Yes, life is bittersweet, but the only way to lose is to never play at all. A short look at the core thesis of Your Lie In April. SPONSORS: Get a free stock on …
life is bittersweet among the many
things your lie in April has to say this
is the idea that rings most true in its
text the show follows a boy named Kosei a
child prodigy in the music world for his
skills as a pianist for years Jose has
stopped playing the piano
the very act reminding him of his late
mother who both verbally and physically
abused him keeping him from his friends
and forcing him to learn the piano for
reasons that become clear later on in
the show however not every memory of his
mother is an unhappy one in memories of
her before the debilitating sickness
took hold she's seen as a kind and
caring parent in some she's a loving
mother playing the piano and singing
while Kosei sleeps underneath it in
others she's striking him for not
playing well enough during the recital
these conflicting memories of cosa his
mother perfectly illustrated the core
thesis of your lie in April life is
bittersweet as a teenager Kosei
continues to hang out with his friends
and go to school like normal until a
girl named Kao comes into his life Kao
was a musician she's a master of the
violin and at first she seems too good
to be true
she's effortlessly talented attractive
bubbly easy to like but at first what
seems like another Manic Pixie dream
girl is eventually revealed to be
something more than a caricature. Kao
isn't just a bubbly girl for the
protagonists to fall in love with she's
a metaphorical wake-up call for Kosei.
Kao helps Kosei regain his ability to
play music she shows him the other side
of life that he's neglected for so long
the beauty of it all the good and the
bad and all of that comes to fruition in
the music
so much of the show revolves around the
playing of music and how it affects not
only those who listen but the people who
play it you would be mistaken though for
thinking the music in your lie in April
was the core subject of the show rather
the music and the playing of it is more
a metaphor an expression of the
characters inner feelings in their
current place in life
Kao's violin is fast loose more free than
the rigid world of following the
composer's notes to a tee it has an
energy, a life of its own Kosei
inability to play the piano reflects his
feelings on life he feels stuck trapped
in the past unable to make his mother
happy or fix her circumstances his piano
at home rotting under dust and old books
he'd rather stop living as it were than
continue to feel the pain continue to
remember his mother in her final years
it isn't until Kao ignites his passion
for music does his life seem to change
for the better but of course like all
things in life that happiness comes with
life is sad. we lose the ones we love
along the way our friends drift further
and further apart we question ourselves
we break each other's hearts we feel
pain but we also feel happiness we feel
it when we're with our friends you feel
it when you walk on the beach when you
eat ice cream smell fresh pastries play
music do something scary or fall in love
there is no perfect life and our paths
are not set we can't follow another
person's path like sheet music writer
Joseph Campbell once said that if you
can see the footsteps on the path in
front of you
then it isn't your path after all and
never before have I thought about that
quote more than while watching this show
the characters all feel as though
they're chasing each other trying to
catch up lagging behind losing touch
when in reality we're all right there
together we always have been in this
musical dance yes life is bittersweet
but the only way to lose is to never
play at all

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