Kimchi jjigae #5kgKimchi #Idealreceipe There are so many different ways to cook Kimchi-jjigae, almost every Korean mother has their own recipe. I tried many …
Hi guys I'd DY :)
Let's make Ideal Kimchi-jjigae together
I will make a soup base first
Soup base is very important, this will be a background of flavor
Pour water 1.3L into the pot
Bring it up to boil
You will need 25 of anchovy and 3 pieces of dried kelp
Put it into the boiling water and let it open
Fishy smell will go away and make beautiful flavor will remain in
Dried shiitake mushroom is my secret
This shiitake will give it more deep flavor in the soup base and very good match with kimchi
You can put this later but I like to use it only for soup base
Main hero is kimchi today :)
Put medium heat and boil it up for 10min
10min passed
Strain out all stuff
Now we have beautiful soup base
Nicely done, leave this one for now
Whole kimchi 1/4 piece
Today's main hero is Kimchi
You want well fermented, aged kimchi
And kimchi juice 1/2 cup
This is very important too, you need to add this kimchi juice into the soup.
This will make the soup more thick, bold flavor
Pork belly
Pork belly is perfect with kimchi-jjigae
Pork belly have good proportions of fat in it
This fat will melt into the soup and bring the flavor next level
Don't be afraid of pork fat :)
Cut it into 1.5cm
You could actually use any part of pork. Just it need some fat included.
Put mid heat and add little bit of vegetable oil
Wipe off exceed oil
Bring the pork belly first into the pot
Stir fry it until it's 70%cooked
Pork oil is coming out from the meat
At this point, add 1Tbsp of sugar
When sugar meet the oil in the pot, it will generate very nice flavor
When you see this much cooked, it's perfect timing for next step
I like to use whole kimchi
Grandma used to cook kimchi-jjigae like this
Every home has their own ways to cook kimchi-jjigae
There are no exact way to cook kimchi-jjigae
This is just my best recipe
Pour kimchi juice next
Now, flavor of pork and sugar will infuse into the kimchi.
Pork and Kimchi flavor are mixing together in the pot
Pour the soup base now
Some black pepper
just little bit is fine
You can't forget garlic in the Korean dishes
I like to use fresh peeled garlic even tough this is little annoying
because fresh garlic has much much better taste
1/2 Tbsp of garlic is enough for this
I don't know why I put too much of garlic but it was good too :)
keep boiling it about 10min
Let's spicy up with some Gochu-garu
This will also make the color pretty
In my opinion, tofu is 100% necessary for the kimchi-jjigae
Tofu is "rest area" in the hot spicy flavor full soup
Nothing is better then overnight old tofu in the kimchi-jjigae.
1/4 of onion
Onion is always good with kimchi, it will give it some sweetness and savor
Omg, I've been too greedy, this pot is almost overflow
I still need to put more stuff
Guk-ganjang (Classic Korean soy sauce) 1Tbsp
Salt 1Tbsp
Season to taste with salt
Check saltness because every kimchi is little bit different
Scallion 1~2 piece
I like to use this in chunky sized
Boing it for 10min
Okay, the soup is done. Put this into the serve size soup bowl
Big chunk of kimchi first
and get some pork and other stuff next
I want to add some more scallion for the garnish
A bowl of steamed rice is perfect with it
Let me have a bite :)
My gosh! My mouth is still watering
Hmm my favorite tofu!!
Oho it's still very hot
Look at this huge piece of kimchi
This is how I eat it
Bon appetite !
Hang on, I still have something to show you
I will show you how to buy a kimchi cheapest way in Australia.
I'm pretty sure it will be similar around world :)
You can find kimchi in asian grocery store
If you want cheap kimchi, try to get a 5kg pack. It will cost you around 18AUD
Korean grocery store always have 5kg pack if there is one around you
This is 5kg box
Check this
5kg box is 3.15 times cheaper
But the problem is how to store this huge kimchi right?
I will show you how I do it
First, wear latex gloves and put this into the glass container
Place them into the container and use scissors to cut it
Reason I don't use knife is this is much less work then using knife
Don't have to make too much mess on the cutting board
Try not to put them full. leave little space because it could swallow up a bit while fermenting
Okay, next one
This can be little annoying but hey, you can not make a kimchi-jjigae with that expensive kimchi
okay, I got total 5kg of kimchi with 18AUD
Store in the fridge and enjoy them with your Korean cooking or as side dish :)
Thank you!

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