Repeat engagement in the arts helps teens retain their creative critical thinking skills. Youth Arts is an annual funding …
My name is Irene Gomez and I'm the project manager for youth arts
and really all kind is is highlights
from the items but I've had a little
tips and examples
our location and just
more information or we're there are two
binders that are circulating or rectum
and those asked sample applications I
did try to pick application individuals
and organizations small budget large
budget inn in different art ones so
those finders are actually in my office
again are some of the guidelines account
but they're not stable
okay and I'm using another laptop
tonight so let's hope I go I know what
I'm doing good and you know chairs are
in the back and in the front so just
wherever you can find a spot they're
very light chair so they're not they're
not heavy to carry okay and again the
and I'm sorry this is good is that that
modern people to get to program that
it's annoying ok so again it's arts
training skill building and then kids
for kids to just get together there's
similar ages and again the priority is
really for kids who have little to no
engagement in the arts and I'll talk a
little bit more about the outreach
because that's that's something that
application does ask you is what is your
outreach plan to those particular
talents so we'll talk a little bit more
about that
and this is an annual program you can
you can apply every year and get blended
every year the applications the requests
are up to ten thousand dollars but
anything below we ask that the awards
not be less than 2,000 um well we do get
them we do get up request for less than
2,000 but it's ideal with if it's if
it's 2,000 at minimum um the newest
applicant who can apply to new arts our
colleges and universities I are there
any colleges or universities here
tonight okay great so okay so but
cornish have applied before funded this
year so since they're the only ones that
you know what those parameters are so I
don't need to go through those and also
the other new element it's not so new
this is the second year we've done it
but I am reminding people for work
samples you can include a web address
all right so that no no
submit so now for you ever so now you
can actually enter a web address and the
instructions are in the work sample page
so when you get to that page every page
has instructions in a grey box at the
top and in the top it will tell you
where you can at where you can put the
address okay
see it's a result of working at that
partis mm-hmm okay and so you know one
of the things what's sorry that this
year we have some new elements to our
application and put in lara davis whom
some of you might know from creative
advantage you must have you know
vintage program come in our office what
we are trying to do in the office is
we're trying to actually bring our youth
related arts education programs together
so we have you guys we have creative
advances and witness program and so
we're trying to actually bring those all
under the umbrella of creative advantage
and one of the Sabbat wanting to do is
we're trying to align some of the
content that we ask in all across all
the programs and so that's why there's
an application the first one is we've
revised what used to be called the
schedule in the former youth arts
application and basically it's just a
breakdown of what activities and other
than the rollout will allow me to
program we're not calling it a teaching
plan you are or those of you who work
people are the teaching artist or who
work with teaching artists it is the
teaching plan so it's really just
breaking down the sessions our
activities and so and I think we did I
did make a slide of that from the power
point at the end so you can at least
take a look at it if you haven't yet
sergeant application the second one is a
revised series of questions that have to
do with artistic goals and artistic
goals have always been part of the
application so that is not new I mean
certainly that is that is definitely an
item that you're teaching artists can
give you in terms of what are these
goals whether it's music or dance or
film whatever the art form is life
skills and I don't have that piece of
paper right in front of me
we'll talk about those more maybe when
you get into the into the breakout
groups but basically those interpersonal
skills those team-building skills
planning time management and all of
those kinds of skills those are just
right off the top of my head again I
think we used these components in the
previous application we've just kind of
regrouped everything so and entitled
them something different differently so
and then the last one is the learning
environment and that is more about any
kind of routines that you establish for
your program in terms of just you know
having a circle time or you know ice
breakers or debriefing any any sort of
reaching aspects of your program and
there are more I can remember it when we
do the breakout groups but that just
gives you a little flavor um we also
have added a blossomy where you can find
definitions for all the new elements and
maybe a new times and then those are uh
i believe on our website and you know we
have to revamp the online system so and
some things are actually missing on the
application so i'm not the glossary
should be on there but I'm not
guaranteeing it but it is on our website
and so this is what the teaching plan a
form looks like on the application and
it is different for some of you have
applied before this was considered a
little different but it's pretty
self-explanatory I think we had date we
had activity and we had staff assigned
and we didn't have a location but we had
those kind of maybe three things in the
middle and we added I think supporting I
think we had a goal it's what we got it
and but it is explained more looking for
more thorough than what I am giving you
this very moment but these this is one
of the new elements in the application
it does look totally different from
previous mirrors and the one thing I can
tell you if it's if you for instance are
doing a year-long program and so you
know you're going to have a lengthy
series of a boxes to build you can't
cluster like two or three weeks together
if they're going it more the same thing
that takes two weeks to get you back
then you can cross them together
three weeks we're going to behave in
school you can do that and that kind of
minimizes unboxing typical example
you know that is a good question I do
not know but um but if that is something
that's helpful yeah i can i can ask a
lyric and they be posted on the website
okay it is available all under creative
you yes is that where you can okay yeah
yeah if you go to preen you know we have
our websites completely new to have all
these new things so our website is
pissing match for you go to create of
you the other program and so you'll find
all of these new materials in their own
glossary and so forth thank you through
oh no you're not okay so that gives you
an idea of the way it's going to look on
the page in the application so what I'm
going to do these these next two
sections one is the applicant
eligibility and that's what we're going
to do now and then the next the next
page will be about projects eligibility
so that you have a good sense of what
what what's covered by this money end
and what is it so for the applicant must
include or you must be a teaching artist
with at least one year of experience if
you have you know if you've got maybe a
couple or two or three teaching artists
and you have one who has less than what
the reviewers want to see is that there
are more experience teaching artist
working one side someone who has less
than a year but i think the reviewers
tend to want to have at least a year of
classroom management
and assessment and all of those kinds of
areas as track record for the teaching
artist if especially if they're working
solo be an artist and arts cultural
organization a service or
community-based agency you know it says
with nonprofit status you do not have to
have a non-profit status but you do have
to have a not-for-profit structure in
your in your agency or you can go under
a fiscal sponsor you know those are all
totally okay and again colleges and
universities and they do have parameters
but we have one person and she knows
what they are and again preference is
given to applicants who apply who are
seattle residents if Warren people are
not a fellow resident or your
organization is not seattle-based you
are eligible to apply the project has to
happen in Seattle for a majority of
Seattle kids so you can't fly and you
are eligible
so this is about the project and again
these these funds support projects for
middle and high school kids only and
again in Seattle it's arts training that
happens during out-of-school time so
that certainly would have a fool it
includes weekends it includes evenings
winter break spring break somehow
anytime kids are not in school so it's
not just after school it's really any
time they're not in school and the
venue's can be anywhere it's not
restricted to a school building anywhere
student page kiss the boys
you like that ISIL redwoods well no one
well I just been a you know the age
bracket but not in school proper age
bracket kids are naturally in school
than art oh yes yes yes yeah yeah and I
guess this would be a good jump sure to
just add this um in the budget or
particularly for kids they're highly up
with kids homeless kids you can request
funds to pay the kids stipends to
encourage them to participate because it
is a just very it's a really challenging
population and having them come on any
kind of regular basis is so so that is
single only youth population that we
will let you that that the funds can be
used for stipends otherwise we're not
going to it giving money to pay any kid
to come and take a class in the program
so it's really highly at risk highly
at-risk kids homeless Street youth just
you know highly highly at-risk kids for
whom coming to these programs it's just
it's in carob under its really you're
usually it's an agency a service agency
that's that's already serving these kids
and for them it's really great to touch
base with these kids on any kind of
regular basis so we feel that the
stipend really
gorgeous them not to participate okay
yeah so the project dates that are
covered for this for this cycle would be
from sep tember 2016 through September
of 2017 so it's that whole year and your
project can take place any time during
that year it does not have to be the
full year it can be two weeks it can be
three months you know however you design
it okay it can be summer yes you can
just be summer in that time or it can
just be after school or any combination
and here's the include outreach
recruitment plan for underserved to you
so again the more specific you can be
about who is
outreach to the viewers want to know
they want to know I'm been to be
partnering with the interagency school
on capitol hill in the central district
I'm going to be making three demo visits
where I'm going to bring other kids who
have participated you know you're really
taking time for personalized outreach
and how are you going to do that to
really try to engage the kids and
encourage them to participate so that's
how specific you want to be exactly how
you're going to get the kids certainly
our funds will also pay for bus tickets
or any form of transportation again that
is a huge barrier for kids two different
programs whatever bus tickets shin
transportation with the Y that mean
that's why those partnerships are so
important because if your partner with
someone who has transportation and
that's I'm in kind of dilution um and
i'll talk more about behind in
budget okay so another requirement for
the application is artists resumes are
teaching artists resumes and work
samples which there was a earlier
question about work samples so the
resumes you want to make sure that the
teaching artists include on all of their
experience the age group they've worked
with how long they worked if they worked
alone or they work in a team if they
worked with the age group that that is
the same as the proposed project that's
the most ideal is one other things that
emerged you're looking for is if it's a
program that serves high school kids but
the teaching artist has only work with
middle school kids or younger kids it's
a very different animal working with
younger kids or working with older kids
and then you're we're switching that so
that is one thing that the reviewers are
looking for also you want to encourage
your teaching artists to include that in
your resume and the work sample again
the instructions in the applicant in
that gray box at the top for the work
sample page gives you really specific
information about and it is confusing
and it's confusing because we're where
it's easy for us to understand because
we deal with the work samples all the
time but it's really five minutes is
totaled what we would have to submit in
five minutes
sleeps differently for different partner
ones so it's five minutes if it's a DD
sample like midgets and audio sample by
itself just by itself it's a bit like
minutes it could be less than five
minutes if you're submitting photographs
and literary sample then the images will
be four images and it would be five
pages of literary samples because of all
you were submitting literary samples it
would be ten punches or if all you were
submitting were images it would be eight
so whatever the five minutes is for one
for just one art form you just cut it in
half whatever it is you know so if
you're doing now now and I can explain
to you if you call me it we try to
explain it in the application but it's
still very confusing people yes I mean I
hours kiss that post abusive so say you
have two video clips and once two
minutes later socially all right yes you
can submit both because it's five
minutes told ya if one of you teach
okay oh sure you can submit many other
questions I just wanted to oh yeah
is it like
well when you don't have artists confirm
movies and they kid that happens um so a
couple of things if you have multiple
artists that they left Empire time
artists what you can do is submit short
biography short videos Finch artist and
there are some key artists and start
artists that you want to show the full
resume and but you can't also just show
by ways you want to make sure that those
buyers include really important
carnation like coming years what is art
dorm work by themselves what age group
those are pieces of information that you
right yeah so if you have not yet
confirmed or let's say you have half of
it either strong or artists are
confirmed what you want to do is the
artists that you are we that you are
hoping to get you do want to get their
resumes online and submit it alongside
maybe you know three to five other
artists and you can say this is this is
the caliber of art artists and the work
that we are looking for we probably will
secure one of these three or four as
anything but not want to submit it
without you don't have
work sample and so you do want to get
that in minutes not artists if so maybe
there's have some sense of who you are
and kind of work because all the
reviewers are teaching artists their
arts administrators they need use sort
of agencies are very familiar with
Holograms 3 and they don't always know
the applicant or the teaching artists
but if you can submit some informations
and just some basic information it's
really hopefully to itself that is your
question yes um ok so let's see so what
what youth arts will not fund and so
it's this is out of school time so in
school is not appropriate for this
funding pocket you cannot propose to do
benefits or fundraisers that includes
what happens mostly most of the time as
people will submit it for a project and
then for their event they'll say and
we're going to happen event and it will
be a fundraiser for X organization you
can't do that not even for the event
because these are tax dollars
so so if you are going to have a benefit
or you promise to have a benefit and
make it something some other event and
not the closure closing for this project
ok and then religious activity Bob would
be the other one again schools K through
12 schools school staff are not eligible
to apply it in this program and then
costs that are not directly related to
the project and oftentimes those costs
relate mostly to organizations so for
instance if you include in the budget
that we're going to pay your phone bill
or your internet bill or you've got
staff and they're paid staff and they're
going to be working on this project and
we're going to pay them and we're going
to pay them and you're going to pay them
that gets very sticky something you
wouldn't be really clear cut about what
these funds are going to pay for in
terms of your organization class so
let's say we were if our organization
was showcasing let's say it's a video
project or something on a bunch of kids
and there is a cost associated with
doing at our organization he may be
check or something can we include
something like that I think you'd
probably want to include a percentage of
that person's time because the idea is
you don't want to leave questions for
the reviewers to say wow it looks like
this persons on staff but they're
working on this project and there
hey this person already paid by the
organization so it's very fuzzy it
leaves questions and you know it just
you don't want to you want to make it
really really clear and you can you can
you can clarify that in the narrative
but most especially in the budget you
can clarify that in a budget and then
the narrative you can say Larry Jones is
on our staff but he works have time this
is going to be the other fifty percent
you know that we don't pay for or
something like that from other subsets
other sources that expecting
transportation so if you in the and when
i get to the budget i'll certainly talk
a little bit more about that but um yeah
any other applications that you have
submitted you want to include in your
budget and you can say not confirmed
submitted but not confirmed but if
you're thinking oh I want to apply for
this this and this but I'm not sure if
I'm going to but I'm gonna put in any
way don't do that just put the ones that
you have that you know for sure I've
been submitted and you're just waiting
right yeah ok so these funds will not
pay for purchase of equipment or food
we'll get right to your commander
clarification in that you can however
use these funds to rent equipment but
you cannot purchase equipment a
conversation to see Gretchen ok what
does that mean this position is dead Oh
for hi red um so he's asking about a
bunch of clarity for higher ed
institutions who apply that says we will
not our funds won't pay for faculty
staff or students so we're not going to
pay for an administrator or a faculty
member or a student of that university
or college to participate in this
program so we'll pay for teaching
artists for other staff the idea is that
we're not paying staff from that
University ok so the other item is
culminating event this program will not
find a production or an exhibit or a
film screening by itself if this program
is really all about the artistic process
without the creative process and
the instruction the instructional side
of it um events are actually not
required in this program so if you do
not have an event a formal event at the
end it's not it's totally okay it's not
required um people have them because
kids love to showcase what they've
created and they no show it either to
the community their parents to their
peers and it's a great opportunity for
them but the expectation from our office
it's not that it's something grander it
is an extensive because that's not the
purpose of these funds but you will
certainly you know support your time the
teaching artist time to put those on but
we don't want that to be the bulk of the
money that you're reduced okay oh so and
then projects funded by by our office
and other funding programs there are the
one that's exception to the rule of
civic partner so if you receive civic
partners funding that's organizational
funding we still apply any cars you want
to make sure that whatever you whatever
you're doing if its youth related with
civic partners funding it cannot be the
same project that you propose
okay so this is um the review criteria
this is what the the panelists are going
to be looking for you know in while they
were in your application and consistent
for all applications um again it's the
artistic artistic elements and that's a
teaching artist experience on whether
the project is an age appropriate
activity and the depth of one of your
cars so we have projects that are
submitted or the one time we're kind of
time urgency that and other sources
based on Sylvia's occasion calls for 370
simple so so in this particular program
of the population
cats are in soccer and caused from no
prior experience with the heart warm but
they are
and the instructions not
very extensive coverage that consider
up to each program we're doing more open
and let me want to just clarify a little
bit about this because we have we do
find many many programs who actually
have a combination where programs do
have a fee they charge a fee for their
classes but then our funds will help pay
for scholarships for kids or will help
defray some of the expenses so that kids
who can't pay the fee can participate
and that's and it's okay to have a
program that charges it's totally okay
because worse we're thinking that that
is part that you're generating revenue
to cover your expenses and that's
totally right yeah
that we would cut out he's completely
yeah and you can I mean you can sit you
there's a lot of ways that you can kind
of rational aiza or at least define it
so you could say we're asking for five
thousand dollars because it's a
fee-based program but we want to invite
kids who wouldn't otherwise be able to
kind if we didn't and we know how much
loss per kid we want to oh we know what
five thousands of five thousand dollars
is going to cover any kids so we want to
invite ten kids I'm not calculating but
it's just that mean so I don't want us I
don't want to discourage people from
having programs for the database because
that's fully there are families who can
afford to pay for classes and as I said
it is a revenue-generating part of your
program but for those programs that are
smaller and they don't have and they're
not the base then this one is great
because it pays for all the costs
don't have to okay so talked about
earlier well this statement is for
highly hours kids to encourage them to
that's it what that's different because
you can have kids who are not addressed
but whose families that you know let's
say you're charging I don't know what we
were dollars per per class and they just
there's no way that they're not at risk
but you know they live in the
neighborhood or your project is you
really want you to come but they can't
because we can't they can't afford the
dollar so that would be do you have any
guidance on the stipend what that should
look like um I can't you know um there
isn't I think every program is different
but I'm happy to talk with you about
that and I call because every program is
so different in that regard film is
really different so so I'm happy to to
chat with you about that um okay so
where was I yes so ease of access and
that this is where the transportation um
the facility so part of what you want to
consider here is if your your program is
in south west seattle and you're you're
going to partner with nathan hale high
school that's going to be really
challenging to try to get kids from
nathan hale to go up to masiello so just
kind of think really locally about um
you know kind of doing up ah some kind
of inventory of the neighborhood
church is there you know no school is
you know other agencies any any
resources that you can have that you are
right there they can easily walk to your
program that's the ticket that's what we
want because that's really going to
encourage kids to just come visit right
there um and cost of course and and like
I said you can have the base programs
that hopefully our funds can offset some
of those expenses and and open the doors
to some kids who wouldn't otherwise be
able to participate and then cultural
integrity um if your program is offering
cultural room personnel of a particular
country of then you know what the panel
is where the reviewers are looking for
are the experience of the teaching
artist who will be imparting that
culture in that history or you know the
language that they'd either work with a
master artist or they themselves
in that artwork and that's basically
with that what that means as well and
lastly sound project plan and budget and
again whatever the scope of your project
is be it two months or beautiful we're
that the what you've described in the
plan what you've described in that
teaching pan and the budget that it all
is a sink that it makes sense that
reflects the teachers a teaching artist
and how many classes and so forth and
that's that's the other component that
the reviewers are looking for and I like
I said I do have one single budget sheet
in bit in the back that by your own that
I will go over um this is about funding
contracting and payment so compensation
and how you get your payments and how we
doing on time Tony what kind of it okay
great so I'll go free best um ok so
again you can request up to 10,000 or
you know minimum two thousand um
matching funds are not required in this
program a mix of funds however is
strongly encouraged and with the mix mix
of funds that includes in kind or
donated anything that's donated in your
program is half at all
whether it's somebody donating snacks or
somebody giving you rent free space or
equipment you know find out what the
value of all that is someone's writing
your your proposal for this application
that's time so figure out what they
would charge for that and put it in your
budget as any kind donated dollars yeah
I pushed in my back up about timelines
and stuff since the program starts next
mix September and you're dealing with
schools who that maybe don't have their
time frame set out is it is it okay to
say that you would be working with each
school on an individual basis to to fit
activities into their time frame and
into the instructors time frame but
maybe have
hours that you expected or poor per week
or per month or something like that yeah
well it's it's a really good idea to
talk to whoever it is that you're going
to be working with because they can give
you some some in some sense what those
parameters are for them I would not try
to guess okay without talking to them
because that's going to actually give
you a much more accurate budget then
trying to guess and then under under
budget or it's over budget and then you
know you're asking for five thousand you
can use your best for chatting so I
would say check in with them anyway
anowar it may be less than what you
requested so again you just want to be
prepared and you will have an
opportunity to revamp your project so it
matches the size of the award especially
if it is much lower that's half you want
to go back and say okay you won't do
won't do the six months or maybe do four
months or we won't have five artists
will only have three artists something
like that so but you get to decide that
but you have an opportunity to scale the
project back the contract by the time if
you get an award if you get an award you
get a notification letter I would say
that that's your signal that it can have
anything any detail that's not confirmed
I would get on it that moment because
you'll want to when you're when you're
contracting you'll your we're going to
expect you to tell us it's you know two
artists it's you know 15 kids it's so
many hours and
so you want to have all of that pretty
firm the sooner you can get any of this
any of these details the better because
it just really feeds into your budget
and you have a much more accurate budget
um again the payments are installment so
don't get the money all up front at once
you get up to three installments so in a
lot of that depends on the size of your
award but but it is paid out in
installments and this is not a
reimbursable so we've not submit my
sisters we have an invoice it's pretty
straightforward we've completed you know
10 of the 20 session so we're going to
send it we're going to build you for
this that's it
you had
please well it's it's her you know okay
I'm trying to think fifth graders okay
the only thing does anybody have right
off the top of their heads I'm sorry
said it last weapon 10 right yeah yeah
so um so I think whatever the fifth
grade ages that's what is not so it's
really nice school in high school that's
it and I think at the other end at the
higher end I think and anybody who knows
incorrectly but i think the sale public
schools go I think it goes up to 21
years old but kids in actually wait but
i think it's about ten to one so that's
the other end of the age spectrum that's
okay almost at the end and maybe I'll go
really fast on this ok so the deadlines
februari 10th is at eleven o'clock night
you not want to wait from 1045 you want
to get maybe 10 15 at the most because
one the application what the system will
do is it will tell you this is missing
this is missing this is missing this is
missing so then you have to go back and
it's it's very nerve-wracking haha so
you want one at maybe 1015 i would say
at the latest start closing down the
population versus metal um we do have
draft overviews babywearing 1 january
twenty fifth and everyone and you know i
don't know if i brought me Simon signup
sheet a lot yeah has anyone signed up
for the draft reviews already yeah okay
yeah and these are short they're really
short a 15-20 minutes you come with one
or two questions that either we're
challenging to you or that you're just
not quite sure about and i'll give you
feedback and of course I'm i'll talk
with you all over the phone as well so
our goal is really to help you sit a
successful application so so feel free
to home or email me with any questions a
notification happens make in May and
then and then the projects then the
contracting happens probably make
through June a little bit in July and
then really the projects start if for
those projects who started a fall short
in September same time in September ok
let's see little thing I think the
budget this you know all this
information this way easier
sorry I'm not text that in here some 100
these are good resources yeah so
creative advantage the teaching artist
roster here as well um the sale public
school district on their website they
have our standards and they have all
kinds of information on curriculum and
one of the other stuff that I don't know
about moving on the website in a really
long time Seattle teaching artist
network stan is a peer support group for
teaching artists they do not have a
website but then they're on Facebook and
its really great they meet once a month
am i right yeah give or take once a
month and they're all teaching artists
in every art forms great support group
and then art said Washington is a
statewide organization and add the
advocacy organization for arts education
great work they have looks principal
training program on arts education
that's fantastic um okay so here is the
budget page and I try to visit this you
I box from your box open you'll see
these notes courses no different click
on notes a las go up and the idea is
that you're actually giving the
breakdown pain is right here your box
not and and you want to disturb members
do not start writing narrative and walks
just the formula but just want to know
her let them so wherever I opened one
wasp in shoe boxes and just no one is
looking at furnace with business license
the city on the range is the p-wave rain
protection artist and um you know I
think yeah art squad doesn't we we have
gone with them and I know that Lera has
another and I haven't looked at it in a
while so i don't know what i can tell
you she's asking about the pay rates for
teaching artists and we usually look at
maybe someone who's had a year of
experience to two years at you know
maybe something like twenty five to
thirty dollars an hour and then it can
go up as high as 90 to 100 depending on
the level of experience and and what the
kids are doing so it just it's an
anything in between so so you do through
and and the reviewers are looking at the
bios at the resumes to see is this you
know is this fair in terms of
based on their experience so they are
looking at that okay let me just see
okay so that was a that was included in
income wanting food the incontinent
donation beautiful otherwise it's not so
you have tickets a production and
injuries to get sales if you wanna say
ten dollars a ticket we're projecting 50
people want
don't need it all the donated on us yet
staff and equipment yet rat get snacks
where we're all
so so again in-kind donations both in in
expenses and in income otherwise it will
not balanced okay that's it you guys

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