.
We're going to start
today with one of my
very favorite songs and it's called
"the more we get together."
But to make this song
just a little bit more special,
we're going to be singing it with our
hands and using something called A-S-O.
American Sign Language. So can you hold your hands
up like this
and focus all of your energy into your fingers.
It's time to learn the signs. The first
line we're going to use
is "more." Can you go like this?
That's the sign for "more." Now we need to
learn the sign for "together."
Take two hands out like this. Put them together
and draw a great big circle. Good job!
Next, we're going to learn the sign for
Let's take our hands out like this and
gently brush up on our chest.
Good job! The last sign we're going to
learn is the one for "friend."
Can you hold one finger up and the other
finger up?
And then give them a hug. That's the sign
for friend.
Okay, now we're going to sing together.
Are you all ready?
In your nice seated position, do you have
your energy in your fingers?
Good job. We'll sing together in
3 – 2 – 1
♪ The more we get together ♪
♪ together, together, the
more we get together, ♪
♪ the happier we'll be ♪
♪ because your friends
are my friends and my friends ♪
♪ are your friends the more we get
together ♪
♪ the happier we'll be! ♪
Good job! Nice singing, friends!
So now, it is a beautiful day outside so
we're going to greet the earth.
Can you stand up from your
seated position?
And we're going to start by taking our
arms and stretching them way
out like this. And can you say "Hello,
sun! Hello sun!"
"I feel you, sun!" and give yourself a great
big hug
and say "Hello, air!
I breathe you, air"
Take a deep breath in
now let it out. Good job!
Get a little bit lower.
Say "Hello, water!
I feel you water."
Good job! Go all the way
down to the ground
and say "Hello, earth!"
"I feel you, earth!"
Good job, friends!
Now come join me on the ground.
So today we're going to be doing
some yoga
and exploring a question and that
question is:
"How can I use my imagination
and stretch my body to move
like an animal?"
Do you have a favorite animal?
Maybe an animal that you have at home
or you've seen at the zoo?
Let's ask ourselves that question,
but first let's get settled.
Can you find your crisscross applesauce position?
Take your hands up like this and take a
deep breath in
and let it out
one more deep breath in
and let it out
and this time with our
eyes closed
ask ourselves the question
"What is my favorite animal?"
Does your favorite
animal crawl or slither or swim?
Do they fly? Are they big or little?
What do they like to eat?
Where do they live?
So many questions
about our favorite animals.
One more deep breath in
and out
Today we're going to be exploring a lot
of different animals
But I know that I have so many crazy
zooming around in my mind right now
and sometimes
my mind feels like this jar of glitter.
It may feel like I have so many
shiny thoughts and feelings
zooming around
this way and that and I don't know how
to focus.
So sometimes I like to look at this jar
and focus on one piece of glitter.
And take a deep breath in
and let it out
Your mind is like this jar of glitter
and we can focus on it and
watch as it falls gently down towards
the ground
to help us feel a little bit more calm.
Alright friends, now it's time to focus
on our animal poses.
We're going to play a guessing game
called "Who am I?"
Here's how it's going to work:
You're going to use your close looking
eyes and your body to mimic
or mirror the pose that I'm doing.
We're not gonna use our mouths.
When I get into that position,
I'm gonna ask you some questions and I
want you to answer it out loud.
Sound good? All right here we go!
Our first animal
I am an insect. I like to fly around
and I have big beautiful wings
Who am I?
Did you say Butterfly? Good job!
This is our butterfly position. Nice work!
Onto our second animal.
I am a big animal.
You may see me at the zoo.
I make a very loud roar and I've got a
big beautiful mane
all around me. Who am I?
A lion! Can you roar like a lion with me?
Let's try! 3 – 2 – 1
Good job! All right, on to our third
I am another animal that sometimes you
find in a house.
I am fairly small and fluffy
and I have whiskers.
Who am I?
I'm a kitty! Good job! Let's meow
together. Ready?
Meow meow meow
All right our fourth animal is just a
little bit different
watch how my body changes
Oh, now I have an animal that you might
find on a farm.
I'm black and white and I have
utters that are filled with milk.
Who am I?
Let's see, Old Macdonald had a farm
I'm a cow! Good job! Let's all moo together.
Nice moo! I almost thought you were a cow!
All right, on to our next pose.
Here we go.
Hmm, this one's a little bit different.
I am an animal you might find outside.
I slither side to side and
I shed my skin. Who am I?
Did you say snake? You're right!
This is called cobra pose.
Can you say cobra? Good job!
All right our next position.
This position is another animal that we
might have
at home and I'm generally pretty fluffy.
I like to go on
long walks and I have a leash
and I play fetch really well.
Who am I?
A dog! You're right! Good job!
All right our next position
This one is a little bit tricky and if
you can't get your hands on the ground
that's all right you can hang them up
just like this
This animal lives in the ocean.
They float
and they've got, they're not arms but
they look kind of like arms,
that sometimes people are afraid of
because they might sting you
but they're not trying to sting you they
don't want to hurt you. They're your friend.
Who am I?
You're right! I am a jellyfish.
Can we move our arms
like this like we're jellies.
Good job! All right after
jellyfish pose comes okay here we go
This one's really hard. We gotta work on
our balance.
We're super balancers
We could even lift our foot up
all the way here
Now I'm not an animal but you might find
me outside
because birds live in me. Squirrels live
in me
and I have big branches full of leaves.
Who am i?
I'm a tree! Good job! Good job balancing.
All right, gently bring your foot down
and we have two more poses left.
Here we go.
All the way down
I am another animal that you might find outside.
I like to jump and I jump from lily pad
to lily pad and I like to eat
flies with my tongue. Who am I?
I'm a frog! Can we ribbit together?
In 3 – 2 – 1
Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit
All right our last pose
is supposed to help calm
our bodies
I'm going to tell you what this one's
called. It's called child's pose.
So gently spread your knees apart just
like this
come down to the ground and you can
stretch your arms
way out in front of you
and let's focus
on our breath again
with your arms stretched way out you can
even try to crawl your fingers up just a
little bit and spread that out wide.
You can make your forehead kiss the
ground and take a deep breath in
filling your whole belly and then let
it out
one more. Fill your whole belly in
and then relax and let it out
Good job, friend. Let's come back to our
first crisscross applesauce position.
Wow! You are expert guessers. You were so
good at playing my animal guessing game.
Well now, guess what we do?
We're going to tell a yoga story.
So with all of those
animals and poses that we just met.
We're gonna do them a little bit faster while I tell
a really special story. Does that sound
Give me another thumbs up if that sounds
super good. Give me a thumbs up on your
head if that sounds even better.
Good job! All right let's take our hands
again put your energy in your focus in
your hands wiggle your fingers wiggle
your fingers
and then gently let them fall
to our knees.
Make sure you have your close
listening ears on
and our focusing eyes.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful
butterfly and our butterfly was in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and she liked
to fly through the beautiful air
down the street and all the way
to the zoo. And at the zoo she met
one of her very good friends, Mr. Lion.
And when she went over to the lion cage
she floated her wings and said "hello!" And Mr. Lyon said "hello" back too
We're gonna roar now, ready?
3 – 2 – 1
Oh! But our butterfly friend got so
scared by Mr. Lion's roar that she flew
away, leaving the zoo to find some other
friends to play with. Come on!
So as she was flying she went down to
the neighborhood and when she got into
the neighborhood she saw a cat.
And our cat was beautiful and fluffy and soaking up
the gorgeous sun.
And do you know what our cat looked like?
It was black and white. I know another animal
that is black and white
and that is a cow!
Good job! And our butterfly kept asking
"Wait a second, do I see a cat?"
Good job! Arch your back really high
"Is this a cat that I see? Or is this a cow?"
And what do we know cows say?
So our butterfly flew a little bit
closer and realized
"Oh, it is a cat."
As she kept flying
she saw another friend rustling in the grass.
But before she could quite see him, she
heard him. And he made a noise like this
What animal is it?
It's a snake! Oh my goodness our friend
got a little bit scared
so she flew very slowly towards the snake
only to realize it wasn't a real snake,
it was a toy snake.
Because right next to our toy snake was a dog
and that dog was playing with the toy snake.
You can even, you can walk your dog a little bit my friends when we're in this pose.
You can lift your legs up a little bit.
Let's take our deep breath in
and let it out
So silly our dog playing with the toy snake
that really scared us!
I know. Well, the owner of our dog
started to come right over as they were
playing fetch and
as our butterfly looked a little bit
closer what was on the owner's t-shirt
but a jellyfish.
It looked as though the
jellyfish was going this way
and that way on their owner's t-shirt.
He was a little boy with bright
blonde hair
and he threw the dog, he threw the
ball — excuse me — for our dog to catch
and the dog ran right underneath
a tree.
Friends, when we're getting into this pose,
you can put our leg up like this
but if we're having a hard time holding our
balance, that's okay.
First we can try and keep our foot down
here just below our knee
to hold the balance. Good job.
Now this wasn't any tree this was a
great big oak tree. It had wide branches,
beautiful green leaves and all the
leaves were blowing in the wind.
Let's take a deep breath in
and blow out like the wind.
Good job! Let's try this pose on our
other leg.
Can you put this one down?
Lift this one up either right here or
all the way here.
Nice work!
Again our tree is blowing in the wind.
The wind is suddenly picking up
let's take a deep breath in
and become the wind
Oh my goodness! Our butterfly started to
fly away.
They caught the wind and as they flew
as they caught the wind they were flying
all together through the neighborhood
and this time to a pond.
Our butterfly gently landed on a lily pad.
Can you make your butterfly land?
And on that lily pad happened to be
What is this pose called?
A frog!
And our frog was very jumpy!
Can you make your crab jump?
They jumped to the right. They jumped to
the left
and they were looking for some food.
Can you use your eyes and look for some food
in your room? Do you see it?
Do you see it? Oh I see a dragonfly that's
too big for us.
Do you see any flies? Oh, I'm having a
hard time seeing flies. Can you point
some out for me?
Where? Right behind me?
All right let's make our frogs try and
eat the fly in 3 – 2 – 1
Good job!
Mmm very delicious!
All right friends that was an awesome journey!
Give yourself a pat on the back!
Now, let's take our final resting pose.
That pose again is called "child's pose."
Let's stretch our knees out like this
Bring your seat back
Bring your arms forward and again kiss
your forehead to the ground.
Take a deep breath in
and let it go
One more deep breath in
and let it go
If it feels good to you and your body
you can wiggle around in this position
really stretch your fingers out wide
Nice work!
Now we're going to come into
our very last pose to relax
and to focus on the incredible adventure
we've been on today.
And this is called savasana. So I want
you to sit up like this
with your feet in front of you and
gently we're going to
roll our bodies down to the ground.
While we are on the ground, friends, can you take one
hand and put it right on your belly button
and the other hand
and put it on your belly button and take
a deep breath in like you're filling up
a balloon
and now let's exhale letting all of the
air out of our body.
Try that again but this time we're going
to count to four and focus just on
filling the spot where your belly button
is filled with air.
Count to four. Deep breath in
one two three four
hold it and let your balloon belly out
Good job! Now can you focus on your chest?
Bring your hands right up here
under your neck. Can you fill this spot
with air?
Let's try
and let it out
While you're doing this, friends, ask
yourself "What does the air feel like?"
Is it cold? Is it warm?
Am I breathing it fast
or slow?
Now I want us to focus all of
our energy
all the way down to our toes. Can you
scrunch your toes up?
First your right foot. Then your left foot.
Scrunch each toe
and then let it go
Try that again now with your ankles.
Can you move your ankles around?
Scrunch it all up and then let it go
You can do it with your knees.
Scrunch it up
and let it go.
And one more time scrunch
your hands up really tight really tight
and let it go.
Now we're going to gently
bring our bodies up from the floor and
come into our seat position.
My friends, thank you so much for joining me today
on our adventure while we
all became really silly animals.
Which one was your favorite?
Me too! I really loved when we could be
cobra and make the sound like a snake.
Can you do that one more time?
Nice work! Well from all my friends at
the American Lung Association
thank you so much for joining us today
and remember
that this calm feeling and stretching
our bodies
is just one breath away
Have a great
rest of your day, friends!
I'll see you soon

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